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21 Italian

At first Italian sounds confusing, ugly, and over all evil, thanks to the stereotype that all Italians are horrible people because of Mussolini. Italian people would not even love there country, or reveal their South until their world proud self oriented way to be. It is a very weird and confusing language to a native English speaker, especially when they young. I will say I now think that it is so beautiful and I have fell in love with the misunderstood language, culture and people.

To all you saying that Italian is the world's language, just need to understand Italian language is obsolete, bro trust me, try to learn something in Italian and you'll realize it's completely dumb like learning an absolute dead language like Latin. Now, everything is in English and better use British. Never start to learn this dumb language only used in the back kitchens of some pizzas or others Italian restaurants, only Italian people speak Italian language, never find any Italian word in the most advanced fields like new technologies, nano, biotech, genetics-.. The world is managed by a prevalent language named English. But if you want to play an actor as mafia guy, ok, you'll just look a loser.

No Italian is beautiful and I don't want to be that one person on all these saying someone fix this huge mistake but my buff speaks Italian and english I hear her talking to her mom in Italian on the phone and it is very beautiful I am just say if any body who is saying these things just think do you like pizza and pasta well those things are Italian so shut up!

Truly irritating accent, especially when spoken loudly. The way it's spoken sounds like squawking pretending to be bad singing. Can't understand how it's so low on this list.

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22 Turkish

Very horrible. A Battle-Cry language. Only useful to lead your horde.

All I hear is "Ane Ane" wanna throw up when I hear it

Most annoying language ever... Not sound, no musical... They shout when they talk... Grhst what is that about

Sounds really ugly! when I hear somebody speaks it! I just want to vomit! don't ever never listen to Turkish music, I'm afraid you are gonna hate music industry altogether!

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23 Portuguese

The language always sounds like someone needs to sneeze or just recovered from a cold. Also the group of people speaking loud Portuguese behind you in line, won't acknowledge that you exist even though they are 1 foot away. Yes, they talk over everyone in the room, even over people's inner thoughts...

The most beautiful and sexy language, especially the Brazilian accent. European Portuguese is perfect for poetry, and Brazilian Portuguese is the most perfect sounding for music! Plus Portuguese is a language of the future as it is spoken officially in 5 continents. Brazil alone has the 5th strongest economy in the world! And Portuguese speaking Angola is the Brazil of Africa.

Absolutely beautiful and sexy. I much prefer Portuguese over Spanish, French and Italian. Besides, Portuguese is a great language to know nowadays as it is spoken all over the world.

Portuguese sounds like retarded spanish

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24 Tamil

Worst language along with Hindi. Sounds as if you shaking pots and pans all the time... The sounds are so archaic that it's like hearing a bunch of stone-age-under-civilised folks fight and spit at each other. -- most claim this language is oldest in India and truly sounds like one. ---I' a Tamilian who have come to genuinely appreciate other soft languages and Tamil is NOT one of those.

Its just annoying to the ears

I'm brought up in a Tamil family and its literally screaming and shouting about everything. Including the language.

This language is the most annoying ever!

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25 Greek

I stopped learning this ages ago because it's SO ANNOYING! - LemonComputer

26 Slovak

Ugly Slavic language. It's so irritating.

27 Punjabi

It sounds clumsy, erratic, and uncoordinated. The flow doesn't complement breathing pace so it sounds like people are pulling words out of a hat.

They sound like loud, uneducated, savage boars.

I hate this language

The people commenting bull : "Euw it drives people crazy..." how the hell do you manage to spell "ew" incorrect? What? "They sound like loud, uneducated, savage boars." Yes it's loud, most languages do sound like that when you're not a native speaker. How can a language sound educated? This itself sounds uneducated..
I hate this language" Congratulations for having an opinion. Punjabi is a beautiful language, and probably the most fun to speak.

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28 Cantonese

Wonder which idiot put canto on the list trying to differentiate the same savage terrible language as the Chinese. FAIL ATTEMPT HAH.

29 Latin

I care about Latin and for several reasons. When you have learned Latin well, whereas older nor newer forms of Latin, is it easier for you to understand more languages than you perhaps did not before. How would you feel if the language you were born with got close to extinction? Just becase it is a dead language does it not mean it should stay that way. Latin is still spoken in the Vatican State. I recommend latintutorial on YouTube

Latin is for sure the most annoying language along with its stupid bro Italian, both are dead languages, outdated, used only by old catholic men in a 'country' called Vatican not larger than my own town.

Some schools still teach it although no one cares about it - GriffinDoge

30 Romanian
31 Urdu

Sounds loud and uneducated, it gives me shivers, disgusting language

Sounds like Hindi punjabi rules!

32 Malayalam

The only cool thing about this south Indian language is that it spells the same backwards. Other than that, it sounds as sweet as running your nails down a blackboard.

It has this nasal quality to it and sounds really irritating. They speak really fast and I hate the accent. I wish I can shut my ears when I hear someone speak it.

I speak Malayalam and the only thing that I like about it is that it's more related to Sanskrit than any other south Indian (Dravidian) language. If you listen to uneducated/under-educated, low caste (there are different castes in Kerala) Malayalam speakers you'll notice that they use drum like sounds when talking like "the" "Di" "Divan" "Develu" "Pandi" "Kundi" "Kindi" "Kandu" "Eda" "Edi" etc. etc. etc.

33 Serbian

The most perfect language in the world. Every written letter counts for one vocal. No exceptions. You can never ask yourself "hey, how do you pronounce this? ". And it sounds neat.

Sounds like a Russian who tries to speak Spanish.

Where I live there are a lot of slavs. And Serbian is the WORST one of all. Like, they've literally sooo many curse words and the sound of it just irritates my head. Whenever I hear someone speak Serbian I just want to tell them to shut up.

It's actually "Lijepo bijelo mlijeko." in Croatian.

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34 Bengali

It shouldn't be in this list!

Punjab's far Eastern, loud bastard cousin.

This filth must be on the top

35 Hungarian

Hungarians speak by making disgusting sounds, burping and saying 27 letters in two seconds, which makes Hungarian the most disgusting language of all time. This should be on the first place.

I wanted to vote for klingon but it wasisnt hear

You people must have never heard hungarian being spoken... it is by FAAAR the most awful sounding language there is. It would be number 1 if you had. I would rather listen to the top 10 languages on here, all at the same time than to this . It is a mix of Finnish with Mongolian... ugh

36 Persian (Farsi)

Very beautiful language

If you're interested in most beautiful poems, I highly suggest you learn this language.

Nice language. I visited Iran two times. Friendly people

Worst language and English accent.

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37 Croatian

Fake serbian language

Actually, this is stolen Serbian language with changes to fit Croatians&to be called "Croatian language".

38 Khmer

Too many nasal tones

Yuck. It's just as bad as Tagalog.

39 Javanese

Ugh..This awful ugly language is so mean to me I can't stand someone speaking Javanese I like Japanese better than this awful language Javanese IS NOT BEAUTIFUL AT ALL

40 Finnish

Finnish is so hard and annoying to learn. As a Finn I can confirm this.

I wish I wasn't Finnish, because of this stupid language...

Absolutely horrible

Finnish is much worser than Swedish, Danish and Norweigan

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