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41 Nickelback Haters

They're the reason Nickelback is so hated. They just scream I HATE NICKELBACK and then people assume they're cool and follow. Nickelback is among one of the most hated bands ever, despite their music being, okay, at most. - naFrovivuS

They don't really deserve hate or praise to me. I just simply don't care about them at all. Too generic. - DCfnaf

Hating on Nickelback is getting really old. Plus, their new album looks amazing

42 Iggy Azalea Fans

For the other two people asking that, yes, sadly, she does have fans. I study with a girl that is an Iggy fan. She's so annoying.

I'm surprised that Iggy Azalea even has fans

Iggy Azalea actually has fans?

There is no way this woman has fans. - DCfnaf

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43 Slash Gash Terror Crew (Blood On the Dance Floor)

Threatening to hurt/kill people for not like music is really immature. And they defend a pedophile even though the proof is all over the internet...

Songs about sex with underaged girls is NOT good musical qualities to have.

When you worship and defend the band that gave us such classics like "Scream For My Ice Cream" and "S My D", then you suck.

Don't try to reason with these people. In the end, it won't help

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44 Deathcore Kids

A lot of people that I know are obsessed with bands. They wear band shirts everyday to school and only that. It's so annoying when they say bands saved their lives. Like no boo boo.

Deathcore fans don't listen to emo music. The music doesn't save their lives, they kill the scene kids who say that. While they are annoying because they think omy stuff that is deathcore is good, they aren't emos. Whoever posted the first thing needs a reality check.

45 JYJ

Their fans hack into your PC for not agreeing with them and have added to my social anxiety. Causing me to have more panic attacks than ever before. Just for looking up information online and having a different opinion than them. They are a beehive who wants a one minded fandom. I have become very suicidal over it. They know what they are doing, but they don't care. They force a life on other fans that they can't live themselves. The biggest hypocrites on the internet.

Annoyed very very annoyed but someone is ok - -" #cassiopeia

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46 Slayer Fans

This great band does not deserve such a bad fanbase. I know, not every fan is like that, but most of them are being the narrow-minded elitists that hate almost everything else, that is not Slayer.

I am a Slayer fan but not those who get drunk off their mind and yell "SSSLLLAAAYYYEEERR! " In every sentence - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The fans have even been known to cut themselves. Even on the head!

I love Slayer, but let's be honest, this is a prime example of a great band with one of the most rabid and ridiculous fanbases ever. First off, they cut their skin off in an effort to write "SLAYER", so this should be evident enough. In addition, the fans will attack you for even saying anything that remotely critiques their favorite band, whether be it blunt or constructive and claim that there is no other band heavier when most Death Metal bands succeed in being much heavier and aggressive than what Slayer does, albeit I won't deny that they were the most voracious band ever when they released "Reign in Blood" back in 1986.

Of course, a good amount of them are Metal Elitists. Slayer is NOT the best band ever (I don't believe in the word anyway), but I do believe it deserves recognition and its seminal influence on the Metal genre. But it doesn't deserve a close-minded, almost brainwashed fanbase. - CrimsonShark

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47 Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)

Thinks 30 Seconds to Mars is the best thing since the creation of fire, and refuse to believe their so called GODS are nothing more than a mediocre band. (For any more proof see: ANY LIST ON THIS WEBSITE. )

I don't know if it was the fans or the band itself but they accused BIGBANG of cheating in voting for an award. You can't just accuse someone of cheating just because they win. It's honestly pathetic.

I love 30 Seconds to Mars, but to be honest there isn't even a big fanbase and everyone in it, (which is hardly anyone) is super chill. - soulpunk

I like their old music better. It was edgier, their new stuff is cool too.

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48 Zep Junkies (Led Zeppelin)

If you just say about anything against this band, they will call you stupid and you only listen to Bieber. You aren't better than anyone because you listen to a different type of music. As for the band itself, people say that this band influenced every-other band that came out, but I disagree. Deep purple influenced metal, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles influenced rock more, and Led Zeppelin really doesn't influence much outside of that. The fans claim that the lyrics are amazing but no one actually explains or knows the "brilliance" of the lyrics and they worship all the band members like gods. Also, Led Zeppelin fans usually are modern music hater who will refuse to listen to anything post 1980. The band is overall decent in my opinion, as in most of their stuff is okay old blues knock off with some electrification's but their are some really good songs in there, and that's it! They can do wrong, they aren't gods now shut up and listen to stuff other than classic rock!

I love Led, Robert Plant is the Bæ, but please don't get tangled with these fangirls. They are sweet and excepting but as soon as you screw up, you're done for. Some are even known for making Instagram accounts and bashing people for not wanting to give Jimmy Page a bj, but if you dig deep enough you will find some awesome people. The classic rock fandom is fantastic, just watch out for them Led Heads.

I don't get one thing, why some of the comments are like this "Led Zeppelin is the best band" or "They plagiarized 20 songs". How is it relevant to their fan bases. I won't force anyone to listen their songs. But it gets kinda annoying listening about their plagiarisms for more than 20 times a day. - zxm

They've plagiarized 20 times, so don't go and attack me for preferring other bands. - DCfnaf

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49 Psycho (Psy)

What why is psy here? Is someone running out of ideas?

There are people that like him? - DCfnaf

Psy is amazing plus he should have many Korean fans because he makes great songs in Korea


50 Soldiers (Linkin Park)

Their fans are seriously rude and disrespectful. They won't stop picking on me for hating Linkin Park. - AlphaQ

Linkin Park is so overrated. They are on literally EVERY BEST LIST. They aren't that good. - AlphaQ

I have no idea with this.

