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1 Chinese

Sitting on a restaurant right now trying to get some work done and the table over is speaking Chinese so loudly, it's aggravating. I remember falling asleep once to Chinese music, which toned down the harsh sounds of the language, but nearly having a heart attack when I was woken up by some kind of narration on the cd being spoken in Chinese. I know the content matched the calmness of the song, but he sounded so angry

I'm living in a university residence, shared with three international Chinese girls, who I'm guessing have been friends for a while and have applied to room together. The walls are thin and they are always in the common area which is right next to my room. It always sounds like they're shouting at each other. In fact, they do shout at each other from the balcony of the second floor to the first floor. They also often invite their friends over, and it just seems like there is always either a party or a fight going on right outside my door. One time, for once in my life, I was trying to sleep pretty early (around 11pm) on a weekday, and they had invited people over, and were talking and laughing so loud, then like 20 minutes later, one of their friends, started crying - and not just crying but whining and yelling and sobbing. This lasted another 20 minutes. I wanted to scream, and I gave up sleeping. I also don't understand why this girl who doesn't even live in our dorm, is always here ...more

Been living in a very peaceful, quiet and friendly townhouse for a few years. Everything changed recently ever since some Chinese moved in. They are so loud in common areas even at night as if they don't care about others at all, we are seriously considering to move house.

Together with their bad manner and etiquette, it is the world most hated language by far.

I can speak five languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish) and currently learning Portguese. I am too into languages and I have a passion to learn them. I once tried to learn Chinese and learned something. It was going well until I heard an audio record in Chinese and that voice and the speaking style was extremely annoying, then the films I saw also included some Chinese dialogs. This language sucks man. Literally it sucks. I only hear (hao,hio.nao,chi,cheng, and something like chuchachengnicha.). Chinese sounds like crap and I will never ever try to learn it again.

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2 Arabic

It sounds like a throat disease.

I am a non Muslim American and lived in North Africa for a few years. Personally I think Arabic is a very interesting language to try to learn as are others. It does have some difficult sounds for English speakers, but I found it easy to learn compared to trying to learn other languages in a classroom setting in the States. French on the other hand sounds like me trying to speak English after drinking a couple bottles of wine.

So... basically everyone who chose it are choosing it on the basis of religion, and they call us intolerant. Interesting.

Can sound beautifully elegant in formal conversation. One of the most beautiful written and spoken languages of the world!

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3 Hindi

Hindi has a mix of properties that many find annoying, the high proportion of stop consonants to fricatives can make it sound quite choppy. Also the fact that it's a syllable timed language, to speakers of stress timed languages like English this can come across as a little soulless, also adding to the impression of choppiness.

Every language has a beauty of its own and every nation subjectively considers

Its own language the most beautiful so please stop hating.

People act as if English is the best language ever, I am sorry but there are still very kind people better than most English speaking people in the world.

It's a language that even Indians don't like communicating with. Most Indians prefer speaking their indigenous languages rather than hindi.

My roommate is Indian and I want to kill myself when she talks on the phone or with her friends from India or Pakistan. It's the most annyong, the ugliest language I have ever heard. she is talking on the phone now for an hour and what how can a language be so ugly!

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4 French

Ts a way to express feeling and emotion in a way like no other. It originates from a place of great beauty. Is thought of highly and is respected for its ways of making someone know you truly care.

The French language is beautiful.

They have the best love song in the world. The language may be hard, (it is even hard for French) but the difficulty able you to express feeling better. Believe me, be able to sing in French work with laddies ;).

This language has more names than anyone else, which makes it one of the first most interesting and certainly not annoying so far.

In French you can express anything you want, for that reason French are not really seen as they should, nice people with such a wonderful language.

I'm studying it and also my children are starting too, we plan also to return in this so beautiful and peaceful country, thanks so much France.

There are words in French that do not translate into any other language that explicitly express situation of love. For example. Retrovialles: the feeling you get when you see someone after a long physical separation. Surely one of the less annoying language.

