Undertale fans


The main reason why I hate this fanbase so much is Sans's and Chara's fans. I could talk a lot about how Sans's fans are stupid but everybody already know that. And for people who are wondering why Chara's fans are bad, well, is because I don't see Chara as a good misunderstood person and they do, and they try to force people to think like them. Don't believe me? Go in " Top Ten Best Undertale Characters " and see Chara's comments. I don't see Chara as good but that doesn't mean this is true. We don't know too much about their past and personality, it's all just theories but their fans don't understand that.

Nice game, terrible fanbase. You can't point out a single flaw about this overrated and omnipresent game that fans jump onto you like sharks and tear your opinions and psyche apart.

Funny how a game that teaches about friendship and tolerance has such aggressive and toxic fanbase.

Look, I have played undertale and I have completed every run except for the genocide run, due to the -removed for spoilers- battle being so hard, and this is honestly my all time favorite video game and video game soundtrack, but a lot of the fanbase is just, well, really bad. Just don't search anything undertale related on tumblr or well, you're going to have a bad time. (another thing those fans do is constantly make undertale references. I know, I'm a hypocrite) If you're thinking about buying this game, then don't let the fanbase scare you. As long as you stay away from the dark side of the fanbase, this game is absolutely amazing.

This is the definition of how a great game can be ruined by it's fanbase. Honestly, when it came out, the game looked great. I am a fan of the mother series, and I had no regrets buying this game. It's quirky, funny, and a great throwback to retro NES games that fueled your childhood. I even gave a positive damn review on steam. Worst mistake of my life. You know this game is good, great even.

But NOTHING, I mean NOTHING could warrant a fandom of this magnitude of cringieness. After leaving a review on steam, I got a request to join the fan club. I had no idea of the undertale fandom, so I searched online. I immediately said "this is cancer" and said no the request.

They stalked me online for 3 weeks and sent me death threats. Seriously, this overdevoted fandom.

They are the reason I left the fandom. I like undertale but entire fanbase is toxic. They are mostly 9 year old hysterical kids who will scream at the top of their lungs if someone says that the game sucks. Most of them don't respect other's opinions. The worst thing about the fanbase I think is that they crossover everything with! You just can't search something without undertale popping out of somewhere!

Considering how horrible my experience with the undertale fanbase has been, I don't think I'm going to give it a chance.

My brother constantly talks about, Even though he hasn't played it. I love the game, the fandom is retarded.

I love Undertale but people really need to stop overestimating the characters. Like, they get triggered every time an Undertale character loses to another character from a different game and will make stupid rants about it WITHOUT even knowing how realistic the outcome was. They need to understand that they can't always win and their will always be characters more powerful than them.

Hey, even though I am an Undertale fan (I would consider myself part of the fanbase) I agree with this. On our google+ community, all the posts are about Sans. It's so annoying that a skeleton wearing a blue hoodie is about 65% of our fan base. Only about 30% is about the actual game. Then we get to the 5%. This is the WORST. Non-Canon ships. Why would you ship two skeleton brothers together? Please only do Canon ships. See ya.

The game is amazing, but the fanbase is turning into FNAF's fanbase. It gets worse and worse. The fanbase isn't all horrible and I think it's because of the misguided good intentions. For example, one of the LP'ers I watch played Undertale because of her fandom throwing hate comments at her for playing the Neutral route instead of the True Pacifist route. I think the fanbase needs to shut up about the game. Literally, the game is everywhere now. My friend played Undertale and here she is, making puns about Undertale. I got really REALLY tired about hearing her puns, jokes and references. And there are incest ships. Pfft, the fanbase turned out to be a bunch of obsessed fans! Undertale itself is a nice game, I love it a lot but to be honest, I was forced by my friend ^ to play this game. It makes me VERY uncomfortable being forced to play a game. It feels like I just play it "just because" of my friend and not the good game itself.

Chara's protection squad is one of the reasons I wanna kill myself

Everyone can agree the game is good. But the fandom can't grasp that it is best played going in knoe=wing nothing about it. They nag people on to play then spoil all the good bits and plot twists for them before they get past the ruins, it infuriating.

It's disgusting. Game's great and all, (especially its soundtrack) but the fanbase is terribly disgusting.

I used to like this game a lot. Then my sister found it. I never planned on anyone else getting in the fanbase. She started playing all the bad songs like that "mercy or genocide" crap, and now I'll never touch that game again. The fanbase is literally keeping me away. - SpyroZap99

I don't really play Undertale but I watch a lot of it, and think it looks like a good game, I really think at this point I have spoiled the ENTIRE game for myself by now... But the fanbase is AWFUL. The fans make porn out of MOST characters in the game. They make porn out of Frisk, such pedophiles! He/She is a child! They make porn out of Sans and Papyrus, they are both skeletons! Who in the world could have a fetish for skeletons? People even make porn out of FLOWEY. A FLOWER. The internet was just about to be cured from fnaf cancer when fnaf fans cooled down, But then the Undertale fans came to take their place. Will the internet ever be at peace?

They act like Sans is the only character in the whole game. - lesanae

Don't get me started on the tumblr fanbase. Lord Jesus. The stuff you will find on tumblr will hurt your eyes... Don't worry, I have plenty of holy water. They find skeletons sexy. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON UNDERTALE RULE 34. OH LORD JESUS. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I am an undertale fan too, but the fandom kinda ruined it for me. I used to see it as an awesome, unique game. Now it's just some lame, leftover fangirl garbage. I don't know what to think of it anymore.

The game itself is really good but the fan base spreads Ebola and cancer I mean sure the music is delicious but the fan-made "music" the fans made is complete GARBAGE

I can't go five minutes on the internet without hearing about Undertale from people... - Moorefamval

I've never played the game so I'm not gonna say anything there, but holy bejesus is the fanbase cancerous! I don't want any damn comments like "No, it's great you would never understand the beauty of it! "

I loved Undertale when I first played it but when I discovered the fan base I just couldn't believe it now don't get me wrong there are some really nice fans of Undertale, but 90% of the fandom scares me.

"Hey guys, I like this game, might as well copy and paste the same paragraph telling why you should play it in every comment section of a gaming channel, oh, and if you ONE thing bad about it, RIOT! "

Every time you check the internet if you type you will see something like "I love undertale it is the best game ever 11/10" or anything similar to this comment. Also on the internet you will see 8 to 50 new fangames in a day on one of the gaming websites depending on its popularity. Just in my opinion, I have no idea what about the story of Undertale.

This fanbase is what threw me off of undertale... like stop shoving your opinions down my throat and sans is most definitely not "bae" - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