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61 Megatronz (Meghan Trainor)

Apparently, all her songs are female empowerment anthems and self empowering. Not sexist at all...

"Clearly someone named wonkey dude cannot be trusted"
Some retard on Instagram about my comment on Meghan Trainor (the one on the Worst Artists of All Time list). - WonkeyDude98

62 Metallica Fans

I am not here to hate on them, nor troll them. I just genuinely cannot stomach the fact that they can live and breathe based on what Metallica did so many years ago. When was their last album? Going on 6 years, is it? They are just truly annoying swearing James Hetfield can sing/play guitar and Lars Ulrich can play drums. They are both jokes to the metal world and should not be considered good. What I need these fans to do is to come to the realization that their favorite band, that they can't live without, is nothing more than just a bunch of over-hyped washed up mediocre players.

Antime I say that I don't like metal then I get insulted and bashed for no reason. They think it's OK to tell pop and/or rap artists to die because they don't make "real music". Oh, and don't let me get started on that "real music" thing. They always act like the victim, "Wah, wah we're so sad everybody in our generation is stupid they'll never grow up to here "real music" blah blah blah." And to think I was friends with one.
I have never seen such close-minded intolerant behaviors in a fanbase before. Oh, and did I mention that they have a strong hate towards "mainstream" things? They like to keep to unpopular, less-known things either to sound "cool", or because "all popular things are bad". I think they don't realize that some things are popular because they are actually good. I hope these fans either go away or learn to be accepting of people's musical tastes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My good Madame may I tell you that not everyone is like that? I like mainstream metal bands such as Slipknot and also metal bands that few have heard of such as Carach Angren. There are some like me who respect other people's taste in music. I like how you said that metal fans go out of their way to bash on pop and rap artists while you bash on bands like Metallica. Hypocrite much? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Metallica's fans are the worse ever! They are so close minded and bash every other band that they don't think is "real metal" because they don't like it. They are very immature and need to realize that there are other people out there that are not all like them. They also need to realize that just because someone does not like their music, it does not make them a bad person.

They threatened to kill a singer over collaborating an album with Metallica, sickening

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63 Skrillex Fans

My nephew listens to Skrillex. I've heard about 20-30 songs. To me every song by Skrillex sounds the same. You heard one you've heard them all. This group gives me a headache every time I hear them. - westofohio

Clearly you don't know who to use your ears. Not every Skrillex song sounds the same. Listen to Summit then Bangarang. Do they sound the same?

They believe he invented dubstep, he is the god of the genre, and will never know about other -real- dubstep DJs/producers like Rusko, DMZ or Skream/Benga. The problem isn't Sonny, it's the fanbase who generated a misconception of what dubstep REALLY sounds like, implying Skrillex ain't really dubstep.

The majority of his fan base don't have any respect for different styles, for example Skrillex's new styles with songs such as Leaving and Chase and Status-International (Skrillex remix). They seem really butt hurt...

Probably some of the most repetitive, boring songs I have ever heard. Fans believe he invented dubstep. Not much there - Chatsa2

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64 Holligans (Bruno Mars)

No we are not if anything were the nicest fanbase if you don't like him yeah we'll get mad inside our head but we won't say "Go Die" or say rude things - JellyBean2000

Bruno mars is amazing. why is this even in the list?

Uptown funk should have got him a lot of fans

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65 Mendes Army (Shawn Mendes)

Lol, we shouldn't be on here! We are the LEAST problematic fanbase out there! Sure there were some who attacked Spectrum Pilse, but I don't think they were actually Mendes Army members. You have to check if they are ACTUALLY fans and not just TROLLS WHO HAVE PUT SHAWN AS THEIR PROFILE PIC! Yes we were all upset at the review, we felt like he misunderstood everything, and it wasn't criticism, it was pure hatred! But the ones that were sending death threats were probably just trolls, who actually hate Shawn, but are pretending to like him, so that they can start drama and pin the blame on our fandom! That's not fair to REAL Shawn fans! You CANNOT generalize us! And not all of the Mendes Army are teenage girls! I'm a teenage boy and I love him! Shawn has like 11 million followers on Twitter, so to say that all of his fans are teenage girls is too generalizing! The majority of us are welcoming, supportive, and kind! We are a FAMILY! We don't death threat, or compete, or troll, or do ...more

We are the calmest and best fanbase out there! There's nothing wrong with us, we are so loving and supportive! We don't send death threats, we don't hack into haters phones, we don't threaten to boycott shows that say they hate Shawn, we don't stalk Shawn, we're not as problematic as other fanbases! You can rant about Beliebers, or Barbz, or Team Breezy, but US? No way. We Mendes Army are a family! We help each other out, and we promote kindness and positive support! Shawn himself is a very good singer to be idolizing!

