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241 HiHeel (LeeHi)
242 Lucky 7 (SE7EN)
243 Akdong Musicians Stans (Akdong Musicians)
244 Kamilia (Kara)
245 Green Day

Green Day has a very awesome diverse fan base. Not like directioners

Is it ironic we're called idiots

... Green Day fans are awesome and very calm and it is a very diverse fanbase like the other person said. I'm proud of the fandom - soulpunk

I like their music, and their fanbase.

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246 Frozen Fans

I will say this. I was a fan of the movie, I am excited for Frozen 2, but I have some issues with some of these die hard Frozen fans. (I don't consider myself to be quite that big of a fan :)). I know that most of these die hard fans are little girls, but still. Every single one of them acts like Frozen is the only and best movie ever. Which it is not. There are countless other Disney movies that are just as good, but because they didn't have one annoyingly popular song in them, they are deemed "forgettable", "mediocre". I have watched Frozen several times now, and the only thing that excites me about the movie anymore is looking for hidden Disney Easter eggs. Still a fan of the movie though. Although it may not seem like it, this is still one of my favourite Disney movies. I just have a problem with the die hard fans. Deal with it

I liked it and I'm not a fangirl, but then it became an overrated cliché and I stopped liking it because we do not need to hear Let It Go 900 duodecillion times though once it becomes less overrated then maybe I'll enjoy it again, but for the time being I am not the person who's in the in-Frozen zone.

247 Queen's (T-ara)

Why are they leaving the fanbase? Only because of the last scandal?

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248 Vocaloid Otakus

YES! They claim to know Japanese music, well NEWS FLASH: Listening to Vocaloid or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu doesn't make you a J-music fan. "KAWAII DESU NE~" They make me sick. "Miku's voice is amazing" No it's not, she's a robot. They don't know good Japanese music like L'arc~en~Ciel, X Japan, Luna Sea, GODDAMMIT, maybe even Gackt, anything but these musical jokes.

249 People Who Like Gangnam Style

In just don't get it...

The thing is, most who like this song don't even know what he's saying...

I hated this song like... Hell - yixhean

Should just have called it psy fans - Chatsa2

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250 Victorians (Victoria Justice)

I think that victoria justice has one of the cleanest fanbase ever

She was the main character of a Nickelodeon show and she has realeased some songs after the show. Her fans seem to forget that she's not that great. And some of her fans keep comparing her to Ariana which is crazy because they have different sounds and music style.
I like Victoria and Ariana, the FANS are the ones that piss me off.
I like almost every singer of this list, but most of the fans are pretty annoying.

Victoria's fans are cool.

251 Lovatics (Demi Lovato)

I'm not a lovatic, but I just love their fanbase. It is probably the cleanest fanbase ever, they never have fights with other fanbases, they all love eachother and they really are here to actually SUPPORT their idol, they don't waste time complaining about this or that fandom. They trend something about Demi every day and they're just amazing. I wish more fanbases could be like them, I don't even get why Lovatics are on this list.

Lovatics are the best, truly, they are nice, protective and just try to help every people who suffer because their idol love them and believe in them the way we, lovatic, believe in her, she is the strongest and prettiest girl ever we just love her the way she is, love you demi!

Lovatics are not annoying!

Should be #1 on best fanbase! - IcyUsefulEyeball

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252 Floydians (Pink Floyd)

I am a hard core Pink Floyd fan, and I have many close connection with people online and trust me the people in this fandom are the most accepting and amazing people you will ever talk to. Never judge someone just because they smoke marijuana or drink vodka, because there are some pretty chill people out there who do both.

There's nothing wrong with the fanbase apart from that small section of people who only listen to The Dark Side Of The Moon and consider themselves better than everyone else.

Pink Floyd is awesome, and this is coming from someone who LOVES classic rock so it may be biased, though I'm not all classic rock, I listen to some other stuff like John Mayer so for those who think we classic rock lovers only listen to classic rock, well that's not true.

Pink Floyd fans who are always high and listen to the wall and the dark side of the moon on repeat constantly

253 Radiohead Elitists

Not trying to sound pretentious, but most Radiohead fans, like myself, are mature, intelligent, and open-minded individuals who adore most styles of music. If I hear a negative comment about the band or Thom Yorke, I don't start a war of words.