And when saying that 40% of French words are English, you must learn that it's the contrary, 40% (even 45% depending of sources) of English words have French origins. With around 80,000 words, and here we count only words imported directly from French. By searching correctly, you will find these facts on internet.

All the rest is just voting French annoying language because of uncultivated way of acting.

It's THE language of loVe.
It's a complex language, with which you can express everything you want.
The French dictionary is the fist one in term of number of words.
I spent time to learn it, but it's such a nice experience to speak it, you learn and improve it everyday, it's a real magic language.
But if you are not clever or not mature enough, pass your way and continue to write here or there stupidities.

So much spit is being wasted to speak this language. - CartoonCriticizer

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5 Swedish

Swedish is a beautiful language, I live in Norway. We sound pretty similar. The language sounds friendly and I feel like I am home when hearing it.

The comment which said Spanish accent, nobody in Sweden got a Spanish accent, except for the ones from Spain who isn't born in Sweden. Sweden is very north in Europe, Spain is very south, almost in Africa.

Always sounds loud and sounds like a verbal hammer. I usually understand most accents when a person speaks English, but a Spanish accent just shuts down my brain.

Swedish sounds like a bad joke

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6 Spanish

So many people speak Spanish and I don't know what the hell they are saying

I've learned Korea, Spanish, Italian, and listen to Chinese almost everyday.
Italian is very lyrical. Generally, people speak as if they are singing. Korean and Chinese can be spoken in a very tacky way as if they are from the South. Korean can be toned down by speakers. So can Chinese. Spanish is the opposite of lyrical. Its almost as if speakers think the louder the better. Louder isn't better. Its annoying and down there with Russian and German language. a lot of these annoying languages don't bear concept of lyricism in their languages so people just speak it fast and loud as if they work in a lumber yard.

Spanish should not be here! It is not annoying! And it is also really easy to learn! Please change this big mistake.

Spanish is not easy to learn. No foreign language is easy to learn. Even if it was, though, a challenge is always fun. - Mooshroomsrock17

Spanish sucks, they speak so fast and sounds like a language for whiny women

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7 Vietnamese

I used to live in Singapore as a government scholar with classmates from all countries in SEAsia, China, India, and sad to say Vietnamese is OBJECTIVELY THE MOST ANNOYING. See, I make fair judgment here because I do compare it to other popularly annoying tonal languages like Chinese and Thai. The only reason it does not rank number one here is because there isn't as much Vietnamese diaspora as there is Chinese diaspora out there, so people world wide have not really been exposed to this horrible-sounding language.

Some languages just sound horrible, period. It IS NOT racism, period. Generally, any language that is flat and gentle sounding is much friendlier to the ears than languages that is nasal-sounding and covers different pitches. And man, Vietnamese has more tones and variation (they have up to six or seven I believe) than Mandarin tones (only four tones), AND much more nasal, with this very annoying twang to every single word they utter.

Every morning when the ...more

The worst language by far, makes me nauseous, its like there is no break in between words. I heard there are 20 something versions of letter "A" in this language, only ups and downs. Even thinking about it makes me upset, it should be illegal

I came here because of Vietnamese. I had to search why some languages are annoying because of South East Asian languages are generally annoying, Vietnamese specially. I have Vietnamese friends, had Vietnamese roommate. They are great, lovely people. But, I wish I could cover my ears when I hear Vietnamese spoken. The same goes for Thai. The sound Vietnamese speakers make are similar to the loud, annoying chewing sound some people make while eating. Or it is the same sound cats make while drinking milk or water.

I really hate

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8 Korean

When the Koreans are whining at the end of every sentence, it sounds like Tarzan!

Korean sounds whiny as hell. Whinier than any other language
You've ever heard...

A 7 year old girl and a 40 year old man speak the same way. Imagine if someone said to you, "Please help me-e-e-e. "

Pyongyang dialect sounds better

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9 Thai

The worst.

It's nasally, high pitched, lots of long notes in the language, it's like the language was intentionally designed to make everyone sound like a whining 12 year old girl with a sinus infection.

