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41 Javanese

Ugh..This awful ugly language is so mean to me I can't stand someone speaking Javanese I like Japanese better than this awful language Javanese IS NOT BEAUTIFUL AT ALL

42 Kurdish

Its Persian like disgusting sounding and arabic like weird

Disgusting fictional language just like yiddish.

It's like "ez biz rosh bash roj koj wara wara" I don't have a negative opinion against kurds. but this language is the worst language I've ever heard.

43 Indonesian

Every word they say sounds hard and tense because pretty much of how they emphasize the end of a word syllable... and don't like the "R" sound in their language it's just too exaggerated. also, their accent speaking English is just as worst as fillipino. try search a YouTube video of fillipines doing a tutorial or something and hear it out.

44 Kannada

The most irritating language.every time I hear some one speaks it I wanna cut my ears off!
It tops as the most cheapest language too! Speaken as if they ate uncivilized and wanna beg for alms.get your own food people.I want this to be in the top of the list
Hear this language and you will surely retch

45 Finnish

Finnish is so hard and annoying to learn. As a Finn I can confirm this.

I wish I wasn't Finnish, because of this stupid language...

Absolutely horrible

Finnish is much worser than Swedish, Danish and Norweigan

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46 Bulgarian
47 Amharic
48 Tibetan

It sounded like a mixture of Arabic and Chinese, which doesn't mix well at all. The most irritating part is when they are excited and start screaming at the top of their voice

It sounded like they are going to vomit. The worst is their prayer te te te te te te te and they call it as a prayer.

Now I understand why Chinese people doesnot allow to use Tibetan... Its damn irritating and annoying!

49 Quechua

Ugh, what a stupid language, it sounds like a maraca or some crap. God, the way they speak sounds like they're busy eating a Guinea pig or something.

Never even heard of this language

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50 Irish

Vocabulary changes just for a few words and you could make common mistakes without putting a lenition or eclipsis etc

It's complicated at first, but gets easier as you get used to the complicated rules. Just because a language is hard doesn't mean it's annoying. I love the Irish language. - LemonComputer

Yep if you are off tone you are entering the twilight zone. Watch out for those slashes above the vowels. Changes everything

An incredibly sing song language. Very poetic and colourful. It almost has an otherworldly sound.

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51 Norwegian

I speak Norsk and even if think it's somewhat irritating. A lot of our language is 'sing-songy' and you usually don't notice until you hear tourist trying to communicate with you. For some reason they can never hit the right inflections and it drives me crazy. I don't know why they try anyway, we all speak English.

52 Hawaiian
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