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21 Stacy Hirano Stacy Hirano

She isn't a bad character, but I think that the voice actress is not so good. Take the episode where Candace becomes mayor for the day. The way that Stacy talks in this episode sounds like the voice actress was just completely disinterested. Take the line "Oh brother, I busted my pencil", and "dun dun dun dun". The lines themselves aren't bad, but it sounds like someone just reading a script. Stacy is not a bad character as she is just Candace's side kick, but the person playing her brings the quality of the character down.

22 Fireside Girls

A bunch of Mary Sue's! They just think about boys! Bad example for little girls!

Fireside Girls?! More like "Fireside Fangirls". Seriously, those Fireside Girls are nothing' but a bunch of fangirls. Isabella is one of them. I mean seriously. Isabella is a Fireside Fangirl that is so annoying, creepy, dumb, and even acts like Dee Dee (don't get me wrong guys, I Love Dexter's Laboratory).

Fireside Girls?! More like "Fireside Fangirls". Amirite?! Eh?! Seriously, people. Fireside Girls are a bunch of fangirls! Isabella is one of them. She is annoying since Dee Dee, Don't get me wrong, I love Dexter's Laboratory.

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23 Jeremy Johnson

I'm so sick of this rancid annoying pretty boy. Jeremy. This guy is such a useless human turd and he always ruins the show just by showing up. I hate this goofy looking shrimpy dorky sack of puke! The only one who is an even BIGGER sack of puke is the orange haired psychotic geek we call Candace! Jeremy should be stomped into a quivering puddle of jelly and shoved down Candace's pencil neck geek throat!

Rip Off Gill From Johnny Test - ChuckECheese

He's a Gary Stu (boy version of Mary Sue). Not interesting at all

No that would be Phineas and Ferb. Jeremy has as much importance in the show as a bag of poop in the trash.

Dumb Blonde. Enough said.

24 Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

I wish Vanessa was more grateful to her Dr. Doofenshmirtz, He cares so much for her and tried his hardest to make her happy.. - kawaiitohru

Stop thinking you're against the world is the last time I checked you were just going through a Phase
Stop being so mean to everybody except for Canada this is why you barely have any good friends

She's an ungrateful brat who cares more about her reputation when her dad threw her a 16th birthday party she only complained! Yeah it may seem baby-ish but do you have to make him feel bad for every little mistake he does to you?! You should be glad that he treats you like his little princess you bitch! Yeah he may still treat you like a baby but do you have to make him feel about it? The only time she was nice was when he got her that mary mcguffin doll what about the other times she's more concerned about what others think rather than her own dad's feelings she treats her dad like he's an embarrasment yeah she's been nice to him but quit being such a little bitch vanessa! Why do you care so much if your dad shows affection to you in front of your friends?! Sure they may laugh but at least it's sweet of him

Kindness meter (per individual)
Agent P - Very kind
Doof - kindish
That's about it :/ - Thisusernameistaken

25 Pinky The Chihuahua

She is a brat, she acctuly made Phineaps and Ferb get eaten by Candance in one episode because she ate the map'

26 Gretchen

Oh god! I hate her so much! She is so annoying

27 Milly
28 Ducky Momo

It's just as annoying as Barney! And that annoying song as well! I wish this thing was in Duck Hunt and it moved slow so I can shoot it and the Duck Hunt Dog would thank God for me killing this Barney parody.

Worst Barney parody ever. I think Ducky Momo is even worse than Barney, and Barney is already annoying.

He reminds me of stupid flipping Dora, and stupid flipping Peppa pig, and stupid Barney

Ducky Momo can choke on a pile of dog turds and DIE!

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29 Xavier
30 Professor Poofenplotz

You guys might not know her, but she's the retarded substitute villain for Doof in the Temple of Sap episode. She's a crabby old hag that is the LEAST funniest villain ever. The Temple of Sap episode she was in sucked too, with Isabella going on an adventure and HER pet fighting a villain, instead of the boys going on an adventure with PERRY fighting Doof. Pooflenplotz was obsessed with beauty but was actually ugly as hell and inanely boring.

Guys leave her alone she was just a substitute jeez (But I agree I don't like her) - Thisusernameistaken

31 Roger Doofenshmirtz

Does he ever do anything to deserve how well he's being treated?

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32 Johnson Family Poodle
33 Big Mitch

But some people call him Big Bitch. - Thisusernameistaken

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