Can't believe Thai is not in the 1st rank. When I first heard the language I thought it was a joke and that retarded accent was something people made intentionally- pretty shock afterwards to find out it was a real language. Thai is a language that you can never keep your straight face when hearing because it sounds so dumb and annoying, kudos to all businessmen out there who have had a successful business with Thai people.

Thai sounds like the people are constantly complaining. It is beyond annoying especially when a guy from there has a deep voice but the language makes him have a high pitch as well.

Thai language is really annoying for me just like chinese no offense meant..

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10 Russian

People on here have obviously not had much exposure to Russian, or it would be the top of the list. It sounds terribly annoying and nasally. The inflection is terrible.

I learn Russian online (I know that people who look at comments on this list may be annoyed with me saying 'I learn (language) online' constantly by now, but it's true..-.). I even like a Russian singer. Makes good songs with so much emotion although I don't know what he sings about. I find nothing wrong with the language as a whole. Sure, it's difficult, having 30+ (might be 33, I don't know really) letters that Russian learners need to learn and learn to pronounce, but once you get over that, it's quite easy. Some Russian words even are almost exactly the same as English in how you say it. Examples are 'Bicycle' and 'Radio'. I don't see the big deal that people have with the language. - LemonComputer

As a Russian, I strongly disagree with you. Yeah, in comparison with English language, Russian one is kinda weird. But it does not mean it is disgusting or something... Honestly, I really like English. But Russian has many advantages, too. You just have to get used to the way it sounds. - RocknRollJoanOfArc

I hate Russian because it sounds like people are spitting when they speak it.

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11 German

German is amazing and if you think Germans are Nazis or evil then you're racist I'm German and I'm not a Nazi... Germany has a very low crime rate it's a beautiful language sorry for my bad English

Squeaky, noisy, and unnecessarily complicated. This is especially true of the Standard German dialect.

For a quick example compare the English "I am a surgeon" to the squeaky, harshness of "Ich bin Chirurg" when properly pronounced.

No serious person can actually say he/she actually wishes to learn this language for its beauty.

One has to have grown up with this language in Germany be duped by sentimental attachment into liking it.

It's the most disgusting language in the world and I'm pretty sure in history. Obnoxious, gross and even though many germans are good looking...Its true what they say, you can't have it all because their language makes up for all the flaws they lack on their face and body

It's an unappealing gutteral language.

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12 Japanese

I like how they sound, but some times it sounds like they are pretending to be cute :(

If you are going to judge the beauty of Japanese based on how young girls talk then you should do the same for English and judge it by how dumb valley girls talk. And that would be #1 on the list. It's the fault of kawaii culture, not the Japanese language. And whoever says Japanese is the same as Chinese is just... so ignorant it's pitiful and obviously has no knowledge of either language. Probably no knowledge of any language other than English, actually.

Japanese is always being cute. Japanese sounds uncomfortable

The Japanese language sounds to militaristic and harsh to be appealing anywhere other than the army.

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13 Dutch

Modern Dutch is guttural, monotone and eating itself by incorporating so much misconceived English. It's young and middle-class speakers (specially the women) sound retarded by speaking in a theatrical manner encouraged by the media.

On the other hand, there is a nice-sounding Dutch in the Southern Netherlands and Northern Belgium, especially the standardised version. Dutch in the Randstad is a bastardised language that needs to die out soon.

The most annoying Germanic languages. It has no harmony. Germanic languages either sound soft (like English) or Hard (like German). Dutch is a robotic language! Just listen to some Dutch songs.

The standard dutch is one of the most superficial languages ever, much like American English. Combined with the slow guttural vomitting, which sounds as if the mouth is pregnant of a German word, Dutch from the Netherlands/Holland/VOC should be greeted with fire and brimstone. The Southern Dutch and Belgian native Flemish however is one of the most natural sounding accents in the world in my opinion and have a rich culture in prose and poetry.