Lol go away radiohead rules and the fans are usually pretty open, to be honest...all the radiohead fans I know listen to a ton of different types of other music, the same cannot be said for many classic rock fans

254 K-Rino Fans
255 Musers (Muse)

Whoever put this has no idea how chill Musers really are. They have many inside jokes, like a lot too, and their music tastes range from classical music to classic rock. They are all in general very kind people. Love, a Muser (muse are my boys)

Really? - ThePwoperMuser101

256 EvFans (Evanescence)

In general the fans aren't that bad, but the obsessed ones are some of the worst I've come across. They constantly act as if Amy Lee is the queen of everything, and they bash ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that happens to be compared to her/them. They feel threatened any time they think some other female fronted band is trying to "take their place", even bands that are literally more talented than them (ex. The other bands' guitarist can actually shred their guitar properly) and they act as if Evanescence is the best because they pioneered some great genre, when in reality they're not the first for anything - bands have used orchestra and choirs in their music before, bands have used soprano vocals over heavy guitars before (Amy only wishes she was as vocally talented as some of those opera-trained rock vocalists she's always compared to), bands have mixed keyboards with heavy guitars before, frontwomen have sung in dresses and corsets on stage before, popular bands have used ...more

I used to like Evanescence, but then I discovered other better less-mainstream bands. Evanescence seems to appeal mostly to teenagers, especially girls. I think anyone understands that a fandom mostly consisting of teenage girls are usually VERY annoying.
Amy Lee is not a saint, far from it. She is not special like her fans think she is. She is also very self-centered, which is not a good trait for a role model. Her songs are just whiny and pseudo-deep.
The worst part of "EvFans" is that whenever you speak out against the "band" (it's barely a band considering how none of the other members seem to matter) they say dumb and silly things like: "you have no taste in music", "Amy Lee is so much better than you", "go back and listen to Justin Bieber" and other extremely flawed arguments.
One day they might just grow out of this fandom and start listening to some actually deep songs.

Evanescence have had a few decent songs, but when it comes to the die-hard fan, even the elusive kind, you're bound to get annoyed. Specifically, the ones who worship Amy Lee as if she was a god, and disliking artists others like. I personally think people like Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar have had better songs than Amy, but in my opinion Amy is OK.
Don't forget, the ones who act as if Bring Me to Life is their best song is annoying, especially the ones who say "oh you hate bring me to life go listen to jb again". You CAN'T judge people by music taste if they never say it, and that's what I'll finish up on. - Swellow

Evanescence isn't that original or creative at all, despite what the fans want you to think.

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257 Jetsetters (Diggy Simmons)

They are crazy at times but there also creative and supportive towards their idol and his decisions
Jetsetters rule

Wow, I do not like a single artist on this list, except meybe coldplay and the beatles, and even then their not my favorite - RecklessGreed

258 Cassiopeia (TVXQ)

Once dbsk Separated they started to just say rubbish and keep on being bad toward us elfs and say bad stuff about suju, what the heel as if we were the reason to take them each go on his own way not lee so man! They really make it hard for us to feel the same good and sweet feeling that suju hold toward tvxq, damn even teuki break the rules and support eunhyuk to keep on touch with them and he keeps on mention them good way and always ask us elfs to keep on supporting both jyj and tvxq!

Always Keep The Faith!
fighting oppa!
I'm always support TVXQ oppa...

Since DBSK separated, cassie keep the faith, I know, but sometimes cassie is too arrogant

Why do all these Japanese and Korean band fanbases have weird names? - RiverClanRocks

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259 Tupac Fans

2Pac is the all time greatest, everybody who truly listens to rap loves him

260 Shawols (SHINee)

I wonder if I'm just ridiculously lucky, but I have yet to meet these haters that you guys describe. Sure, I've met some intense bashers about the Jonghyun thing back in the day, but I've yet to see anymore. All the shawols I personally know are outright kind people. Other than a bit of hypersensitivity to certain words (like idiot, stupid, or immature words of that sort) they mostly ask people to kindly reiterate their language. From what I've seen, they use logic very well and are quite polite. I'm quite proud to be of this fandom ever since the beginning, but if these "fans" exist, I can't help but feel ashamed. Although I have yet to experience these people, I apologize on their behalf. Their behavior must have been the utmost disappointing.

No offense to you non-hating, bashing shawols... But some of you are so outrageous! Saying " Oh Super Junior isn't relevant anymore! " Or bashing new rookie groups that they're copying Shinee or something or seriously bashing on DB5K and saying how Shinee is greater than them! Seriously, take your attitude away from here and what I'm saying is: be respectful for once! God, stop being such arrogant people... Suju and dbsk are all label mates... I'm sure they don't want you hating on their own friends & label mates. Be nice.

I haven't seen many bad Shawols, but the ones that are just bash other fandoms, like EXO or SuJu.

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