Directioners (One Direction)

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Well let's begin my long rant. Directioners are the most immature, rude, and annoying fan-base that I have ever met. I, happen to be a directioner, but I'm like in the 1 % of directioners that are actually normal and aren't so crazy. I don't slash other artist because I actually like 2 other boybands (The Wanted and IM5). Let me tell you a story.

I knew a girl, she was an OBSESSED directioner, she called it dedicated, but it was just obsession. I happened to be living with her and her family with my mom, so I saw her often. She was quite normal at first. Later I discovered how crazy she was. She was one of those horny directioners who like to imagine 1 of the 5 boys "being" with them. It was horrific and uncomfortable.

Some of you know the whole pointless feud between 1D and The Wanted, right? She hated The Wanted and would always say how terrible they are, and of course I got defensive because its like, "Are you f****** kidding me? We both like 1D, yet ...more

I know this was extremely long ago, but directioners aren't ALL like that. Sure, some of us could dial it down a bit, but I am positive there are people that aren't directioners that have acted like us to another celebrity. And I agree with @Hannah123, if you want us to stop hating then don't hate on US. - CapricornAngel133

They bash Taylor Swift just because she dated Harry Styles. They actually bash any girl that goes near them. They even bashed a puppy owned by one of the boys! I mean who does that? Their jealousy levels are so high it could reach the sky. Like, seriously. When they grow up, they'll probably look back on how they acted and find themselves stupid. That's all I have to say.

They are so annoying. Every girl is OBSESSED with them and cannot hear something bad about their precious harry or niall or zayn or the others without going ape. They start getting jealous of everything and start calling other fans "directionators". They wont shut up with their songs and quote EVERYTHING from their videos and interviews. They don't like speaking about one direction in public because they get mad when people claim to like them too. They start bragging about how long ago they new they existed since 2010. They talk about the concerts and how the presale tickets for NEXT YEAR just sold out in 59 seconds. Annoying.

I hate how they are so obsessed with the boys. Taking the boys' surnames and all that. And calling new fans 'Directionators'. I like some of One Direction's songs but those crazy, obsessed fans I definitely could live without.

Directioners are very annoying they think that these 5 boys that look like they're 12 that I can sing better are the most perfect things ever. News for you, they're not. Directioners screw up other artist stuff and stalk 1 Direction. For example, the So Sick music video by Ne-Yo, a talented artist, was flagged with comments like " Niall sang this song" or "Thumbs up if you came here for Niall". That's rude to Ne-Yo and annoying. They should just keep 1 Direction comments on 1 Direction videos. How would you like it if we flagged your videos with Ne-Yo commits. Also they stalk 1 Direction. They know more about them then they know about themselves. They know facts like the exact moment they were born, have their 6th grade science fair projects, can name all their family members, friends, and classmates. Strange for a band with no talent.

I'm a Swifty, and let me tell you, they went CRAZY once taylor and harry were seen together. They gave her death threats because they knew they couldn't have Harry. They even made up lots of rumors to make her look bad so more Directioners can turn against her. Like, they made up that taylor said that Directioners deserve cancer and that zayns little sister had cancer, just so they can have a reason to hate taylor. They're seriously evil minded little brats. They have no respect whatsoever. - TimeSlowsDown

They're a bunch of stupid girls who drool over 5 guys who will never know they even exist and then they tell people to get a life. Coherence. They constantly throw hate on other fandoms (especially Swifties, where Taylor's only crime's been dating that Harry kid). They think it's cool to cut themselves and write it down on Twitter. I hope they really bleed to death sometimes.

But let's make things clear: they're not all like that. A few fans are normal people, luckily.

They are so ANNOYING! OH MY GOSH, I just want them to leave this planet. They are constantly picking fights with other fandoms. They go CRAZY whenever one of the boys have girlfriends, like they send them death threats and create hate pages. If you were a TRUE directioner, you would support their relationships, not destroy it. Besides there is a one in a billion chance that one of the boys will ACTUALLY marry you so stop daydreaming and get yourselves together. They also say B.S. to other celebrities on how no one can top One Direction, PLEASE! I bet One Direction will fizzle out in a couple years and a new attractive boy band will overtake them. And did I mention, DIRECTIONERS HATE EACHOTHER! And a lot of them are really weird and horny. That's just what I think. Everything's been fine until directioners came and RUINED EVERYTHING!

Seriously when people say one bad thing about One Direction, Directioners get so mad. Why do you care if someone doesn't like your favorite band? It's their opinion. I like One Direction, but I won't declare myself as a Directioner, because they are seriously so rude. Hating on other fans and people who just simply don't like their music or them. I honestly can't explain why they are so obsessed with them, yes they have talent. But a lot of them just like them because of their looks, which is ridiculous.

Why aren't these immature fans at number 1? Honestly the rudest fan base I have ever seen in my entire life! Annoying as hell. Here's why
1) They don't understand that everyone has their own opinions.
2) If someone doesn't like 1D, the fans tell them to go to hell, get cancer, die in a hole, etc. And those words usually come from 10 year olds.
3) they treat one direction like their gods and worship them
4) immature
5) They actually make 1D look bad. Who wants to have jerks for fans?
6) they get angered way to easily
7) They never SHUT UP
8) They don't respect other celebs (i know quite a few celebs they have sent death threats to, or made hate pages about
9) They NEVER consider their rude words. They just blurt out crap and don't take it back
10) they say stupid things like they'd cut their limbs off just to meet 1D. They have no self respect.
They will forever be the rudest and most annoying fan base EVER. - dragonfly99

I know! I'm a fan, but honestly, some fans are so immature! They make us look bad. Some fans are fine, but some of them are just... UGH.

