Sones (Girls Generation)


The most superficial, materialistic, ingenuine, gluttonous, self-pleasure-driven, hormone-guided, unempathetic, closed-minded, politically-clueless, religiously-indoctrinated, superstitious, group-thinking fanbase I've ever come across.
Intelligent, open-minded, good-hearted people who join this fanbase quickly find themselves scrambling for the back door to escape the repulsive insanity.

They always know how to make people hate them. They also know how to get war with other fan base. How can a fan base of a girl group be so rude like that?

These people are nuts. One moment they'll be chewing you out for using 'cuss words' and the next moment they're be talking about how they support the murdering of innocent people in the Middle East. Their moral priorities are all screwed up and the cognitive dissonance is so strong you can almost smell it. There are some exceptions but this describes the majority. It's interesting how Girls Generation attracts so many people who have the same mental problems.

SM Entertainment used clever psychological marketing to dupe a fair number of not-so-bright people into obsessing over nine of their trained song, dance & advertising performers. Those not-so-bright people call themselves Sones and the vast majority of them are absolutely repulsive human beings.

SONES always do rude towards everyone dislike their idols. They think their idols should not be hated. Blah, didn't they realize their idols have been doing crap things and rudes? Not that so talented too, blabber mouthing? YES!

44% is too bad. I think it must be 101%. I hate this girl band due to their bad scandals and many other things like fake beauties, bad behaviors. So music without snsd will be awesome. Sones, don't be so proud of your idols...

They cheat like h***! Whatever they do they've to cheat and hack!
Srl, like youtube views. Just because they want to surpass other they have to cheat in EVERYTHING! They don't even get embarrassed by it! Instead they go around and brag about snsd MV hit highest views! B/c they can't beat Gangnam style they bash PSY a lot! When Gangnam style was released it was CRAZY! Sones didn't like his popularity got up so high so in his MV you could see sones bash him like there was no tomorrow. And in snsd MV all the top comments is abt "psy is fat, using drugs"etc! They have NO respect toward people!
After that they go around and troll in other ppls MV and videos! They can't even handle a little bit negative comments by other!
Like snsd new song! You guys know Eatyourkimchi? They talked about what they like and didn't, but seems like sones just heard the negative things! They bashed the couple like there was no tomorrow! And simon wasn't even harsh!
Sones don't have pride! ...more

I'm scare of them... Like seriously. You can't even finish saying "I didn't like this" before the try to cut your head. Most of them are aggressive, I've met just ONE cool, ONE, in the whole youtube, cool SONE. Really mature and recognizing the bad thins in SNSD and also saying to the SONES to stop being so annoying. I just got attack by one because I said to someone else in a video that backlashed against SNSD's "I got a Boy" (and got some heavy answers, really he/she was just trolling, I don't know why SONES even bother, some even find it funny, and that's why they do it)that most of them can get aggressive, and she came to me with this huge speech about rightfulness and mindlessness saying hurtful comments. I just told her to ignore me (I mean, why bother? It's just an opinion). Also, in the same comment I actually said something good about SNSD... But I guess she decided to just pick at the harsh (but true) part of my comment. And that's why, they have the ...more

They always think that Girl's Generation is the best girl group EVER! Well not everyone likes them, because I am one of them that doesn't like MOST of their music! They don't accept the opinions of other people who prefer other girl groups than SNSD / Girls Generation! In my opinion, I think those other underrated artists and girl groups are better than SNSD songs and personality-wise as well! They always bash other people on every other girl group's MV (music video) if there is a comment that contradicts Girl's Generation (like for example, I think Chocolat's Black Tinkerbell is better than SNSD songs and some SONES relly can't accept the truth from it)! I really do not like their fans! They always troll on any anti-page of SNSD and other girl group's MV! I wish SNSD and their fans didn't exist so all of this fanwars NEVER started! I hate people nowadays who are very overreacting fans (not only SNSD fans) who scream, make expensive banners and so on! They waste money just for their ...more

Think they are the best and prettiest in the world ever, but you know there are much better singers, dancers, entertainers etc in the world! And if you say I don't like SNSD, they fire abusive at you and your family(extreme sones)! If you think beliebers are bad, well OPEN YOUR EYES!

Definitely them. They boast about SNSD as if they changed k-pop when all they've done was talk about how much they love men and wore short shorts. NONE of the members of SNSD have talent at all! Maybe Taeyeon & Tiffany, but they both are full of themselves, period. I don't have the slightest idea WHY the other members are in SNSD, I guess for show. And SONES are about the most RUDEST fanbase I've ever seen. Yea, every fanbase has their "rude" fans, but SONES take the cake. They HATE when you have you own opinion about their"9 angels" Its sad you have to feel like you HAVE to like SNSD to belong to k-pop as a whole. Whatever, remember, all that is good doesn't last forever.

