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41 Little Black Stars (Avril Lavigne)

My friend is a Little Black Star, and she DOESN'T blab that other fandoms are annoying and blah blah, she justs say "I'm proud that I'm a fan of her, and I think others (other fandoms) will too respect each other."

Avril's fans aren't as bad as others - xxpizzasrlifexx


I think shes okay but shes not punk shes a stereotype for punk if you
need punk liston to bands like sex pistols bad brains rancid pennywise green day and blink 182 shes such a fail

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42 Nickelback Haters

They're the reason Nickelback is so hated. They just scream I HATE NICKELBACK and then people assume they're cool and follow. Nickelback is among one of the most hated bands ever, despite their music being, okay, at most. - naFrovivuS

They don't really deserve hate or praise to me. I just simply don't care about them at all. Too generic. - DCfnaf

Hating on Nickelback is getting really old. Plus, their new album looks amazing

43 Iggy Azalea Fans

For the other two people asking that, yes, sadly, she does have fans. I study with a girl that is an Iggy fan. She's so annoying.

I'm surprised that Iggy Azalea even has fans

Iggy Azalea actually has fans?

Iggy has fans? - Killerdrummer

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44 Flo Rida

Flo Rida is awesome - DaWyteNight

Flo rida SUCKS - VideoGamefan5

45 JYJ

Their fans hack into your PC for not agreeing with them and have added to my social anxiety. Causing me to have more panic attacks than ever before. Just for looking up information online and having a different opinion than them. They are a beehive who wants a one minded fandom. I have become very suicidal over it. They know what they are doing, but they don't care. They force a life on other fans that they can't live themselves. The biggest hypocrites on the internet.

Annoyed very very annoyed but someone is ok - -" #cassiopeia

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46 Jacob Sartorius Fans

They are SO annoying and won't notice that he is literally a 10 year old trying to sing. They are blinded and stupid, why would they like a guy who tries too hard to be cool and keeps playing with his stupid hair? UGH HE IS SO ANNOYING! And what makes it worse is his hair!

This should be number one in this list.



47 Mendes Army (Shawn Mendes)

Lol, we shouldn't be on here! We are the LEAST problematic fanbase out there! Sure there were some who attacked Spectrum Pilse, but I don't think they were actually Mendes Army members. You have to check if they are ACTUALLY fans and not just TROLLS WHO HAVE PUT SHAWN AS THEIR PROFILE PIC! Yes we were all upset at the review, we felt like he misunderstood everything, and it wasn't criticism, it was pure hatred! But the ones that were sending death threats were probably just trolls, who actually hate Shawn, but are pretending to like him, so that they can start drama and pin the blame on our fandom! That's not fair to REAL Shawn fans! You CANNOT generalize us! And not all of the Mendes Army are teenage girls! I'm a teenage boy and I love him! Shawn has like 11 million followers on Twitter, so to say that all of his fans are teenage girls is too generalizing! The majority of us are welcoming, supportive, and kind! We are a FAMILY! We don't death threat, or compete, or troll, or do ...more

We are the calmest and best fanbase out there! There's nothing wrong with us, we are so loving and supportive! We don't send death threats, we don't hack into haters phones, we don't threaten to boycott shows that say they hate Shawn, we don't stalk Shawn, we're not as problematic as other fanbases! You can rant about Beliebers, or Barbz, or Team Breezy, but US? No way. We Mendes Army are a family! We help each other out, and we promote kindness and positive support! Shawn himself is a very good singer to be idolizing!

His fans are so annoying. In the girls bathroom at my school, someone wrote "Shawn Mendes is my husband" in one of the stalls. Gross. Also, I think some of his fans just like him for his looks, but he's not even hot anyways. - Cartoonfan202

I understand that the “Shawn is my husband” thing might seem a bit creepy, but that’s not COMPLETELY the reason why we stan him. Yes I think he’s the hottest guy on Earth, but I also like him for his music, amazing songwriting, and his nice down to earth personality. He has 2 #1 multiplatinum hits, tons of top 5, top 10 and top 20 hits, yet he has STILL not let fame get to his head! And yes a lot of people like to fantasize about him being their husband, but that’s fine as long as they don’t go overboard! That’s literally the case with EVERY fandom! Sorry, but honestly we the Mendes Army are literally the least problematic fandom out there!

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48 Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)

Thinks 30 Seconds to Mars is the best thing since the creation of fire, and refuse to believe their so called GODS are nothing more than a mediocre band. (For any more proof see: ANY LIST ON THIS WEBSITE. )

I don't know if it was the fans or the band itself but they accused BIGBANG of cheating in voting for an award. You can't just accuse someone of cheating just because they win. It's honestly pathetic.

I love 30 Seconds to Mars, but to be honest there isn't even a big fanbase and everyone in it, (which is hardly anyone) is super chill. - soulpunk

I like their old music better. It was edgier, their new stuff is cool too.

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49 Westerners (Kanye West)

He has fans? (Well enough fans to be considered a "fandom")

They consider him a god and said he was right attacking Taylor Swift on the stage when she won a grammy... - DaisyandRosalina

Surprised this wasn't ON the list. These guys are absolute cancer. If you don't think MBTDF is the best album of all time and no one competes with it, they'll kill you. - WonkeyDude98

50 Soldiers (Linkin Park)

Their fans are seriously rude and disrespectful. They won't stop picking on me for hating Linkin Park. - AlphaQ

Linkin Park is so overrated. They are on literally EVERY BEST LIST. They aren't that good. - AlphaQ

I have no idea with this.