Some people pronounce Dutch with an extremely ugly guttural tone, such as a jewish socialist former member of parliament does: "allemachtig", "prachtig", "krachtig", as if hebrew. Others, especially Dutch young girls, pronounce it wrongly with lots of snais/ snice and naos/nows. Only the highly educated civilized Dutch can speak Dutch without any ugly accent.

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14 Tagalog

A gentleman at work sadly takes his break at the same time I do. And he's always on the phone with someone. Talking VERY LOUDLY. In Tagalog. Even listening to something loudly -- something extraordinarily beautiful like 16th or 17th century polyphony -- in order to counteract the effect sometimes just doesn't work. It is just an ugly language. Nails on a chalkboard? I can totally handle that? Tagalog? See me run, screaming, for the door. Even Tagalog accented English is almost impossible to hear for any length of time.

I go to a school where in one particular class I have about a group of 10 of them sitting behind me incessantly talking all the time. I call this my suicide class because I swear, every time I hear these guys talking I really just wanna kill myself. They're so annoying!

Horrid sounding language. You can never just have 2 or 3 in a room. They invite/others also invite themselves every other filipino they know wherever they go. If you ever go on a trip with them even for just a few days they take half of their possessions with them and cram it and as many people as they can into the car.

I agree with you, but it mostly depends on how the person speaks.

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15 English

I hate when English speakers - mostly the racist ones who frequent this page - think they can objectively rate how other languages sound. Literally, you guys are all the worst.

I like english but even english-speaking people have trouble with english. It's made up of 6+ languages and It's irritating when the same word spelled multiple ways have different meanings. Example: "There" in that direction or place. "Their" as in someone's posession. "They're" as in a contraction or joining of two words. What's worse is if you have an argument on the internet and the other party doesn't have a good comeback, the default action is the embarrass you by pointing out bad spelling or punctuation errors. Really dude.. You wanna say my misuse of language proves that I'm less educated than you. Did it ever occur to you that I just don't wanna type everything out on this puny screen?

If the Americans think that the British version is annoying, why don't they change their language considering it was created by English people?

Why is this not top 1? It is annoying because it infiltrated and tainted most of other languages.

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16 Danish

Though it is the most beautiful and eloquent Scandinavian language when it is written, it turns into the sound of someone speaking Norwegian being strangled once they open their mouths (though it is probably more appropriate to say that they open their throats, not their mouths, when they speak)

As someone who genuinely love German language, Danish surprised me in horridness. It's just so UGLY.

Sounds like they're choking on a potato

Sounds disgusting.

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17 Polish

Most disgusting language not just phonetically but also their intonations. Nothing against the Polish themselves, but the language just makes my blood boil.

Stop hating on Polish! It's a really great language and fun to speak. Don't hate just because you can't pronounce the sounds. - Miauzer

Kids sounds spoiled! I'm polish... It's a hard but pretty language, similar to others as well..

I'm pro at Polish: SHHH SH HSHSHSHHH SHHH - MagmaFox

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18 Filipino

It sounds as if someone is molesting a chicken.

This language is from the Philippines. But it is spelled nothing like Philippines. That just pisses me off.

Filipino is not a language. Tagalog is the language.

Who speaks this language people from the philipennnes (sarcasm)

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19 Czech

Played professional basketball in the Czech Republic. Their language is by far the most irritating I have ever heard. They have a saying that sounds like "Tay Vola" (probably spelled wrong) It roughly translates to "Oh Man" they mutter that saying almost every other word and the men are about as tough as American women so they also have that going for them. Overall it was a great experience but the language and toughness of the people I played with were HORRIBLE

Sounds disgusting.It's similiar to slovak but czech is worse

Czech is NOT the most annoyin' language brod

20 Hebrew

Every time I hear someone speak it feel like burying my head in the ground.

Although I can't speak it, Hebrew seems like a really nice language - TwilightKitsune

Every minute I hear them talking my cash reserves are depleting...

So annoying no body understand you unless you yell.

