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141 R5ers

They get very protective and defensive. but they will always stand by R5 and they haven't fought with anyone but little mixers because they said R5 bribed the family. by the way I'm an R5er

First things first: all fans get protective and defensive. I bet you have. - emily3232

I am In the r5 Fam and yes we get defensive when people talked bad about but... Not all of us are annoying.

142 Little Hiltons (Paris Hilton)

I never knew she had fans. - 906389

These guys suck, they defend a celebrity with absolutely no talent and if u say Paris hilton sucks, they say u r either jealous or u have no life. STOP WORSHIPPING HER!

143 Coldplay Fans

One of the greatest band all times. the angelic voice of chris martin makes me cry. you ought to listen to amsterdam, yellow, viva la vida, clocks, charlie brown and many more. I really feel that chris martin is underrated as a lyricist. they are the only ones who are producing some meaningful music in this modern era.

I'm a big coldplay fan myself, and I truly love the songs you mentioned, I also believe that Chris Martin is a great lyricist, but I don't think that Chris Martin's vocals are, from any point of view, "angelic". his vocal performances are merely adequate. - sepehr

144 Rammstein Fans
145 Inner Circle (Winner)

Some of them are arrogant. Yes. Very. Even though WINNER is just a rookie group (for now).

146 Exo L's

They are crazier than Beliebers, but not as mean as…*sigh*Directioners (my best friend, why? )

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147 Mahomies (Auston Mahone)
148 Backstreet Boys Fans
149 Tool Army (Tool)

Apparently, a lot (not all) of Tool fans think that Tool is the most superior and intellectual band there is in the world. I myself like Tool's music, but I think that a lot of their fans tend to be total idiots. - dingodile2603

Even more pretentious than some of the messages the band apparently has in their albums!

Even Maynard thinks the fans are idiots.

150 Hotline Blingers (Drake)
151 HDers (Hilary Duff)

I like Hilary Duff! but I promise I'm not an annoying fan girl like some people are. I had those annoying fan girl days when I was younger.

152 Usher
153 Boys Like Girls
154 Kygo
155 J Cole Fans
156 Black Metal Fans

I'm a black metal fan myself but these fans are total ass's towards metal heads and Christians

157 BoA BoA BoA Kwon is a singer born in Korea that became popular in Asia. She is known for singing in many languages, including Korean, English, and Japanese. She also is a professional dancer, as well as performer.
158 Filthy Frank (Pink Guy) Fans

He isn't the greatest thing ever. Stop treating him like it. - naFrovivuS

159 Sia fans

Seriously go on youtube and watch the comments on Diamonds by Rihanna... - DaisyandRosalina

160 Little Einsteins Fans


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