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101 Triple S (SS501)
102 Carrie Underwood Fans
103 4Nia (4Minute)

Why are they even here?! I haven't heard any bad stuff coming from them!

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104 Boice (CNBLUE)

Love them and their music!

105 COmate (Coboy Junior)

They are very stupid. Try you imagine an idol fans preferring instead his own mother

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106 Metalheads

They basically only know Metallica and some even claim that by listening to bands like Bring Me The Horizon makes them a Metal Head

100% agree with this! They do things like wishing death upon fans of other genres, there are many videos on YouTube on this. They violently shun everything that isn't metal.

I have nothing against metal, but there fans are bad as hell! They must realize that not everyone MUST like metal.

They hate on everything that isn't metal. Learn that not everyone likes metal. I don't hate metal, but their fanbase.

Most hypocritical annoying attention-seeking fanbase out there. They love to create drama with pop music fans. Directioners are there number one target! They make sexist and homophobic comments at 1D saying that they are "girly" and "gay." Gay should not be used as an insult and so what if 1D boys are feminine that's just them. They bully the heck out of other artists saying that they are not "real music."

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107 Radke Army (Ronnie Radke)

I personally like some of his music

How Radke even HAS fans at all is beyond me. Seriously. The guys a douchebag.

108 Chicserifics (Chicsers)

They love to compare with bigger fandoms like directioners beliebers and kpop as if they have the biggest fandom EWW! Not gonna happened they are not famous!

They insulted exo-ls. I saw a fight between and exotic and chicserific because the chicser girl insulted exo guys. Worst fandom ever.

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109 Classic Rock Fans

I would say I am more of a classic rock fan than anything though I do try to listen to all styles of music. The artists I really admire today are the ones who write and play instruments, people like Ed Sheeran, Green Day, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, and the like. I do often question the talent of people who make it because of reality T.V. like American Idol, America's Got Talent, and the Voice. I think these shows emphasize singing too much and do not emphasize musicianship or songwriting at all. It's like nails on a chalkboard when one of these T.V. judges tells a contestant, "Oh, you made that song your own! " That statement is never true because they didn't write it and it still belongs to the person who did! Yes, people like Joe Cocker and Linda Ronstadt did a great job singing other people's songs, but it takes a great talent for doing that, a talent you are not likely to find on a reality show.

I am one of the biggest people in the Classic Rock Fandom and I know just about every single public person in this fandom and it should NOT be on this list. Yes, we are different. We like older men and music, yes some are guilty of bashing music, but if you ever need a helping hand, belieber, directioner, whoever you are we will be here to help you get through anything. Cheers to the greatest and oldest fandom in the universe, rock on.

I hate classic rock fans because they are the most pathetic little elitists out there and have no interest in exploring music beyond the overplayed hits of the 60s-80s. Most of them online are teens who think they are so special. No, you're not special for liking chart music from some other era. You just learned it existed and started liking it.


It's just a phase though, these retards will grow up to realise there's more to music than what your nostalgic Dad listens to.

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110 Westlifers (Westlife)

Didn't think I'd see westlifers here😕

111 TWFanmily

They think the wanted are better than 1d stupid idiots like get a life 1d have way more fans and the wanted are bigs and they look like builders! Not cute at all who's with me?!

Yes we defend our boys against 1D fans. We are a family we stick together. We hate it when you call our boys untalented and ugly. Cause of some stupid 1D. I think we are the best fandom cause we are there for each other and love each other. So don't go and hate us.

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112 Blinks (Blackpink)
113 Shapley (CSJH The Grace)
114 Greysonators (Greyson Chance) V 1 Comment
115 Chasters (Charice)

Very arrogant and warfreak when it comes to their idol. They are always looking for fights even with those people who leave an unfavorable comment to their idol.

116 Blinkstar (Blink)

I am proud to be BLINKSTAR because they talented, has a melodious voice that they do not stock that beautiful face, they can be called the most beautiful and melodic vocal group because it enough fans that blink enough

Seriously come on them along with Green Day and the offspring fans make me want to kill them and their overrated band (blink, Green Day, offspring)

BLINK STAR is fans of @BlinkOfficial

I don't think any fandom is bad, I just voted this so I can comment. Anyways, this is the fanbase of some kpop or jpop girl group, not the Blink-182 you know. Their fans are called LoserKids, I don't think they have an official name for their fans though. - AnimeDrawer

117 Enriquettes (Enrique Iglesias fans)

I am a "die hard" Enriquette he has so many great songs they are not just sex and drugs and having a lot of money he is a genuine artis with really good music he is super talented with a good heart. He's helped me through tough times and a lot of his songs are from the heart I'm not sure about you but to me he's one of the best artist as well person, very humble and generous with a amazing sense of humor. I hate when people hate on him for a idiotic reason "he's a perv" or "he's a pig" pe cause he wrote I Like It. It's just a song he liked and wanted to have fun with his music. He is someone people should look up to a good role model and insperation.

Being an enriquette is best thing that has ever happened to me... he is one of few artists in the industry who has no haters... well there must be some reason for that...

118 Lanatics (Lana Del Rey)

Lana fans are annoying they think every other singer is copying her I love lana but I'm not a fan becuase her annoying fan base

Lana Del Rey is great, but just look at the insanely defensive YouTube comments: if one person comments some constructive critisism the lanatics slam them and write paragraphs of curses and non sensical garbage.

119 Kendrick Lamar Fans
120 Deadmau5 fans

Many deadmau5 (but not all) fans always complain that newer artists like Martin Garrix or Marshmello don't create "real" music. Why does it matter if the music is "real"? Why can't we all just enjoy the catchy, fun, songs? Deadmau5's songs aren't that good either. I have tried many many times to listen and try to like deadmau5... no hope. His songs aren't catchy, nor enjoyable, and they're just a combination of synths. Why can't he just stop hating on all those popular DJs (who are obviously better than him) and actually start working on his own music? I just don't get why fans like him

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