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21 Portuguese

The most beautiful and sexy language, especially the Brazilian accent. European Portuguese is perfect for poetry, and Brazilian Portuguese is the most perfect sounding for music! Plus Portuguese is a language of the future as it is spoken officially in 5 continents. Brazil alone has the 5th strongest economy in the world! And Portuguese speaking Angola is the Brazil of Africa.

The language always sounds like someone needs to sneeze or just recovered from a cold. Also the group of people speaking loud Portuguese behind you in line, won't acknowledge that you exist even though they are 1 foot away. Yes, they talk over everyone in the room, even over people's inner thoughts...

Portuguese sounds like retarded spanish

The most disgusting language I've ever heard. I enjoy hearing spanish in Multi Languages and instantly GAG when I hear portugese right afterwards! It is HARSH, mumbling and the pronounciation is totally weird and even more unreasonable than in french! I can't stand the sound of it!

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22 Turkish

Very horrible. A Battle-Cry language. Only useful to lead your horde.

All I hear is "Ane Ane" wanna throw up when I hear it

Most annoying language ever... Not sound, no musical... They shout when they talk... Grhst what is that about

It sounds like Arabic.

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23 Tamil

Worst language along with Hindi. Sounds as if you shaking pots and pans all the time... The sounds are so archaic that it's like hearing a bunch of stone-age-under-civilised folks fight and spit at each other. -- most claim this language is oldest in India and truly sounds like one. ---I' a Tamilian who have come to genuinely appreciate other soft languages and Tamil is NOT one of those.

Its just annoying to the ears

This should be ranked number 1.

Come on guys, it sounds damn funny.

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24 Italian

At first Italian sounds confusing, ugly, and over all evil, thanks to the stereotype that all Italians are horrible people because of Mussolini. Italian people would not even love there country, or reveal their South until their world proud self oriented way to be. It is a very weird and confusing language to a native English speaker, especially when they young. I will say I now think that it is so beautiful and I have fell in love with the misunderstood language, culture and people.

To all you saying that Italian is the world's language, just need to understand Italian language is obsolete, bro trust me, try to learn something in Italian and you'll realize it's completely dumb like learning an absolute dead language like Latin. Now, everything is in English and better use British. Never start to learn this dumb language only used in the back kitchens of some pizzas or others Italian restaurants, only Italian people speak Italian language, never find any Italian word in the most advanced fields like new technologies, nano, biotech, genetics-.. The world is managed by a prevalent language named English. But if you want to play an actor as mafia guy, ok, you'll just look a loser.

Some of the things said here are true, like Italian is obsolete and somewhat awkward. In a sense it is an artificial language. I am Italian and I myself find it somewhat inauthentic, I feel comfortable with it only when I write. However it is not easy to say how Italian sounds because standard Italian is spoken only in the T.V.. Most Italians will speak with a strong (or very strong) local accent. Almost all have very different sounds and rhythm from standard Italian, like separate languages (which they historically are). Impressions of Italian being coarse or whiny make me think that the commentators here have listened to some specific regional accent (some indeed have such sounds), and have thought it was the sound of standard Italian. I wouldn't reccommend learning Italian unless you have some important long-term business there; otherwise it's like learning Uzbek or Amazigh. However, remember that the original question concerned the most annoying language, not the people. Insults ...more

Truly irritating accent, especially when spoken loudly. The way it's spoken sounds like squawking pretending to be bad singing. Can't understand how it's so low on this list.

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25 Punjabi

It sounds clumsy, erratic, and uncoordinated. The flow doesn't complement breathing pace so it sounds like people are pulling words out of a hat.

Can't believe it's not in the top 10, easily one of the most annoying languages.

Such an ugly sounding language. Disgusting. It makes my ears want to barf!

The people commenting bull : "Euw it drives people crazy..." how the hell do you manage to spell "ew" incorrect? What? "They sound like loud, uneducated, savage boars." Yes it's loud, most languages do sound like that when you're not a native speaker. How can a language sound educated? This itself sounds uneducated..
I hate this language" Congratulations for having an opinion. Punjabi is a beautiful language, and probably the most fun to speak.