His fans are so annoying. In the girls bathroom at my school, someone wrote "Shawn Mendes is my husband" in one of the stalls. Gross. Also, I think some of his fans just like him for his looks, but he's not even hot anyways. - Cartoonfan202

I understand that the “Shawn is my husband” thing might seem a bit creepy, but that’s not COMPLETELY the reason why we stan him. Yes I think he’s the hottest guy on Earth, but I also like him for his music, amazing songwriting, and his nice down to earth personality. He has 2 #1 multiplatinum hits, tons of top 5, top 10 and top 20 hits, yet he has STILL not let fame get to his head! And yes a lot of people like to fantasize about him being their husband, but that’s fine as long as they don’t go overboard! That’s literally the case with EVERY fandom! Sorry, but honestly we the Mendes Army are literally the least problematic fandom out there!

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66 Megadeth Fans

I like both Megadeth and Metallica but I'm not a hardcore fan. Their fan base NEEDs to grow up. Dave Mustaine is not the father of Metal. Tony Iommi is and saying Mustaine wrote ALL of Metallica's thrash songs is inaccurate.

They constantly bash Metallica fans saying that Megadeth is 100 times better. Grow up already

They deserve to be way higher than Metallica. Most Metallica fans enjoy both bands, just metallica better, and Megadeth fans hate on Metallica with a passion

They almost always get mad when you say Metallica is better - Neonco31

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67 Drake Fans

He sucks all grime is bad grrr

68 Flo Rida

Flo Rida is awesome - DaWyteNight

Flo rida SUCKS - VideoGamefan5

69 C-Squad (Ciara)
70 Vocaloids

I love Hatsune Miku's music, it's really nice in my opinion, but most, of the people in the vocaloid fanbase are too crazy and obsessed with the vocaloids. (not all of the fans are crazy, some are perfectly normal) So 3/4 of her fans are basically these fangirls, otakus and weeaboos who rant on and on about how they think American music stinks, how they believe vocaloid music is the best in the whole entire universe, and they go insane if one person says they dislike her in any way possible. So those crazy fans who obsess over Hastune Miku and the other vocaloids give the normal people who like vocaloid music a bad reputation.

Haha I laughed when I saw this. People in the Vocaloid fandom aren't that annoying actually. And there's a lot more than Miku. So don't vote on this because the people who do don't know anything other than Miku, the girl with teal pigtails. Possibly they know Rin or Len (My fave) but Miku wasn't even first. Lola and Leon were. English. And yes, these half computer generized voices do sound better than American singers. Seriously, Vocaloid music can be totally weird, sexual or so meaningful and sad. Variety. Plus the characters are so adorable. Plus everybody on here is basically defending Vocaloid. It's seriously better than your Adele 'Hello' or whatever stupid things they play on the radio. People who make fun of it just do because it's apparently childish. Listen to Spice. Or Sacred Spear Explosion Boy. Or Sweet Devil. Yeah it's not. So yeah, Vocaloid is actually the best music 'industry'

I a big fan of Hatsune Miku but I love Metallica way more. Just because Vocaloid fans hate American music Doesn't mean they are the worst. Metal heads are the same they hate every other type of music and they praise their favorite band. Some might also riot in a city just because someone hates heavy metal. I am a metal head and I know how it is. - surfacing

We had to listen to a miku song in Japanese class two years ago. Her voice is too soft and robotic and sings so fast it's weird. I didn't like it. It sounds like a robotic chipmunk with The Flu using autotune - Lunala

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71 IFC (Ify Alyssa)

We're still together... We love ify...

Annoying. Yes you are..!

IFC is so annoying

#ProudToBeIFC #StayIFC #IFCalm IFC, We're Still Together.

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72 Aliens (Tokio Hotel)

They are the most stupids girls ever.. Create rumors and believe in them.. They only love the band for the Kaulitz twins.. Don't love the music, and don't accept that they have a private life - enjoythefuture


Aliens are worse than belibers. I'm not hating on TH themselves but their fans... Uggh - Selenator78

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73 Mendies (Bridgit Mendler)

His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent. We Love Bridgit Claire Mendler

Be mendie lover, His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent.

Be mendie lover, Bridgit is amazing! She is beautiful and perfecta.

