Exotics (EXO)


I see Exo-L's on Shinee music videos saying "Shinee is dead, it is time for Exo to be number 1."


I like their music and I have my biases but seriously!


YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY! No offense to the normal ones.

Not all EXOtics are like that. I am a fan of EXO but I'm also a fan of lots of other bands. The fans can get annoying, but then again, what fandom isn't annoying at some time? Its only natural for someone to be enthusiastic about what they like. I think it's terrible what some fans do (stalk the members, bash other groups, etc... ,) but that doesn't mean all fans are like that. Most of my friends like EXO yet we don't use 'Bacon' or 'Gucci'. Yes, the pairings are adorable but we don't go overboard and start a 'HunHan' parade. EXO shouldn't get any hate for what some of their fans have done. They don't tell their fans to bash SHINee or Ryeowook or whatnot. They don't have any control over what their fans do. This is about annoying fandoms, not about EXO's comeback and talents, so I suggest you stick the actual topic.

I have nothing against these guys. In fact, I like them but I don't want to call myself a fan because of their fans. I've read once that they stole the padlock that EXO made in Namsan Tower. If that is not insane, I don't want to know what is. Plus, I've seen their fans on numerous SHINee videos bringing up EXO on every turn saying that they are better than SHINee. In reality, they do have talent, but they couldn't even light up a candle compared to SHINee and other groups they bashed. These fans are so insane that they make the Directioners look tolerable.

This fandom is the WORST, I've quitted being a member because it's 80 percent filled with mentally disordered, delusional, hypocrited, retarded and obsessive people. I feel so sorry for my EXO to have to deal with these bunch of "fans" who put other people down whenever they win over EXO OR JUST because they ARE associated with EXO. They keep create accounts to go around bashing people and annoy the crap out of everyone just because "EXO oppas are the best" or "oppa is ONLY mine! " I'm seriously worried that these hardworking guys will never have a proper love life because of their possessive fangirls who sexualise them and even put sanitary pads into their pads just to get their attention. I'm just low key mentioning Baekhyun and Taeyeon *cough*. I mean EVERY female idol gets bashed, cursed out or even injured when being associated with them. This fandom should be ranked higher than ELF's in my opinion.

Even though I'm not part of the fandom, I do like some of their songs, but I find majority of the fandom absolutely disgusting. There are normal fangirl/fanboy things to do, then there are insane ones. For example, don't carve their flipping name into your arm, don't start bashing other artists for no reason, don't start wishing death upon someone just because they don't agree with you. Your reputation is up to you to decide, but you are ruining your favourite group's image, which probably isn't something you should do if you love them so much

They are already considering their idols to be the best at everything, when they've just debuted. Accept your idols' status as rookies already. Just because they debuted with SM and had a fancy MV doesn't mean they get to bypass senior artists just like that.

I find them annoying as hell. All of my Exotic friends only talk about them non-stop. HECK! They've influenced my mom now! All she talks about now is how my brother should look like one of the boys in the bands or else he won't attract girls!

I like EXO so so so so much... But I just can't stand my fellow fans because they bash the other groups I like. I admit that EXO has many flaws and shortcomings and many other groups are better than them, but I just can't understand other EXO-L's also why they don't. It's enough to just love EXO the way they are they don't even need to have a reason to love EXO... Just like me I don't need to have a reason to love them...

Many EXO-L refuse to accept when their boys make a mistake and will guard them viciously, sometimes causing problems for other fandoms and letting them take the blame for their own mistakes (ex. Music Core recordings). - SkyNova

Its okay if you love exo so much, but please do not bashing fans of other idol. exo and other idol are very friendly yet competitive so we need to take them as our role model.

They start fan wars because (i'm not generalizing) some of their immature fans..

I am a big fan of Shinee and Jonghyun oppa is really dear to me.. EXO fans have been really rude to shinee fans and also Onew oppa.. So I am totally against Exo for the rude behavior..

EXOtics should be on the top. They don't even let you enjoy music because just before that you're caught up in an argument with them. Humiliating.

Oh do I hate Exotics! It seems like almost every fandom has had at least one huge fan war with them and started by them.

Full of immature an labile kids! They are even annoyed to the idol group

They are just so annoying! They keep saying super junior and shinee are underrated, have no fans, will disband by SM or whatever. It's just so rude! When the other idol win an award, they will say that the group doesn't deserve it and EXO deserve the award. I think bashing is one of their job

The entire fandom is not like that. Every fandom has their immature fans so stop hating on an entire fandom.

I LOVE EXO DON'T GET ME WRONG! But, I really didn't like the way some exotics acted when my SHINee oppas won artist of the year at the MELON AWARDS. They ( SHINee) cried their eyes out especially Jonghyun, and were saying how thankful they were for they're fans, and Exotics ( not all) said rude things to SHINee. Even some EXO members cried!

A lot of exotics come to other kpop videos to bash them. They think that EXO is better than other groups. EXO one shot video is the first to do in kpop? Look at BIGBANG'S Love Song..

Exotics suck. They are brainwashed who cut themselves, burn pictures of rivaling groups, plan to bomb rival concerts, sneak into their "Oppas" dorm room and take their boxers, hairs, they hurt their iPad for attention, hate on other groups immensely and almost all mainstream group has had a fab war with them. They think their oppas can beat groups like shinee, BigBang, super junior, girls generation, basically the original 6

Really? When you see the higher groups, they have less hate comments than Exotics. Just move them to 3rd place already next to the directioners and beliebers

They are annoying. Just a bunch on teen girls who can't help but bash every group

They pick a fight with other fandoms it's kind of sad...

Exo should just disband. What's the point of even supporting if the fans don't support their seniors? Like Shinee, BIGBANG, SNSD, and Super Junior.

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?