Top 10 Most Annoying Pokemon Characters

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41 Tracey
42 Silver

Throughout the story though, it's a good story.

He's a dick to his own Pokemon! He always says how he's going to be the strongest trainer and "EVERYTHING IS WEAK! " He never changes his lineup and he always loses! What an idiot!

By far best backstory out of all rivals. Also, I'm a bit of a SoulSilverShipper, I will admit.

43 Jimmy
44 Red
45 Zubat Zubat
46 Roserade
47 Muk Muk
48 Meowth

That voice grates my everlasting nerve! I get excited when wobbuffet interrupts him. I have to admit that it's usually meowth that gives team rocket the evil ideas and helps move the story along but sometimes I wish they would send him away and adopt a new team mascot

Nah meowth is not cute at all he is just so annoying cat Pokemon I ever seen and he stink as a dancer and he is evil to ash and his friends and on top of that he wasn't nice to them nobody likes him anymore

Meowth's japanese voice is the only thing I hate about listening to the Japanese version instead of the dub. - Rue

He pisses me off with that voice

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49 Ash's Treecko

Why is he on this list? He was a boss, even more so when he evolved!

What? Treecko has such a great backstory. You also have the nerve to put him on this list?

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50 Unova

Forget anti scrappy doo I mean all unova people and a lot of Pokemon

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