I didn't know that she had a fanbase though I do know that people like her.

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74 ARMY's (BTS Fans)

I can't bring myself to watch any BTS related videos anymore because the more vocal members of the fandom are just so obnoxious. Why they feel the need to announce themselves on every YouTube video they click on is beyond me. Such a shame too because I like BTS but the fandom is pushing people away.

Mentioning BTS in every post that is not related to BTS and comparing them with other groups

Don't get me wrong, I love BTS but some fans are spreading BTS everywhere and shoving it in random topics that aren't even related to BTS.

I'm an ARMY but I won't bash you for hating them 😊 - MLPFan

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75 Adele

The one comment about her fans making non-obese girls feel like freaks get me really angry because obese girls have to look at media telling them that "thick" woman are woman who look like nicki minaj and jlaw that's not thick that normal... Adele is one of the only artists that represents the normal woman in most cases and even the fact that both she and her fans can be proud of that is amazing but no... Them insecure skinny girls can't even give us that... And by the way the whole point of being a fan is to support the music because she is amazing

I am a Adele fan, but I don't judge her music because of her weight. - Swellow

So the "normal woman in most cases" is fat? What? The media shames skinny girls too! The media shames anyone who doesn't look like a model.

The media shames everyone who isn't a multi-millionaire or royalty. - Swellow

The only Adele Fans that actually annoy me are the ones that praise Adele for being fat. Other than that, I don't really think they're that awful. - DCfnaf

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76 Ygstans (YG Family)

They always overrated the swagger-ness that is actually just medium
Everything from YG looks expensive and always bragging about they so called -real artist- actually the only best artist is the one they get from kpop star, they just like branding some ordinary music with so called good fashion that only exist because the label
They have good music but it doesn't have to be in the top of chart and do not asking how offensive when someone correcting or criticize the YG artist
They blindly believe that they are the best of the best
YG artist is not even have best singer - except the kpop star

Most annoying stans ever... They act like all the artist under yg is a true musician and all higher level than the others.. I admit some of them are good but it doesn't mean that you have to look down on the others.. Such a FAKE AND ANNOYING STANS.. Please they are not that great to be honest if they really are great your yg artist would probably can go to Hollywood by now but its only PSY and we not sure if he is relevant anymore or not.. So please SHUT UP!

YG fans are proud of their idols. There's a reason why they might show off and they're only promoting their music groups and singers. what's the problem with that because I don't see one.

I feel like a lot of their stans just stan their artists because they are in YG - Chatsa2

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77 Galaxy Defenders (McFly)
78 Halsey Fans

That's so mean. I'm a Halsey fan (actually, Halsey's biggest fan), and I'm not anything like the people that mean commenters are describing me and other good music fans. I'm 12, and my favorite activities are playing video games, making music videos, and drawing fan art of Halsey. My favorite colors are light pink and light blue. Now please stop judging people by their taste in music. - lovefrombadlands

Consist of depressing Tumblr "genderfluid" teenagers with jacksepticeye haircuts who think of her as an "inspiration" and "special". Halsey is extremely talented, but her lyric writing can come out as rather amateur. I prefer Lorde and Martinez to her. - Swellow

Especialy lovefrombadlands Who Made That Awful Best Thing That Happened To Music In 2017

All of her fans are 14/13 year olds who are "discovering their sexuality" through halseys blue hair. annoying stans to be honest.

79 The Chainsmokers Fans

These people are annoying. They think the Chainsmokers are the best when really they're not. Tons of other artists worked hard to get the charts while this "band" slept around to get "closer" to top charts. They also attack anyone who hates the song Closer, they say it's a classic, puhleez. I hate the Chainsmokers, those ugly untalented rats. Why? Their lyrics are terrible: a bunch of drug references and cheap sex metaphors. No

Should've been higher. They always faints over their average singing and remixing - Chatsa2

The fanbase attack anyone who dislikes their songs. I'm a massive axwell / ingrosso fan, but I can admit they're not the best electronic duo and daft punk are a lot better, even if I prefer the others. On the other hand, the chainsmokers fans say they're the best music artists.

Easily one of the worst music fanbases period - VideoGamefan5

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80 Dragons (Imagine Dragons)

... first of all we are called Firebreathers, not Dragons. Secondly most of us know we are annoying but we try to be nice people - gabgriffinfcs

What's a dragon? I only know what a Firebreather is - lovefrombadlands

Firebreathers are open minded.I am a firebreather a Metallican a floydian

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