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141 Fake Classic Rock Fans

Everybody has to start somewhere, but don't act like you're a hardcore fan and say that Hey Jude is the best Beatles song. It's not called "We don't need no education" and no, Pete Townshend isn't the lead guitarist.

Stairway to Heaven, Wish You Were Here, Let It Be, Sweet Home Alabama, and anything by Nirvana or Guns 'N' Roses are all victims here.

They're just horrible wannabes that I've met throughout all my life.

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142 R5ers

They get very protective and defensive. but they will always stand by R5 and they haven't fought with anyone but little mixers because they said R5 bribed the family. by the way I'm an R5er

First things first: all fans get protective and defensive. I bet you have. - emily3232

I am In the r5 Fam and yes we get defensive when people talked bad about but... Not all of us are annoying.

143 Hello! Project Wotas

They constantly hate on the 48 groups when all they wanted to do is to finish what H! P started.

144 Hottest (2PM) V 2 Comments
145 Coldplay Fans

One of the greatest band all times. the angelic voice of chris martin makes me cry. you ought to listen to amsterdam, yellow, viva la vida, clocks, charlie brown and many more. I really feel that chris martin is underrated as a lyricist. they are the only ones who are producing some meaningful music in this modern era.

146 Rammstein Fans
147 X (X-Japan)

X Japan fans can be annoying sometimes but the band is not annoying at all. It's a great band (I'm a fan myself, I should know). But it's the older fans (I'm still 15). They always say stuff like "YOUNGSTERS WILL NEVER KNOW GOOD MUSIC" or "ANYTHING COMPARED TO X IS CRAPPY". They're a great band and legendary in the Visual kei world, but some fans are so elitists.

There aren't many X Japan fans (Weird considering they're a great band) and most of them are quite calm.

148 Inner Circle (Winner)

Some of them are arrogant. Yes. Very. Even though WINNER is just a rookie group (for now).

149 SM Stans
150 Exo L's

They are crazier than Beliebers, but not as mean as…*sigh*Directioners (my best friend, why? )

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151 Mahomies (Auston Mahone)
152 The Vamps

They're annoying as hell. A YouTuber called JustGreg made a video of reasons why he hates TheVamps, but the video is obviously a joke! Anyways they send him death threaths. Also, when I'm listening VAMPS (not The Vamps), at least 10 'The Vamps' things appear on Google.

153 Backstreet Boys Fans
154 The Victims (The Killers)
155 Imagine Dragons Fans

Uh... No. Just no. As far as I know, am concerned, or care, Imagine Dragon fans are normal human beings and not really a fandom. - okcnaline

We haven't done anything that I know about that is rude snobby or anything of that matter we also don't bash other artists
Also I'm the only person I know that's of my age (12) that knows who they r I'm so sick of only hearing " I really like the song radioactive mostly because it's overplayed there r better imagine dragons songs out there

Wow you're 12 yrs old and you like Imagine Dragons? Wow you're so special. Tell me more about how unique you are for liking an overrated band.

156 Gwar

This band is more lesser known ( I think) but EVERYone of their fans I've met are metal elitists acting like their band is the real deal and every other music genre is trash
to be honest its kinda like juggalos in metal form but less extreme

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157 Devotees/Nameless Followers/Ghouls/Ghoulettes (Ghost)

I love this band, but the fan base is so obsessive and embarrassing, I don't even like to admit I'm a fan anymore.

158 Tool Army (Tool)

Apparently, a lot (not all) of Tool fans think that Tool is the most superior and intellectual band there is in the world. I myself like Tool's music, but I think that a lot of their fans tend to be total idiots. - dingodile2603

Even more pretentious than some of the messages the band apparently has in their albums!

Even Maynard thinks the fans are idiots.

159 Böhse Onkelz fans
160 Aguilerinas (Christina Aguilera)
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