In school each subject has like a half an hour of homework and sometimes we don't get any and then in Spanish she gives us like 3 hours of homework and then tells us only spend 20 minutes on it and then there I am 3 hours later finished with Spanish and then she tells us in some frequent fine print it says we did every thing wrong so then we all have re do it and we have to the other Spanish homework to and if we spend 20 min on it and don't finish if we go to school she'll say no complete or whatever and then yell at you and then if you are like sad about it or something she'll say go out side of the room until you calm down stop making it seem like I yelled at u but she did

Really can not stand Spanish females. Find them really loud and annoying! The language is also hideous and seriously not attractive. I think the people can be fun and lively when they want but most the time they do it to just piss people off. I've met quite a few Spanish chicks and they all think they're gods gift. If your gonna speak English then do it, or else don't!

Horrible, pretentious, and superficial language. It grates on your nerves - no character or soul whatsoever. Spanish is not as important as hispanics wrongly believe it to be. Portuguese is much more important internationally as it is at least spoken officially all over the world, with Brazil being the 5th strongest economy in the world right now! Spanish speaking countries, 80% of them, are nothing more than modern day banana republics, whose economies are insignificant.

Portuguese, which is the closest romance language to Spanish, sounds so much nicer and richer sounding.

Spanish should be the most irritating language there is! It's like someone is pounding you in the head continuously! It's a very harsh language. There is no more America!
If these people could actually whisper, that would be a help! Our nation has preached tolerance, diversity, and " The Culture". When in Rome, I say. Don't give a flying flip about their culture. They have bombarded us for the past 35 years!

Yeah... Nothing against those who speak it but when I'm fishing down by our lake and 2 in 20 of the hundreds of people down there are speaking it really fast, loud and often arguing or yelling at each other it makes my skin crawl. Sorry.

To me it sounds close enough to other English words to be confusing, but then it makes no sense. Just a bunch of fast rambling nonsense that sounds like listing stuff off combined with asking questions at odd times. Worst part is the speaker usually assumes they are understood. Central American Spanish specifically.

It's more annoying when the one who's speaking Spanish is fast and loud.

It's a stupid list. Most annoying languages? Just admit it you don't have the guts to understand or master the languages. Just because you don't understand it so its "annoying". - zxm

Spanish is perhaps the most annoying language. The person speaking said language has two volume settings: Loud or silent. There is also no rhythm to Spanish, especially for those who speak quickly. To someone who speaks no Spanish, or even a little, it sounds like a bunch of jumbled up letters with no where to go.

The many different accents of Spanish may sound very different. I personally find caribbean accents very annoying, whiny and chopped. In the south cone it sounds like Italian. And in Mexico, where I am from, the northern accents are usually considered to be the most annoying ones, and the one from Yucatan, the most beautiful one given its Mayan influence. - bry369

Can't stand Spanish, the words and sounds are so repetitive it drives me insane!

It's so annoying when you hear it all the time. I like it when it's slowed down, but not when it's so fast because you don't know what they're saying. - AndrewTopTen

I'm Mexican-American and I personally find Spanish an annoying language sometimes.

I spent most of my life in Southern California. Many immigrants are from Mexico. Mexican Spanish is more annoying than its European counterpart.

This should be ranked much higher. It takes at least twice as long to say the same thing as in English. Besides the total inefficiency the sound on double triple quadruple syllables is like hearing chickens speak.

In America, Spanish is a language of a poor working class. Boy, do they lack class. The nature of this language is harsh-sounding and the people who speak seem want of education. - ms49

Spanish sounds like disgusting gibberish. So many rolling tongue sounds. Listening to someone speaking this abomination makes me want to slap them across the face.

NEVER, EVER, WANT TO LEARN THIS LANGUAGE! People move, (whether legally or illegally) and expect those of us already here in the U.S. to learn their language. No other immigrant group of people have requested or expected this. If I moved to another country I would do my best to learn their language and become part of their culture rather than expecting the reverse which is what has happened in my country of America.

Sometimes you can't tell whether they're having an argument or having a friendly conversation. Only less aggressive-sounding than German.

So true. Speakers of this language only talk crap while in the presence of non speakers.

So damn annoying... you can't escape it

This vote is for my sister. She hates Spanish. I want to learn but I feel like most people that it can be aggressive loud and for me super fast. She thinks its ugly.

I'm in Spanish 2 right now and I don't think I've ever done anything more difficult in my life.

Probably Spanish because of the frequency it's thrown at you, and I guess kind of abrubtness that often comes with it. Depends on how it's spoken also. Though it's distant second to ghetto I think. Not a big ax fan.

When I hear a woman speak Spanish. I rage. It feels like someone is hammering nails into my ears each time they say a word. Men aren't as annoying, though. - FerrousAssassin