Saying I hate Sones, that's just an understatement. I don't like their idol, in fact I disgust S9, as same as so many others. And they just can't stand it! To them S9 is the goddesses, S9 is perfect, no one can compared to S9. They deny the truth, the oh-so obvious and bitter truth (for them) is that there are loads of other talented girlgroups that surpass their idol. And by the way, S9 don't even have any talent! Their beauty are not even REAL! I don't understand how can Sones look at PLASTIC and SILICON and say that's the beauty of the whole universe. How can Sones look at cheap music, slutty act and clothes on stage and consider that real art :-&? How can Sones look at misbehave action, rudeness to sunbae and hoobae of their so-called angels and think that's cute?! Meanwhile Sones criticize, disparage, sneer at other girl groups if they make just even a slightest mistake. I mean, what is that all about?!

FYI, I'm an ELF. And with put up ELF as the worst fandom right below ...more

The biggest Korean award that is the 26th Golden Disk Award took place on 11 January 2011. Super Junior won the Disk Daesang(THE MOST IMPORTANT AWARD). SONES(MOST) said like 'Super Junior does not deserve that award 'etc. OH HELLO! Super Junior DESERVE TO WIN UNDERSTAND? THEY HAVE WORKED so HARD. WHAT ABOUT YOUR "NINE ANGELS" HUH? SHOW OFF THEIR CHOPSTICKS LEGS? DOESN'T MEAN YOUR "NINE ANGELS" DID NOT WIN, YOU CAN SAY CRAP COMMENTS AND BASH OTHER GROUPS. Sones CANNOT accept the FACT that there are BETTER IDOLS than their "NINE ANGELS" Sones are one of the reasons why I dislike your "Girls' Generation".

SONES always think their 9 'angels' are the best in kpop and no other artist can pass them. Always bashing other artist with SNSD didn't get an award. They don't respect the fact that SNSD lost and other artist may be better in some other terms. They always start fan wars and go to other non-SNSD Music Videos to criticize them. They are also known to be extremely rude, and swear at everyone who dislike(not hate) SNSD. Come across a SONE and you can immediately identify them

Sones always said and think that their idol are an Angels, goddess, etc. Always bash other girl group if all people said that girl group is good. If their idol does rude things, they always said that their idol is better more than blablabla. Though I think their idol's rogue attitude is not really good. But they always defend him. Sones also always been a trigger fanwar. They always say without using their brains. They only judge by eye, but not of talent and talent, therefore, any girl who is more talented group than their idol. They directly compare the idol's face with their idol, idol face their own when it is the result of plastic surgery. Not natural.

And they always blame others if there fanwar fandom because of them.

I 100% agreed that SONEs is the MOST annoying fan bases EVER. They being so annoying and MOST of them brag about those so called 9 angels BEAUTY. What the heck man, most of them are PLASTIC. And not even talented. And SONEs can't accept the fact that there's a bunch of girl groups that are much better and REAL PURE talent that those FAKE ANGELS. Ha! In your face SONEs

When I asked them a question humbly, most of 'em roared at me, when I asked them not to misunderstand. I really wish they would just not misunderstand and not be vicious all the time towards those who are very curious about snsd. Don't get me wrong I love snsd but the fans are just so disrespectful, and snsd shouldn't even have fans like these. I actually feel sorry for the girls who have fans like SONES who are disrespectful to other fandoms.

They defend GG saying that the girls are often tired and sick which is why they don't always perform at 100%. What about the other groups? I'm sure their schedules are just as busy. Are songs saying that the other k-pop idols aren't as hardworking as GG?

They love to brag... Too much. They defend for the sake of defending without a point to prove. Definitely 1 of the most irritating fans around.

They're obsessed with the members of Girls Generation because their boobs hang out and you can see their privates when they kick up in the air or spread their legs on the ground. Whatever happened to liking an artist for the music they produce, for the emotions portrayed in the lyrics, for the artists doing good things for their community? Well, I guess the last one can't apply since Girls Generation only put money into their pockets and plastic surgery costs, never giving to the community.

Laugh out loud THEY ARE ESSENTIALLY ANNOYING everything about them is annoying. They think their girls and their fandom are the only thing righteous in this world. Delusional, arrogant and selfish are the words that I would use to describe this fandom

I HATE ARTISTS WHO MAKE PLASTIC SURGERIES TO BE BEAUTIFUL! For me, that kind of artists aren't being true to others, especially to their fans. SNSD A.K.A Girls Generation isn't excluded. They all have made plastic surgeries. Isn't that stupid? For me, YES IT IS STUPID and AWFUL! Sones are stupid too... They all think that their idols are goddesses... Oh God! Are they stupid? Girls Generation aren't qualified to hold that title. NOT AT ALL! What I hate the most about Sones is they're so RUDE and ANNOYING by bashing others' idols. Oh man! Can't they learn how to respect others? Or they didn't go to school, that's why they're being useless, heartless and brainless... LOL Pity them!

Every time they started fan war and put the blame on us...
Come on! Your girls are not PERFECT!
Try not to make them sounds so great...
Open your eyes dude!
Stop defending them by telling us"You don't know them"...
Hate Sone...

Most of the fans are rude, they always compare themselves and bash other fanbase... They are uber confident, always thinking that their idols are superior among the others. So annoying!

They bash other Girl groups just because they are not GG. GG could make a song about farting & sones would claim that's the best thing since slice bread or kimchi