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81 People Who Like Gangnam Style

In just don't get it...

The thing is, most who like this song don't even know what he's saying...

I hated this song like... Hell - yixhean


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82 Dragons (Imagine Dragons)

... first of all we are called Firebreathers, not Dragons. Secondly most of us know we are annoying but we try to be nice people - gabgriffinfcs

Firebreathers are open minded.I am a firebreather a Metallican a floydian

83 Sheerios (Ed Sheeran)

Excuse me but Ed Sheeran CAN SING.

Worst crap is ed does not know to sing idiot

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84 Maroon 5 Fans

I am a Maroon 5 fan myself, but other fans can get really annoying when complaining every five seconds why the band no longer sounds like Songs About Jane (skipping ALL the other albums! ) Plus, I really don't like the term "Marooner."

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85 Queen's (T-ara)

Why are they leaving the fanbase? Only because of the last scandal?

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86 Kamilia (Kara)
87 Hetabos

These people are scary and downright rude. They will spam everything and claim it's related to Hetalia. Dog just died? Oh that happened to blah blah blah in episode 12... SO ANNOYING.

Honestly hetalians (NOT HETABOOS) are not even that bad. we DO NOT relate everything to Hetalia. BUT, 99% of the fandom are major weeaboos. it is to the point where I cannot say I am a part of the fandom anymore.

This is for music fanbases not anime fanbases. But still. They are annoying. - RiverClanRocks

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88 YMCMB Fans

These fans think that lil wayne, drake and etc are the best rappers ever to walk on the earth. Not saying they're really bad rappers but people go to the point of comparing them to the wu-tang clan which is a very stupid comparison

They are so annoying with their "swag" and their snapbacks back!

Very annoying, disrespectful, & young kids who don't know anything about real rap. Horrible.

89 Beatles Fans

The Beatles had a few decent hits, but they were not perfect. Near the era where John Lennon died, they took a major drop in quality with stuff like Revolution #9, and to face it, previous stuff from them like Yellow Submarine were just "feel happy" music. However, the worst thing about them is their fanbase; They seem to treat the Beatles like the best beings of music, and dubs the people who use at least one negative statement against the band "idiots" or "jb/taylor swift fangirls". A lot of the fanbase is mainly derived from people who whine about how they were born in the "wrong generation" and people who were told about them by their grandparents and think they're classy because they like a band before their prime. They even go as far as bashing other genres of music at times, which is an occasional trait of the more elusive Beatlemaniac. I don't hate the fanbase but they can get out of hand. - Swellow

No, the Beatles aren't the best band ever. No, you're not cool for liking them. No, they didn't invent every genre of music. No, they weren't perfect individuals.

Beatles Fans are the worst. Yes, even worse than Beliebers. They continue to say that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time(even though there were many bands and artists before, during, and after their time). They usually show signs of hate to other genres that are not rock, like rap, country, R&B, and many many others. They get their jimmies rustled when someone doesn't like a song of their precious little band. I like some of The Beatles' work, but they are not flawless. Songs like Revolution 9 and She Loves You are utterly unlistenable. Also, I don't get all the hype surrounding The White Album. In my opinion, that album is boring as hell and there are some songs in it I absolutely hate (Revolution 9 and Wild Honey Pie were terrible in pretty much every way). They get real jumpy when someone doesn't give a 9/10 or higher score to one of their albums or songs.

If you think Beatlemaniacs are so bad, perhaps you haven't met the Beliebers or the Directioners. So far, I haven't met Beatlemaniacs that annoyed me.

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90 JLS

The fans are really die-hard where I live and generally don't seem to be able to comprehend English.
They cast the opinions of others aside: I like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, they said that they sound the same, which is ridiculously untrue.

91 Animals (Ke$ha)

I still cannot understand Ke$ha or whatever. Though it's very easy to tell that she uses a lot of autotune in her songs. Then again I've heard that most pop artists use autotune a lot so you never know.

92 Fall Out Boy Fans

Fall out boy fans hmm.. Some are annoying. Some are cool people. It depends.

I adore Fall Out Boy, but some of their fans are kind of annoying.

Fall Out Boy fans are great. Why would anyone hate on them? Go FOB!

As a fall out boy fan I wholeheartedly agree, almost no one truly supports them a numore and they'll instantly desert them for whatever trying-pathetically-hard-to-be-green-day band comes out with an album soonest :/

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93 AnyManiacos (Anahi)
94 Babys (B.A.P.)

They're so annoying! I just say to them that I don't have interest to them, not hate them then baby's is like killing me then as if they will not talk to my anymore. They are so sensitive! Just only one word and they will kill me and bash me and everything! Sorry for my bad English... I'm working on it :/

Are you serious? We are one of the nicest fandoms.

B.A. P fans are so amazing, and I am myself a Baby! And Zelos smile though!

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95 Nirvana

Nirvana fans are okay but I hate teenage hipsters who go around wearing their shirts like, dude, that doesn't make you more special or unique. They need to get over themselves.

I'm sick of them saying that they were born in the wrong generation. Guess what? TEENAGERS DIDN'T GET LAPTOPS AT THAT TIME!

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?

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96 Bring Me the Horizon

Some of the fans are like mega fans and that's all I have bad to say about them

The fans are cringey af like CHILL man. BMTH is a kick ass band but the fans piss me off - soulpunk

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97 Sremmlives (Rae Sremmurd)

Unfortunately my friends go in this group while I prefer a guy named Fetty Wap. - AlphaQ

98 Nickelback Fans

To be fair, Nickelback is one of the most hated bands of all time, so you can't really blame the fans for being so defensive. I agree that most of the fans do whine too much, but Nickelback also gets a lot of crap they don't deserve.

Can't stop whining about why Nickelback gets so much hate... and explaining why they are good...
Sure, I enjoy some of their songs, but my... Their fans can be really annoying sometimes.

They actually have a pretty good fanbase it's the Bandwagon haters that are annoying - christangrant

99 Smashblast (Sm*sh)

Spreading a hoax, 'bashing' other fanbase, also EXTREMELY devoted to their idol to the point that they want to kill their hater...

Tl;dr : crazier than a snake on a steroid

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100 JLovers

They hate on other genres because they don't like jpop. Like they call American music disgusting and disgraceful and call Kpop plastic and generic

Yes, they are annoying (even though I love Jmusic... Just to be clear, we are talking about Japanese music, right? ). Well, not all of them. Only the major weeaboos that think Japan is the best place in the world, want to be Japanese or squeal "KAWAII DESU NE~", those can be downright annoying and stupid. That or the fans who think they know about Japanese music by listening to Vocaloid or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or kinda sorta know the GazettE (I like The GazettE myself but I know there are TONS of other artists out there)

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