Selenators (Selena Gomez)


Okay, so Miley Cyrus might be kinda crazy, but my friend loves her, plus she's on the news 24/7, so I'm used to her. Anyways, Selenators gave her Miley death threats via Twitter. What did Miley ever do to Selena? Absolutely nothing. The fans just felt like it. Constantly rude fan base.

I LOVE Selena, a lot, actually. But... her selenators are so annoying and rude. All I said was I don't understand why Confident by Demi Lovato is not selling as well as Revival by Selena, and one of them said that Confident is terrible although "it" has not heard it before. I had so many experiences with this and they are so rude, totally not like their idol.

Selenators attack Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, and ESPECIALLY Miley Cyrus because they are fellow Disney Stars and they want Selena to be the most popular. Well...I hate to break it to you guys, but Selena has a pretty awful voice, so she won't be as popular. But if you like the music, that's perfectly fine, just don't bash everyone else. - DCfnaf

Selenators think their idol, Selena Gomez is some kind of saint who is innocent! But really, she is a cruel person who does drugs, gets drunk and parties. Then they comment on how beautiful she is, when we all know it's photoshop.

Every time I see one of their fans trying to "defend" her (which is just harassing the haters) I feel like taping their mouths shut and walking away. man are they annoying or what.

A JB fan says that Selenators have no respect, eh? Where are the Beliebers on this list? Oh that's right, #1 where they belong. Selenators just support Selena, but Beliebers constantly say something rude, death threat Selena, and then attack us. And then they say we "insult" them. We Selenators are the calmest fanbase out there, and Selena Gomez is really talented and nice. She actually CAN sing, even if there may be better singers, she's at least better than most (*cough* nicki Minaj).

The only because I hate selena because of her fans. They are so rude and heartless. They always said other fans to cut themselves.

Just like their idol selena gomez

Fully annoying.

Although Taylor Swift can't sing, she at least write her songs so we can give her SOME credit. Selena can't sing and also can't write. I just don't know.

My sister is obsessed with her for no reason. When she hears her name she goes crazy. She never listens to her music often anyway, she has no idea what new songs she wrote, where she's going and stuff, but she says she loves her. And I say why do you love Selena and she says, I DUNNO... seriously? You need to have a reason!

Selena is a great singer, I love her voice and I think she's one of the few Disney girls that actually has talent. However, her fans are arrogant and they think she's the best singer ever, while they hate on every other female singer on the planet.

They think "Selena is queen." "Selena is God! " Gosh! They are really stupid. I hate Selenators but I like Selena.

Selena can't sing. She isn't that bad but she shouldn't have become a singer.

Her music makes my head hurt and my ears bleed. I think my 3 ear lobe piercing infections was caused by her music.

They are hypocrites and they tell people to die, WORST FANDOM IN THE WORLD

Why is that almost every fan base has insane teenage girls at their core

They trash all other stars! They even did lists on this site on why Selena is better than Miley, Demi etc...

I like Selena Gomez, But I am not. Excuse me? Not all Selenators you speak of are all like this.

Whenever I hear she sing, my ears wanna scream. Please bring an auto tune with your mic.

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?

There's nothing worse then selenators.

WE shouldn't BE HERE! Selena can sing and there is something wrong with your ears

They're just stating an opinion. Although I do think that Selena can sing and I don't mind her as much as *cough* Nicki Minaj *cough* I do feel however that she isn't the greatest singer ever. I know that you didn't directly say that but to some it will feel like you did. Also everyone has different music tastes. - Anonymousxcxc

Selenators are a devoted and supportive fanbase and only a minority actually bash other fanbases; it's usually them who start the drama in the first place. Being a part of 3 different fanbases, I can honestly say that Selenators are the least threatening and dramatic.

They keep saying that she can sing, but she CAN'T!

That whole first paragraph was wrong because your not even talking about selanators your talking about Selena. You shouldn't even be talking about fan bases anyways.