I'll admit it.
I'm a fan of LP but their fanbase is HORRIBLE
They can't accept criticism and will blindly like something just because Linkin Park made it. - wrests

51 The Chainsmokers Fans

These people are annoying. They think the Chainsmokers are the best when really they're not. Tons of other artists worked hard to get the charts while this "band" slept around to get "closer" to top charts. They also attack anyone who hates the song Closer, they say it's a classic, puhleez. I hate the Chainsmokers, those ugly untalented rats. Why? Their lyrics are terrible: a bunch of drug references and cheap sex metaphors. No

Should've been higher. They always faints over their average singing and remixing - Chatsa2

The fanbase attack anyone who dislikes their songs. I'm a massive axwell / ingrosso fan, but I can admit they're not the best electronic duo and daft punk are a lot better, even if I prefer the others. On the other hand, the chainsmokers fans say they're the best music artists.

Easily one of the worst music fanbases period - VideoGamefan5

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52 Psycho (Psy)

What why is psy here? Is someone running out of ideas?

There are people that like him? - DCfnaf

Psy is amazing plus he should have many Korean fans because he makes great songs in Korea


53 Team Breezy (Chris Brown)

These people are so out of their minds that they actually want him to beat them up. Let that sink in for a second.

Oh my they are awful, they try to DEFEND Chris when he beaten Rihanna with stupid arguments like "but she started hitting him it was self defense" just because she started doesn't mean he is allowed to do WORSE! It doesn't matter, did she hit him or not? Ok, a slap then leave her on the Street or just try to have a conversation, that's it. This is disgusting. - DaisyandRosalina

If someone at my school was in this fan base, I would probably be dead at this point. Thank Goodness. - 445956

Because they are THE most problematic fandom out there! Trashy and disrespectful JUST LIKE THEIR IDOL!

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54 Brats (Cher Lloyd)

She doesn't even sound good! Its all shouting! Why is she even considered a singer! Shes terrible!

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55 Avenged Sevenfold Fans

The worst thing about there fan base is they blatantly ripped off Metallica and they defend it by saying it's a "tribute" when they copied most of the instrumental to Sad But True, That is called plagiarism not a "tribute"

Not gonna lie, but me and my friends love a7x, we look like normal people, but not all fans, some fans wear Wayyy too much makeup and too much black clothing. Some of them are scary. Maybe they could tone it down a bit

I don't fans who always go type RIP Rev all the time sure it's okay to show respect but come do you have to say it all the time ( just move on and get over it) and those who are so attached to their old metalcore or oh no they fell apart just stop, I mean I am fond of their music as much as you a7x fans are but seriously why do you repeat yourselves

Look I personally feel that a7x is only and only hated because of their fandom. Otherwise they are really really damn awesome, one of the best lineups and guitar duos are possessed by them.

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56 Zswaggers (Zendaya)

As if that talentless Disney Channel princess would have fandom

Who would want to be her fan.

I don't mind Zendaya, but "My Baby" was atrocious. - WonkeyDude98

I really don't like that fan base name. - lovefrombadlands

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57 WonderFuls (Wonder Girls)

Always ON AND ON about them being the ones to introduce kpop to the world... Yeah they might've done that... Maybe, but they're long gone now! Their so called achievements aren't even that great, their movie wasn't great, their English song didn't make it far, and they have not dug themselves even further into the US. Sorry wonderfuls!

Why are the GOOD fandoms here? seriously I feel like someone's running out of ideas

58 Maggots (Slipknot)

Ok, these guys worship Corey Taylor and say they're the most hardcore and "br00tal" band out there. When I hear the word hardcore the first Bands that come to my head are Black Flag, Pantera and Deftones and for brutal, they are Decapitated, Napalm Death and Bathory.

I really loved Slipknot, but now the fanbase is just like people writing fan-fiction about Corey Taylor, listening to only one song and saying their fans and it's so damn annoying.

I'm a maggot forget society

Anti-social, defensive and annoying 14 year olds. That is all.

Just change the m to an f and see what that spells… - railfan99

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59 Mindless (Mindless Behavior)

They are die hard you think Beliebers and Directioners are bad well you wrong Team Mindless (#TM) have jumped the boys and stoled stuff before and jumped in their tour buses

Mindless behavior is so incredibly inspiring, I love them and I am, of course, Team Mindless!

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60 Shivers (Ashilla Zahrantiara)

I REALLY REALLY HATE ASHILLA AND SHIVERS! They always feel they're the most perfect people, doesn't have any fault. They (including Ashilla) also don't hesitate to bully other community with harsh words if their is a member from a community that doesn't like Ashilla. The idol is always making sensation, and the fans always support and defended their idol even if she makes a trouble that is was extremely inappropriate justified (ex: scratching his own hands because his boyfriend broke up, said member from other community 'dajjal' and 'sh*t', etc. ). UGH, I REALLY REALLY HATE ASHILLA AND SHIVERS!

I'm proud to be shivers

Are we annoying? Yea, we are the most annoying fanbase. But I'm proud of it!

Why is this even here. I'm from Indonesia but I don't even think she's relevant smh.

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