Harmonizers (Fifth Harmony)


I'm a diehard Harmonizer and I proudly embrace it. But not all Harmonizers you speak of are like this! Yes I will admit there are tensions between the Harmonizers as there are the immature jerks calling Camila a snake for leaving, and the equally immature jerks that attacked Normani with racist tweets. But THEY. DO. NOT. SPEAK. FOR. ALL. HARMONIZERS. In fact the majority of them are like 10 year olds who don't know how to behave and they are the FURTHEST things from a TRUE Harmonizer. We Harmonizers need to work together.

Crap fans of a crap band. enough said really. However, I also want to note how their USP is that they sing songs with sexual innuendos even a Carry On film would find subtle all while posing sexy. This is presumably to attract the adolescent girls who latch onto girl bands while making them sexually appealing enough to adolescent boys who will fancy them, therefore making both buy records. All that combined adolescent thinking creates a terrible fanbase. - Mrveteran

Fifth Harmony fans will have a go at anyone who is a Mixer or part of the 5SOSFam. Personally I am in both of them fandoms. If I was to say something about one the little mix girls being beautiful they would jump onboard and say cruel things to them and me. I don't even know why they don't like 5SOS and if I was to ask a fan why they don't like them they wont even give me a straight answer. I like Fifth Harmony's songs it's just the fans who are cruel.

They should be higher on the list in my opinion, I don't hate fifth harmony but their fans are horrible. They bully the crap out of each other and almost every other fan base, telling Ashton Irwin to cut himself? Not okay on so many levels.

They're getting on my last nerve. they criticize every other fandoms and think they're the best at everything. CAN WE PLEASE HATE MORE ON THEM because I JUST. THEY DESERVE IT

Fifth harmony are not annoying. And they think they good because they are. Oh and are you saying that Little Mix write their own songs? Do One direction? 5SOS? EXACTLY

Fifth Harmony isn't the worst, but it's not the best. I mean, Melanie Martinez sings and takes her time and she isn't this fast oh and she supports the emo tribe When SOME other bands or individual singers DON'T.

I love fifth harmony but I'm nice. =( that's so sad they told Ashton to kill him self.

The arguments that constantly go on between these and the Little Mix fans are ridiculous. - Swellow

TAKE them off the list. I'm a Harmonizer and we're good people

Honestly most harmonizers are delusional, have no taste, and are problematic

What more can I say? They are TOXIC, DISRESPECTFUL, AND just PLAIN RUDE! They always start drama with Camilizers! They disrespect opinions! I said that 5H are a FLOP without Camila (because they are)! Uh oh! Better sleep with a knife tucked under my pillow tonight!

Look. Some Harmonizers can be pretty awful and there has been massive drama between the fandom at the moment, what with the whole Camila leaving. The Camilizers are hating on the other 4 and fans of Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Dinah are hating on Camila. I'm mainly in the Camilizer division of the Harmonizer fandom, but dear Lord? Can't we all work together for once? Good grief. We need to get along with each other! I was watching their performance at the 2017 People's Choice Awards, and there was like a literal battle in the comments. Everyone was either saying "they'll flop without Camila" or "it was better without the screeching voice of that snake! " Like GET ALONG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I swear there are only few neutral Harmonizers out there. Fifth Harmony believes in unity and love only, so we need to get along. No more fighting.

I don't know why 5H isn't higher on here. Other than Directioners and Beliebers, and maybe Arianators, they are the most annoying and hateful I have ever seen. And they fight with each other almost as much as they fight with others, who honestly just want them to shut up because we don't care how much they think 5H is awesome.

I think they should be a little weak because they only started being reckonised when they preformed boss on x factor

They are a hypocritical, bullying, annoying fan base. Don't get me wrong, I love fifth harmony, but I cannot stand the fan base. They told Ashton to cut himself again, they say that Jesy is too "fat", they tell Perrie to go kill herself because she's dating Zayn when they really wanted Lauren to be with him. They bully the hell out of other celebs and groups but when one person says one tiny thing about 5H that they don't like, the harmonizers will lash out at them and harass them. They say that LM, 1D, Demi Lovato, 5sos etc music is horrible compared to 5H, they say that when LM is pulling faces and having fun on a concert or video, is very unprofessional and annoying, but when fifth harmony pulls faces and mucks around on a RED CARPET they say that they're being themselves and having fun, but when your on a red carpet you're supposed to act professional! I don't GET IT! This fan base needs to chill.

They are horrible...they always fight with someone a lot of fandom hate them beacues they are so problematic...I'm mixer and they always says things like '' Little mix sucks,they music sucks..'' They also were so rude to 5sos fam...I just can't stand them

Laughing so hard at that ridiculous Little Mix fangirls that put Fifth Harmony in this list πŸ˜‚. Whatever, everyone has their own taste, It's not up to me to judge anybody but before you judge someone you should listen to their music and learn about their story.

Unless you are a popular YouTuber than makes music video parodies, you could get more dislikes than likes if you bash Fifth Harmony and its much worse Harmonizers. :(

Totally. Harmonizers are really horrible. They take things too far. You say that you don’t really like 5th Harmony and they will come for you. And they sorta started a hashtag telling a member of 5 Seconds of Summer to cut himself again. They start drama and take it too far.

Seriously some even think faith harmony is better than girls generation like no GG has talent if you put FH To a singing conest with taeyeon teaeyon will win

Harmonizers are a great fan base. I've never see them cause a fight with another fan base, they support Fifth Harmony really well. Maybe some of them take it too at with the Camren thing but other than that, they're a really great fan base. by the way I'm A HARMONIZER 😁

They made a hashtag and told ashton to kill himself and then told 5sos fams to kill themselves! Ash used to self harm so this is really bad to make a hashtag and tell him to cut deeper! All of this over an award? I hate 5H those ugly untalented,idiot rats! I don't hate on anyone 5H are the only celebs that I realllyyy hate I just can't control myself sorry!