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26 Greek

I stopped learning this ages ago because it's SO ANNOYING! - LemonComputer

Ancient greek is very annoying, but modern greek is nice

Greek was the first language in the world, how can it be annoying when it also adopted the cyrillic and coptic alphabet? Even words like Cyrillic, Coptic and alphabet are greek words. Not to mention that any languages in the world use Greek words and the Greek alphabet. Altho I prefer ancient Greek more, modern Greek isn't bad. - Johnalove

27 Slovak

Ugly Slavic language. It's so irritating.

28 Cantonese

Wonder which idiot put canto on the list trying to differentiate the same savage terrible language as the Chinese. FAIL ATTEMPT HAH.

29 Latin

I care about Latin and for several reasons. When you have learned Latin well, whereas older nor newer forms of Latin, is it easier for you to understand more languages than you perhaps did not before. How would you feel if the language you were born with got close to extinction? Just becase it is a dead language does it not mean it should stay that way. Latin is still spoken in the Vatican State. I recommend latintutorial on YouTube

Latin is for sure the most annoying language along with its stupid bro Italian, both are dead languages, outdated, used only by old catholic men in a 'country' called Vatican not larger than my own town.

30 Urdu

Sounds loud and uneducated, it gives me shivers, disgusting language

Sounds like Hindi punjabi rules!

31 Romanian

I don't know why but listening to it gives me a headache and makes me irrationally angry. People who speak it sound drunk and whiny and or grumpy

32 Bengali

It shouldn't be in this list!

This filth must be on the top

Punjab's far Eastern, loud bastard cousin.

Some people are so dumb.. think about who this is offending..

33 Persian (Farsi)

Very beautiful language

If you're interested in most beautiful poems, I highly suggest you learn this language.

Nice language. I visited Iran two times. Friendly people

Actually very beautiful to hear. - Ananya

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34 Khmer

Too many nasal tones

I'm listening to it right now and I just want to pop my eardrums out with a golf pencil.

Yuck. It's just as bad as Tagalog.

First it sounds funny but then those roling r's start to annoy and the many words like smey, prang, khmey and so on, the most annoying languge of south est asia for sure

35 Serbian

The most perfect language in the world. Every written letter counts for one vocal. No exceptions. You can never ask yourself "hey, how do you pronounce this? ". And it sounds neat.

This one is one of the worst literally. It's annoying, not melodious at all, sounds like they use swear words all the time

Croatian with gay accent fake language

Where I live there are a lot of slavs. And Serbian is the WORST one of all. Like, they've literally sooo many curse words and the sound of it just irritates my head. Whenever I hear someone speak Serbian I just want to tell them to shut up.

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36 Hungarian

Just the most anyonying language in the world, especially after listening for 2 h in nonstop this jungle mumbling in full volume everywhere where U go..

Hungarians speak by making disgusting sounds, burping and saying 27 letters in two seconds, which makes Hungarian the most disgusting language of all time. This should be on the first place.

I wanted to vote for klingon but it wasisnt hear

You people must have never heard hungarian being spoken... it is by FAAAR the most awful sounding language there is. It would be number 1 if you had. I would rather listen to the top 10 languages on here, all at the same time than to this . It is a mix of Finnish with Mongolian... ugh

37 Malayalam

The only cool thing about this south Indian language is that it spells the same backwards. Other than that, it sounds as sweet as running your nails down a blackboard.

It has this nasal quality to it and sounds really irritating. They speak really fast and I hate the accent. I wish I can shut my ears when I hear someone speak it.

I speak Malayalam and the only thing that I like about it is that it's more related to Sanskrit than any other south Indian (Dravidian) language. If you listen to uneducated/under-educated, low caste (there are different castes in Kerala) Malayalam speakers you'll notice that they use drum like sounds when talking like "the" "Di" "Divan" "Develu" "Pandi" "Kundi" "Kindi" "Kandu" "Eda" "Edi" etc. etc. etc.

