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61 IFC (Ify Alyssa)

We're still together... We love ify...

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62 Moonwalkers (Michael Jackson)

Michael is the BEST and has done only good with his life. All his hard work was either for the people that needed it or his kids. It's sad how we get hated for loving Michael for everything he has done. We just love each other and consider ourselves as a Family. We also think that we should treat each other with respect and if one doesn't then they are not know as Moonwalkers. We are friendly to other fan base but it is rude to even put us in this list. We will love Michael forever! He will always be in our heart.

What? Noo! Moonwalkers aren't annoying! I bet it's only Michael jackson haters who voted for the way ' Moonwalkers' is the most beautiful name out of all the names here! We're just Michaels soldiers of love

*Blares 'Love Never Felt So Good' and tries to believe anyone could hate Moonwalkers*

Moonwalkers aren't annoying. I bet you all $5 a Belieber put this on here.

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63 Vocaloids

I love Hatsune Miku's music, it's really nice in my opinion, but most, of the people in the vocaloid fanbase are too crazy and obsessed with the vocaloids. (not all of the fans are crazy, some are perfectly normal) So 3/4 of her fans are basically these fangirls, otakus and weeaboos who rant on and on about how they think American music stinks, how they believe vocaloid music is the best in the whole entire universe, and they go insane if one person says they dislike her in any way possible. So those crazy fans who obsess over Hastune Miku and the other vocaloids give the normal people who like vocaloid music a bad reputation.

Haha I laughed when I saw this. People in the Vocaloid fandom aren't that annoying actually. And there's a lot more than Miku. So don't vote on this because the people who do don't know anything other than Miku, the girl with teal pigtails. Possibly they know Rin or Len (My fave) but Miku wasn't even first. Lola and Leon were. English. And yes, these half computer generized voices do sound better than American singers. Seriously, Vocaloid music can be totally weird, sexual or so meaningful and sad. Variety. Plus the characters are so adorable. Plus everybody on here is basically defending Vocaloid. It's seriously better than your Adele 'Hello' or whatever stupid things they play on the radio. People who make fun of it just do because it's apparently childish. Listen to Spice. Or Sacred Spear Explosion Boy. Or Sweet Devil. Yeah it's not. So yeah, Vocaloid is actually the best music 'industry'

I a big fan of Hatsune Miku but I love Metallica way more. Just because Vocaloid fans hate American music Doesn't mean they are the worst. Metal heads are the same they hate every other type of music and they praise their favorite band. Some might also riot in a city just because someone hates heavy metal. I am a metal head and I know how it is. - surfacing

I don't get it, what so special about Vocaloids? That made on top of Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. - zxm

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64 Megadeth Fans

I like both Megadeth and Metallica but I'm not a hardcore fan. Their fan base NEEDs to grow up. Dave Mustaine is not the father of Metal. Tony Iommi is and saying Mustaine wrote ALL of Metallica's thrash songs is inaccurate.

They constantly bash Metallica fans saying that Megadeth is 100 times better. Grow up already

Yeah but in reality, Megadeth IS and always will be better than Metallica.

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65 Weeknders (The Weeknd)
66 Drake Fans
67 Mendies (Bridgit Mendler)

His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent. We Love Bridgit Claire Mendler

Be mendie lover, His voice is incredible, us fans are faithful to it, we fell in love only her personality, her voice is special and different from what we are used to hearing. Just let them show their talent.

Be mendie lover, Bridgit is amazing! She is beautiful and perfecta.

I didn't know that she had a fanbase though I do know that people like her.

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68 Ygstans (YG Family)

They always overrated the swagger-ness that is actually just medium
Everything from YG looks expensive and always bragging about they so called -real artist- actually the only best artist is the one they get from kpop star, they just like branding some ordinary music with so called good fashion that only exist because the label
They have good music but it doesn't have to be in the top of chart and do not asking how offensive when someone correcting or criticize the YG artist
They blindly believe that they are the best of the best
YG artist is not even have best singer - except the kpop star

Most annoying stans ever... They act like all the artist under yg is a true musician and all higher level than the others.. I admit some of them are good but it doesn't mean that you have to look down on the others.. Such a FAKE AND ANNOYING STANS.. Please they are not that great to be honest if they really are great your yg artist would probably can go to Hollywood by now but its only PSY and we not sure if he is relevant anymore or not.. So please SHUT UP!