I'll admit it.
I'm a fan of LP but their fanbase is HORRIBLE
They can't accept criticism and will blindly like something just because Linkin Park made it. - wrests

51 Jacob Sartorius Fans

They are SO annoying and won't notice that he is literally a 10 year old trying to sing. They are blinded and stupid, why would they like a guy who tries too hard to be cool and keeps playing with his stupid hair? UGH HE IS SO ANNOYING! And what makes it worse is his hair!

This should be number one in this list.



52 Team Breezy (Chris Brown)

These people are so out of their minds that they actually want him to beat them up. Let that sink in for a second.

Oh my they are awful, they try to DEFEND Chris when he beaten Rihanna with stupid arguments like "but she started hitting him" just because she started doesn't mean he is allowed to do WORSE! It doesn't matter, did she hit him or not? Ok, a slap then leave her on the Street or just try to have a conversation, that's it. This is disgusting. - DaisyandRosalina

If someone at my school was in this fan base, I would probably be dead at this point. Thank Goodness. - 445956

Because they are THE most problematic fandom out there! Trashy and disrespectful JUST LIKE THEIR IDOL!

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53 Brats (Cher Lloyd)

She doesn't even sound good! Its all shouting! Why is she even considered a singer! Shes terrible!

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54 Zswaggers (Zendaya)

As if that talentless Disney Channel princess would have fandom

Who would want to be her fan.

I don't mind Zendaya, but "My Baby" was atrocious. - WonkeyDude98

I don't personally like Zendayas work but I do know she is all about self love and I think that's super awesome

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55 WonderFuls (Wonder Girls)

Always ON AND ON about them being the ones to introduce kpop to the world... Yeah they might've done that... Maybe, but they're long gone now! Their so called achievements aren't even that great, their movie wasn't great, their English song didn't make it far, and they have not dug themselves even further into the US. Sorry wonderfuls!

Why are the GOOD fandoms here? seriously I feel like someone's running out of ideas

56 Maggots (Slipknot)

Ok, these guys worship Corey Taylor and say they're the most hardcore and "br00tal" band out there. When I hear the word hardcore the first Bands that come to my head are Black Flag, Pantera and Deftones and for brutal, they are Decapitated, Napalm Death and Bathory.

I really loved Slipknot, but now the fanbase is just like people writing fan-fiction about Corey Taylor, listening to only one song and saying their fans and it's so damn annoying.

I'm a maggot forget society

Love slipknot, I'm a maggot for life!

Just change the m to an f and see what that spells… - railfan99

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57 Mindless (Mindless Behavior)

They are die hard you think Beliebers and Directioners are bad well you wrong Team Mindless (#TM) have jumped the boys and stoled stuff before and jumped in their tour buses

Mindless behavior is so incredibly inspiring, I love them and I am, of course, Team Mindless!

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58 Megatronz (Meghan Trainor)

Apparently, all her songs are female empowerment anthems and self empowering. Not sexist at all...

"Clearly someone named wonkey dude cannot be trusted"
Some retard on Instagram about my comment on Meghan Trainor (the one on the Worst Artists of All Time list). - WonkeyDude98

59 Beasters (Becky G)

Who's the heck is Becky G

I love Becky G and some of her songs but some of her fans or Besctin (her and Austin Mahone) shippers are so annoying, they always bashed every other girls who's Austin's date.

I love becky g

60 Metallica Fans

I am not here to hate on them, nor troll them. I just genuinely cannot stomach the fact that they can live and breathe based on what Metallica did so many years ago. When was their last album? Going on 6 years, is it? They are just truly annoying swearing James Hetfield can sing/play guitar and Lars Ulrich can play drums. They are both jokes to the metal world and should not be considered good. What I need these fans to do is to come to the realization that their favorite band, that they can't live without, is nothing more than just a bunch of over-hyped washed up mediocre players.

Antime I say that I don't like metal then I get insulted and bashed for no reason. They think it's OK to tell pop and/or rap artists to die because they don't make "real music". Oh, and don't let me get started on that "real music" thing. They always act like the victim, "Wah, wah we're so sad everybody in our generation is stupid they'll never grow up to here "real music" blah blah blah." And to think I was friends with one.
I have never seen such close-minded intolerant behaviors in a fanbase before. Oh, and did I mention that they have a strong hate towards "mainstream" things? They like to keep to unpopular, less-known things either to sound "cool", or because "all popular things are bad". I think they don't realize that some things are popular because they are actually good. I hope these fans either go away or learn to be accepting of people's musical tastes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My good Madame may I tell you that not everyone is like that? I like mainstream metal bands such as Slipknot and also metal bands that few have heard of such as Carach Angren. There are some like me who respect other people's taste in music. I like how you said that metal fans go out of their way to bash on pop and rap artists while you bash on bands like Metallica. Hypocrite much? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Metallica's fans are the worse ever! They are so close minded and bash every other band that they don't think is "real metal" because they don't like it. They are very immature and need to realize that there are other people out there that are not all like them. They also need to realize that just because someone does not like their music, it does not make them a bad person.

Few days ago a person told me I am not into metal yet, I am new to metal. "you will enjoy Metallica one day". He doesn't know I have been listening metal songs for about 10 years. Simply because I am not a Metallica fan, I am not into met al. l ike Iron Maiden, Artcell, Dream Theater, Warfaze, Deep Purple, Opeth, Eluveitie, Nightwish, Wintersun or Pain of Salvation aren't metal bands. Don't care how much other genres of metal you listen, how much metal songs you listen, until you don't like Metallica, you are not into metal. - zxm

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