38 Croatian

Actually, this is stolen Serbian language with changes to fit Croatians&to be called "Croatian language".

Fake serbian language

39 Welsh

I agree, very lovely language, grew up in cymgwrach, south wales, in america now. My mother spoke it fluently, I could listen to here all day long.

It sounds like a horse speaking words.

I am welsh, so I am biased, but I truly think it is a very beuatiuful, lilting lyrical language. And as there are not direct translations from English to welsh, it is often more descriptive than English E. G "fruit of the orchard", as opposed to just plain "Apple". Which means it is by its very nature more poetic than its English countepart.
Also, spoken welsh often sounds like a form of Elvish the way it rolls off the tongue. (tolkien did actually base Dwarvish on old welsh, which is strange as The Welsh aslso share a history of mining with Dwarves lol)

So, in conclusion, Welsh should not be in this list... At all
Cymru am byth. Mae hen wlad fyn hadau yn anywl I mi.

40 Indonesian

Every word they say sounds hard and tense because pretty much of how they emphasize the end of a word syllable... and don't like the "R" sound in their language it's just too exaggerated. also, their accent speaking English is just as worst as fillipino. try search a YouTube video of fillipines doing a tutorial or something and hear it out.

OK language along with Malaysian Malay, but too many borrowed words from English that are slightly changed. At least it is not as bad as Cantonese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

It sounds good. Very clear spelling. But I hate when Indonesians always comment on various platforms with their own language (bahasa). And they also often use indonesian slang wich is difficult for foreigners to understand. But Indonesians are better at speaking English than Thai or vietnam. if you are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, you will not find difficulties when learning Bahasa Malay. - Dodori

41 Javanese

Ugh..This awful ugly language is so mean to me I can't stand someone speaking Javanese I like Japanese better than this awful language Javanese IS NOT BEAUTIFUL AT ALL

I agree and all Javanese are all lousy boring cultured with whiny sore throat accent

42 Kurdish

Its Persian like disgusting sounding and arabic like weird

Disgusting fictional language just like yiddish.

It's like "ez biz rosh bash roj koj wara wara" I don't have a negative opinion against kurds. but this language is the worst language I've ever heard.

43 Finnish

Finnish is so hard and annoying to learn. As a Finn I can confirm this.

I wish I wasn't Finnish, because of this stupid language...

Finnish sware words are very annoying

Finnish is much worser than Swedish, Danish and Norweigan

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44 Bulgarian
45 Irish

Vocabulary changes just for a few words and you could make common mistakes without putting a lenition or eclipsis etc

It's complicated at first, but gets easier as you get used to the complicated rules. Just because a language is hard doesn't mean it's annoying. I love the Irish language. - LemonComputer

Yep if you are off tone you are entering the twilight zone. Watch out for those slashes above the vowels. Changes everything

An incredibly sing song language. Very poetic and colourful. It almost has an otherworldly sound.

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46 Norwegian

I speak Norsk and even if think it's somewhat irritating. A lot of our language is 'sing-songy' and you usually don't notice until you hear tourist trying to communicate with you. For some reason they can never hit the right inflections and it drives me crazy. I don't know why they try anyway, we all speak English.

As a Norwegian the annoying thing with Norwegian is that its sounds childish and some of the words are even childish.

example word : tadpole
Norwegian : rompetroll
rompe in Norwegian is ass
troll in Norwegian is troll

47 Bihari

Language of loud & uneducated people.

48 Amharic
49 Tibetan

It sounded like a mixture of Arabic and Chinese, which doesn't mix well at all. The most irritating part is when they are excited and start screaming at the top of their voice

It sounded like they are going to vomit. The worst is their prayer te te te te te te te and they call it as a prayer.

Now I understand why Chinese people doesnot allow to use Tibetan... Its damn irritating and annoying!

50 Quechua

Ugh, what a stupid language, it sounds like a maraca or some crap. God, the way they speak sounds like they're busy eating a Guinea pig or something.

Never even heard of this language

LOL, they do eat Guinea pigs.

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