Beliebers (Justin Bieber)


Adding reason to Justin Bieber's title as the worst person ever is his fan base: Beliebers. Beliebers. They worship him like he's a God. They deem him superior to better artists like The Beatles or Michael Jackson or Nirvana or Queen or Elvis Presley or Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix without even giving their music a try. They are very rude as well. To the people entitled to offer their opinion on Bieber, they would quickly quip death threats. They send a lot to actress Olivia Wilde when she made a tweet about Bieber's clothes on Twitter. They also threaten Selena Gomez when they broke up. Even worse, they hacked Bieber's longtime rival Drake Bell's Instagram account by replacing his pictures with Bieber's. They boycott the show Supernatural because one of its stars said something against Bieber. They brag a lot as well. Also, they don't know how big of a disgrace Bieber is to society. As I said with the superiors, they would label those superiors as bad. When Bieber is smoking crack, ...more

And they think that sending death threats is justifiable and funny. Such sick, twisted people and it's sad that only a small portion of the fanbase is actually sane, kind, and humble. - RedSpiderLily

I love how these girls are so deluded to think that this boy actually cares for them. Twitter is bombarded with constant TTs about anything Bieber and how he "saved/changed their lives" and how Beliebers are actually family, how proud they are of their "idol", blah, blah, blah. I usually just laugh off their pathetic little comments, but this is getting to be very worrisome. What if Bieber suddenly decides he no longer wants to be in show business (we should all be so lucky), what will all of those imbeciles do with their time? Will they collectively jump off the Golden Gate bridge? These girls really need a reality check. They are, by far, the most annoying and idiotic fanbase ever! By the way, I'm not into any of these teenybopper groups, I don't even like today's pop music.

I often go through Twitter, being disgusted by the sight of millions upon millions of preteen girls bashing at other users just because of differences in taste. The last time this happened, "Why do Beliebers hate Drake Bell" is among the top search suggestions at Google.

Personally, I can't stand Beliebers. Most of them fail to (or possibly refuse to) acknowledge that there are many of us out there with different tastes in music. I'm a big fan of 70s and 80s artists, most notably The Police, Billy Joel, Tears for Fears and Rod Stewart, but I don't whine and start a flame war whenever someone expresses their dislike for these artists. I respect other people's tastes in music, but it infuriates me when someone is obsessed with an artist (most notably Justin Bieber) to the point where they are seemingly hellbent on making the life of those who isn't them miserable.

Beliebers are so annoying! They think he's so cool and handsome. They are deluded freaks if they think he actually cares for them. One time I was waiting for my friend at target. I was listening to some selena gomez to pass the time and then some believer came up to me (you could tell she was a believer because she had on a J. B t-shirt. ) and she's all "that music is stupid, you should ditch that junk and listen to Justin Bieber. " Then I'm like "Listen, girl. Justin Bieber is a freak, love a real man. " Then she screams "HOW DARE YOU! Justin Bieber is the best and you can go jump in a lake if you don't like him. " Then I storm off and find my friend and leave. But not before punching that girl.

The girl should have respected that it was Justin's girlfriends music... - Minecraftcrazy530

One time I was at the park, listening to some metal. Then some Beliber comes up to me and she's like " you shouldn't listen to that. " "why? " "because Justin Bieber says so and he's way better than you. " (emphasis on you. ) so I shake my ipod in her face and I'm like, "listen here, ditz. This is GOOD music and Justin Bieber sounds like a drunk cat. His music is CRAP and it makes me SICK. "

They send hate to every celebrity or person who says they don't like him. Like Drake Bell right now. Did some actually ever think that Drake Bell could have had his account hacked when that stuff was tweeted? Apparently not. It's stupid. People have a right to their own opinions. Some Beliebers think that you need to shut up and go die if you don't like him. There are Beliebers who are just super dedicated fans and have self respect and respect others. But a large portion act like they have the maturity of a newborn child. I think Justin needs to tell his fans to calm down and leave people alone, because it doesn't seem like he ever does that.

I don't fully hate him, it's just he has changed SO MUCH. He has bought girls for "it". Has made a "it" tape I heard. He's not the boy we found on a street who is amazing. He's changed. So which leads to the fan base of his. They are just so annoying. I know they are people to. But they put hate on every other fandom. And directioners, (I am one) gotta stop the hate and I think all the fan bases should get together and not bring their idols down and pity them, a list to not do would be not to hate on their girl friends, NO! JUST NO STALKING, don't TELL ANYONE THEY SUCK OR SHOULD DIE! And don't tell other fan bases THEY derserve CANCER! For god sake! Do any of you want to be the cause of a death. Which means YOU KILLED SOMEONE! In this world! Just like you breathing. So I think everyone! PUT away your differences and get together and support your idols instead of giving hate to other fan bases.

I hold nothing against Justin Bieber and his music. Although my taste in music is different then his, I respect him as a young artist. I am not surprised he has many young female fans. However, I feel it is his fans that have put music to shame, not him. I prefer certain music artists for the songs they make, not their looks. "Beliebers" seem to have it the other way. As I am 14, I see a lot of "Beliebers" among my peers, and although I don't confront them over their obsession over Justin Bieber, I have hidden disgust for their lack in musical talent.

Quite possibly one of the most annoying singers currently in the charts, next to Rebecca Black. With also possibly one of the most annoying fan bases next to the Portal fan base. The kid can't really sing... Period. He has one helluva annoying voice for one. And as for that "You're just jealous cause he gets all the girls thing". I would rather have a real girl than some annoying pre-teen things bouncing up and down about me cause I'm famous and Rich...

