Me Talkin' Bout Stuff 2#: Musical Propaganda

I don't know what it is about music but whenever I think of the community, I think of people being crowded in lines with guards pushing them to the death camps and gas the people to death. If you ain't getting it, then it's the Holocaust. The music is the Holocaust because people are being sentenced to death because they don't like a specific genre. That's just discrimination, bro! The Civil Rights Movement.

I'll never understand anything about people when they claimed to have chopped their balls of after listening to Anaconda for ten seconds. You could have just turned the video off, you know, it's not like you've watched a livestream of your dog getting skinned alive by ninjas. And besides, the music doesn't start until about twenty seconds so either Nicki has the ability of burning people's soul or you were too impatient to get abortion. It's that simple, you don't tell me you've covered yourself in bleach and scraped the skin off your body when you've ate Marmite, it's just common sense.

Telling me that Kayne West did something bad is like telling a female that they don't have a penis. Did you think no one noticed? He's been doing that for like what, five years or something like that? Same goes with Justin and how rappers did dope at their local hangout, it's just some kid waving a card at my face at this point. Don't need to force feed me baby food because I'm nearly 14 years old.

Speaking of force feeding, why do radio station need to give me 25,000 calories of Shake It Off every two seconds? If that wasn't the case, I would have appreciated the song a little bit. It's like a joke feast, it's cool for a few weeks but for a few MONTHS? That's a sign that you just like ruining songs for alot of people and made people go to different genres. Oh, does anyone still listen to Gangnam Style? If you do then I should give you an expiration date for each topics you receive.

Snoop Dogg is one of those people that will do anything to stay relevant. At this point he's like a punchline for every jokes that backfires. Why did the chicken cross the road To drop it like it's hot.... I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused for chickens and weed addicts, please forgive me!

Ok, that wasn't very good but that's all folks, please burn my nans ashes and give it to me so I can eat it because you know what they say, you are what you eat.


*Snoop Lion
Jokes aside, well said. - Puga

Well, he still looks like a dog.
Thanks though' - visitor

Hey radio, why not air all the new songs, separated by genre (electro-house hour at 17:00, metal hour at 18:00, etc. ), irrespective of their popularity, perhaps each song only once a week? That would make you more respectable, at least. - PositronWildhawk

Yeah, balance it out and give some other artists some spotlight. Then, the whole musical wars wouldn't have existed. - visitor

Kind of why I don't listen to the radio. It gets very tiring when they play the same songs over and over again for three months. Can we have variety and some new songs? - visitor

Snoop Dogg/Lion/Doggy Dogg is basically a pedophile. He was staring at girls asses in Wiggle when they're like 20 years younger than them and he's old enough to be their father. Even Gigi was less pedophilic than him - simpsondude

Well, the girls he's staring at has to be under sixteen to consider him a pedophile.

Also, his new name shall be Snooping Doggy - visitor

Nicely done. - MusicalPony

Snoop Dogg should've stuck with rapping - bobbythebrony

Please stop writing these blog posts! They're not funny! If your job was being funny, you'll get fired. - visitor

I'd go to McDonalds. - visitor

Exactly. I get hated on just because I don't like rock and metal. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

SuperHyperDude, your posts are always funny and keep me entertained! You use the perfect amount of sarcasm and always know when to crack a joke. Way better than most other blogs. - BlueTopazIceVanilla