Directioners are absolutely and utterly INSANE. They typically cannot spell correctly, or coherently put together a sentence, and spam twitter, tumblr, and other such sites with nothing but the same gifs and pictures of one direction. They find no flaws at all with the band (even going so far as to see unflattering pictures of facial expressions for various band members, and saying things like "Only you can pull off that face, Harry! " They threaten to murder anyone who insults the band, or who has a dream of marrying their favorite band member.

Hey seriously should just be wiped out.

I hate One Directions fan girls. They are annoying as hell and psychoticly crazy. They tell people to kill themselves if others have a differing opinion of One Direction. So far they have told NME editors to kill themselves just because 1D got an award for worst band of the year (which I totally agree with). They told the editors of Rolling Stones magazine to kill themselves because in a review of one of their love songs, (I can't remember which one), They said it was the worst love song ever. They told a five year girl that Mitch Luker deserved to die and that she should kill herself. All in all Directioners are the worst fan base in the world right now.

Obviously Directioners. I mean, when Mitch Lucker died (lead singer from Suicide Silence) they were actually telling people to go kill themselves, even his 5 year old daughter! And things like this have happened with other "emo" musicians. If anybody says 1D is bad, you get all hate upon you, I mean everybody has their music taste! Directioners...

I liked 1D, but not as much anymore. Some of my buddies became Directioers and suddenly became so obsessed with them. Then PewDiePie came out with that Karaoke Party video where he sang 1D (being a Bro I, of course, watched it) and my buddies caught me. They are still currently ignoring me and yesterday they told me off because I shared the video on Facebook. Sorry, Directioners, you just ruined the band for me.

Its starting to really annoy me what some of the fans are doing I mean I'm a directioner and I love our boys but some girls just go overboard like ruining gregs wedding LICKING nials range rover and climbing over the church gates to get inside and run up to niall I mean they're just making them hate us even more and I'm starting to think the boys don't even like us anymore I mean liam finds us annoying louis hates us so does niall zayn avoids us harry finds us crazy great #iwanttheoldfandomback well done the so called 'directioners'.


I think I know, every insult in the world multiplied by infinite

Directioners are so damn annoying. They're like I LOVE ONE DIRECTION AND I WILL MARRY ALL OF THEM AND DID YOU HEAR THEY'RE NEW ALBUM AND THEY ARE so HOT AND THEY HAVE CUTE ACCENTS AND I WILL LOVE THEM FOREVER! This is what those girls between 8 and 15 say about Direction.

I used to like One Direction but directioners are so damn annoying. If someone says something bad about one direction, they'll send that person a ton of death threats. After Mitch lucker died some of them continued to call him emo and say they're. Happy that he's dead. I'm not saying all directioners are like this

My friends are completely obsessed! I can't talk about a single band (let alone anything British) without them starting to blabber on and on about One Direction. I go on Facebook and I have to unsubscribe from them in order to see anything unrelated to Directioners. I get being a fan, but making someone that isn't WANT to go crazy may be a bit much.

I hate these guys. Their music is generic.
But the saddest part those whinny fan girls known as directioners.

Seriously one day I was minding my own business than some girl talks about how it's Niall's b-day and then they were writing stuff about them on their hands.

They are the worst. - dudesterravensfan

Proving something using tumblr and thinking they're right because they have a 'valid source' is something that comes to mind while thinking of one direction fans. I'm sorry but they just bash everyone and are mean to everything that doesn't say "Harry styles is king" I'm not sure if I don't like them because they are arrogant? And I prefer modest people. But calling themselves legends and trending it on twitter just makes people laugh at them. I wouldn't mind them if they were just annoying but werent so mean and arrogant. Then thinking one direction is becoming a rock band? No. I wish there could be a fandom peace day because you can't have a conversation with one direction fans if you don't like one direction. The things they write behind a screen they wouldn't dare to say to people's faces. If you are a one direction fandom and are a nice person and haven't hated or argued with anyone. Then sorry about this but with experience you have crappy people in your fandom. I haven't had ...more

I am a Swiftie, and ever since Harry and Taylor broke up, all the Directioners are sending death threats to Taylor Swift. They are basically all over Twitter, saying Harry is theirs, and saying One Direction is the BEST boyband ever. They also take the boys' surnames. It's retarded and pathetic. They should respect all of their girlfriends and nnot send death threats. Sigh.

They are so annoying... It's like they think they're so much better than people who don't like One Direction. Well... Guess what? One Direction is just a bunch of sex-starved, talentless burnouts who'll probably become the next Justin Bieber before their concert next year. Their deranged fans are completely brainwashed and stupid. They talk about One Direction so much that I bet that even their vomit is pure One Direction.

I'm fine with one direction but I hate directioners.

They start random fandom wars out of nowhere and use idiotic and racist "insults". Your argument becomes invalid the second you start comparing instagram followers to real talent, which, sadly, means that A LOT of comments are irrelevant.

Death threats to an artist/group just because they beat your "precious angels" on MTV? Harming yourself thinking Zayn would go back or even notice you at all? Strangling your dog because they didn't follow you on twitter? Stuffing the music and their "superiority" down random people's throats? Really? I have my own opinion and you have yours, now take your opinion, walk far away, and please leave your thoughts and behavior somewhere along the way. Thank you.

I honestly don't care for One Direction, (songs that are specifically meant to make preteen girls swoon isn't my cup of tea) but OH MY GOD, their fans. It's full of delusional little girls who will soon move on to a new heart throb. Remember Justin Bieber? No? Didn't think so.