Beliebers COULD stop saying "he's the best", "he's so hot", "you're just jealous because he's famous" type of thing. It gets really annoying. I don't really care about him but obsessive fans are just plain annoying.

I hate that if you admit you're not a fan of him or hate him, they think something is wrong with you and send you death threats and coerce you to agree with them. Like what is wrong with having a different opinion? Not everyone should like JB. We all have the rights to like whomever or dislike whomever. Sadly, I've only met very few Beliebers who're actually sane, kind, generous, humble, and who actually respect opinions. The majority of the Beliebers I've met in my life are very cruel, cold-hearted people who think that the world should revolve around JB and them. They don't realize that THEY'RE the ones who disrespect JB the most out of everyone. They don't give him space and they hate any other female whom he gets close to which is just ridiculous because he doesn't know all of them. Like seriously? They have no right to decide who he can or cannot see. And also it should be understandable to why people hate him. I don't hate him or like him as a person, but I love the fact that ...more - RedSpiderLily

Being the kind of person who listens to all genres of music, I think Beliebers are crazy of Justin Bieber's mediocre but listenable music. They talk about how fashionable he is, how he doesn't mind haters, and stuff that are partially the fault of non-fans. Since I listened to Justin Bieber before going Dream Theater, Cryptopsy, Pink Floyd, etc. I know how catchy his music can be, but it really doesn't warrant his fans' attitude. They delve into the personal lives of not just Justin, but also anyone who crosses him. This is also the problen with the rest of the listed fan bases here. No one has the right to be super crazy and obsessed about the artist. I still believe that the music they create should be emphasized instead of their lives, opinions, girlfriends, sexuality, etc. Because there really is no point in doing so.
That's all. Thank you.

They never shut up. They don't understand how rude their little Justin can be. It's okay to stan an artist, but please do recognize when they have done something wrong. Don't stick up for him all the time. That won't change the fact that he can be rude and cocky. I think he needs to humble himself, show real dedication to and love of music, and really show that he appreciates his fans.

Some Beliebers are okay. Some. But most of them are really rude, especially with the way they treated his girlfriend (I didn't like her either, but still, respect) and other fanbases. When another fanbase gets a trend on twitter, they seem to have to outdo them and trend something demeaning about that certain fanbase. They have no respect for other people's music interests, just Bieber or die. I actually like Justin Bieber, but those people turned me off from him.

I really don't care about Justin Bieber, because there is one of him, that I could easily avoid. But it's those mental fans, who think that Justin Bieber is God, and that if you don't love him, you are the spawn of the devil. It's like everywhere I do, I see some dehydrated beliber, saying how he saved her life, and he's the best, and haters should kill themselves. Well damn, I don't tell you who to like. They infuriate me with their ignorance. I can't even.

They get mad at people who dislike their beloved god and just scream "How can you hate someone so HOT! " It's like seriously grow up, there's a limit between a fan and an obsessive crazy stalker who will do anything to ruin someone else's like if they dare make a move on their beloved Justin Bieber

How can you not vote for this lot? This guy is awful, and the fans are even worse. People who couldn't care less about the guy are hounded all the time by others who insist upon pushing him and his music in your face, and then have the audacity to call music that's different to mainstream crap! - HopelessBanana

I still can't believe he's still got that many fans after all of the terrible things that he did in 2013. Heck, I was even hearing about them beliebers waiting for him outside the jailhouse when he was arrested for drunk speed driving and neighbor complaints. He even had the guts to call one of them a beached whale for crying out loud. HE OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS ANYMORE. THIS CLAN IS SO 2009!

No duh they're the worst fan base. Horrible! They go out of their way to defend a stupid pervert who will in return sexually harass them and treat them like sex toys. They ENJOY being treated like sex toys, and really WANT to be treated that way. They know that Bieber won't defend them in return, and he's actually MEAN to them. They bash celebrities who are WORTHY of being admired like Selena and Ariana and they make you feel like you're evil for hating on him. They have no respect for their bodies or any other fan bases and they are hypocrites.

First of all Justin Bieber is a total ass. You can just tell he's a douchebag and it annoys me that his fans fails to realize that. He has a good voice, I get that, but the rest of Justin's music is way overrated and is nothing special. Plus girls don't like him for his music. If you ask a "Belieber" why they like him, the first thing they say is because he's "hot." That shows that he's more appreciated for his looks rather then his music.

Very annoying! They should be TOP 1 for this after the Directioners. They always compare to legendary artists in there. They always whine like little dogs when someone makes bad opinions about Bieber and They bully too and make death threats to people who hates him. - gabrielmanipula

Okay first of all I have no problem with Justin Bieber whatsoever. Its just his fan base that gets a bit annoying. Oh and what in the world are little monsters doing on this list. I'm going to admit that some of us do talk bad about other artists but not all of us are like that. For instance I'm the type of monster that doesn't judge others because I know were not supposed to do that. I respect other artists. I'm not a hater of Justin at all

They just can't see how ridiculous Justin Bieber actually is. They worship everything he does even if it's wrong. They justify his actions by saying: "he's Justin Bieber, he can do what he wants." No. He can't!

Just stop cursing that poor boy's girlfriend, they love each other, JUST LET THEM BE. So what if you're a belieber? Who even made the law where you can interfere with an idols rls? They're humans too, you know? Try imagining a bitch ruining your rls with your beloved boyfriend zz

I can't stand the stupid Beliebers. They send death threats to celebrities who hate on Bieber, support him when he does something illegal while saying that was the right thing to do, mock people who are trying to give their own opinions on Bieber, do stupid crap once Bieber does something crappy (for instance, the #cutforbieber crap) and every time someone writes negative towards Bieber, they all plan to kill that someone.