YG fans are proud of their idols. There's a reason why they might show off and they're only promoting their music groups and singers. what's the problem with that because I don't see one.

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69 Galaxy Defenders (McFly)
70 Dragons (Imagine Dragons)

... first of all we are called Firebreathers, not Dragons. Secondly most of us know we are annoying but we try to be nice people - gabgriffinfcs

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71 Sheerios (Ed Sheeran)

Excuse me but Ed Sheeran CAN SING.

Worst crap is ed does not know to sing idiot

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72 Maroon 5 Fans

I am a Maroon 5 fan myself, but other fans can get really annoying when complaining every five seconds why the band no longer sounds like Songs About Jane (skipping ALL the other albums! ) Plus, I really don't like the term "Marooner."

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73 People Who Like Gangnam Style

The thing is, most who like this song don't even know what he's saying...

The song is catchy but it's getting OLD.

But what does that have to do with the fandom? This is about who the worse fandoms are NOT about the music itself. I swear some of you people just put these in here just to bash the artists and not talk about your negative experiences with it's fans.

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74 Queen's (T-ara)

Why are they leaving the fanbase? Only because of the last scandal?

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75 Aliens (Tokio Hotel)

They are the most stupids girls ever.. Create rumors and believe in them.. They only love the band for the Kaulitz twins.. Don't love the music, and don't accept that they have a private life - enjoythefuture


Aliens are worse than belibers. I'm not hating on TH themselves but their fans... Uggh - Selenator78

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76 Skrillex Fans

My nephew listens to Skrillex. I've heard about 20-30 songs. To me every song by Skrillex sounds the same. You heard one you've heard them all. This group gives me a headache every time I hear them. - westofohio

Clearly you don't know who to use your ears. Not every Skrillex song sounds the same. Listen to Summit then Bangarang. Do they sound the same?

They believe he invented dubstep, he is the god of the genre, and will never know about other -real- dubstep DJs/producers like Rusko, DMZ or Skream/Benga. The problem isn't Sonny, it's the fanbase who generated a misconception of what dubstep REALLY sounds like, implying Skrillex ain't really dubstep.

The majority of his fan base don't have any respect for different styles, for example Skrillex's new styles with songs such as Leaving and Chase and Status-International (Skrillex remix). They seem really butt hurt...

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77 ARMY's (BTS Fans)

I can't bring myself to watch any BTS related videos anymore because the more vocal members of the fandom are just so obnoxious. Why they feel the need to announce themselves on every YouTube video they click on is beyond me. Such a shame too because I like BTS but the fandom is pushing people away.

As a K-pop fan myself, I am kind of disappointed with what happened. I wish they'd go back to being the nice fandom when BTS was still new.

Mentioning BTS in every post that is not related to BTS and comparing them with other groups

They are so annoyin g.. t hey have to bring bts to every related non-related video and talk about how they are from small company and al l.. o kay we get i t.. b ut don't need to bash every other artist or group that are from big3 compan y.. t hey aren't handed success in a silver platter, they have worked hard too. The more the big company, the harder you have to work to survive thei r.. b ut this won't understand a thing and keep on bashing other people.. Army are really very delusional

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78 Kamilia (Kara)
79 Hetabos

These people are scary and downright rude. They will spam everything and claim it's related to Hetalia. Dog just died? Oh that happened to blah blah blah in episode 12... SO ANNOYING.

Honestly hetalians (NOT HETABOOS) are not even that bad. we DO NOT relate everything to Hetalia. BUT, 99% of the fandom are major weeaboos. it is to the point where I cannot say I am a part of the fandom anymore.

This is for music fanbases not anime fanbases. But still. They are annoying. - RiverClanRocks

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80 Slayer Fans

This great band does not deserve such a bad fanbase. I know, not every fan is like that, but most of them are being the narrow-minded elitists that hate almost everything else, that is not Slayer.

The fans have even been known to cut themselves. Even on the head!

I am a Slayer fan but not those who get drunk off their mind and yell "SSSLLLAAAYYYEEERR! " In every sentence - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I actually prefer other thrash metal bands over slayer, like havok for example

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