Twenty One Pilots Fans


I am a Clique member, but I am disgusted with the other ones. They are so rude to the new fans. Geez can't y'all be happy that Tyler and Josh got popular and are attracting new fans? Are y'all against them? I am ashamed of the Clique also for getting mad at someone for liking Stressed Out or Ride. Just because it's on the radio doesn't mean other Clique members can't like it. Not all Clique member are like this, I'm not but it's just ridiculous how they ridicule other people

Their fans are edgy, annoying teenagers that will defeat everyone who don't agree with their musical taste. They call new fans fake, just because they weren't there in the beginning (Like they even were) or just because they haven't heard every single vovel and song of the group. They are annoying, edgy hipsters that seem to be as the type of people who say "I was here before. So my opinion is so much more valuable" - Chatsa2

I love Twenty One Pilots but I hate their fan base.

I'm a fan of twenty one pilots. Yeah and I get you. They are so many immature fans in our fan base I admit that. Because the majority of those who caused so much trouble are 14 years old. Yup you were right. I know they are not the greatest band there are many other bands who are better but I like their music. 'Twenty one pilots saved my life'. This terms have been used so often that I think some of them are bs. Some of the skeleton clique I met are awesomes. They treat each others with respect.

This band and its fanbase are basically a cult. They go to the concerts dressed up like them and get tattoos related to the band. The craziest thing to me is they make the band and every little thing they do have meaning behind it. "he's not wearing red sock? Blurryface era is over". Its as if the band was some Holy scripture that's still being written. don't like the music much either, seems to be milking mental illness, all the songs have the same meaning and use similar words. How many ways can you say you get sad at night and think the general people don't understand you?

They take things way too seriously. I saw this meme on Instagram that ironically said Big Time Rush (from the nickelodeon show) was a better band, and sooo many TOP fans got offended in the comments. I wanted to laugh but I honestly cringed because at least 5 girls said "my SMOL BEAN tyler DID NOT spend 10 years WITH DEPRESSION to be compared to a stupid T.V. SHOW" ugh. They take things way to seriously and cannot understand a very simple joke. The majority of the fanbase is 14 year old girls who think they're special and "not like other girls who are stuck up and listen to pop songs! "

God, their fanbase consists of the same as Halsey's; Annoying tumblr/deviantart people who are sexuality-confused who have nothing better to do than whine about their life. - Swellow

They praise this band like they're the next big thing in music. They're NOT, sorry to say. I never git into their music, and I'm fine if you enjoy them, but olease do not go around xlaiming they're the most unique and best band out there, because you're clearly mistaken.

I actually enjoy their music, but their fans are pretty bad. One of the meanest communities out there in my opinion.

I like them but their fans are annoying, same with panic!

Its just a bunch of white kids who think they are

It is like some annoying teenage girls on Tumblr and twitter.

These people are a bunch of anorexic emo "I only listen to good music" degenerates.

A bunch of cancerous twelve year olds who pretend to be depressed to seem edgy.

Oh my god their fans are so annoying. Same with My Chemical Romance fans

The girls worshipping them though - DCfnaf

But I do agree that most Skeleton Clique members are annoying. - JamesBourne

I like 21 pilots but I don't go THAT far. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I'm part of the fanbase. I just like their music. I have a lot of merch. But I don't all someone out for being a fake fan. The fanbase is just terrible. I'm part of that 1% who is calm.

One of the annoying fan base out there.

Why? I'm changing my name to blurryface because I care what you think. I think that you should not judge people on their taste in music. - lovefrombadlands

I used to be a part of this cringey fandom. But then I realized they were pure cancer. I'm a Stan now, Eminem's fanbase is much less awful.

I'm a big fan of every fandom the only thing that I don't understand is why do every fandom hate the other fandom so much?

Not Emo never have been and never will be full stop

21 pilots suck, their fans suck, and your mother never loved you!