Most Annoying Keys On a Keyboard


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21 Num Lock

The most irritating pointless key especially when you accidently turn it off

22 4 $
23 Up Arrow
24 B

Stupid key in between V and N, I hit it by accident all the time. Screw you, B.

25 2 @

Why do I always hit this key by accident?

26 =

I try to hit Backspace, but I hit this instead. - sketchysteve

27 Disable Trackpad

I only know them for being on Dell laptops, but whenever I accidentally press it, it gives me a HEART ATTACK! It is so annoying! Beware of the "Disable Trackpad" key!

Also known on my computer as F5. I like this key because the trackpad is pointless. I never use it. - sketchysteve

28 Page Down
29 Backspace
30 F12
31 Alt

If I hit this in LibreOffice the cursor disappears and I have to click to get it back. It's really annoying. - sketchysteve

32 F1
33 F4

F4 does nothing on my laptop. It just sits there. So yes, it is annoying. - sketchysteve

34 Delete

Well, it is annoying when you delete something by accident. But it can be useful. - sketchysteve

Whenever I press it I tense up a little. - sketchysteve

35 G
36 O
37 |

Every time I try to hit Backspace, I hit this pathetic and stupid key instead.

38 S

Whenever I try to hit A, I hit this stupid key instead. - sketchysteve

39 Y
40 0 (Numpad)

This one is annoying because it's Insert when Num Lock isn't turned on. - sketchysteve

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