Most Annoying Queens In Warrior Cats


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21 Sorreltail

Her death is so sad!

Sorreltail is not annoying! I love her!

Who even put her on here? Take her off this list or at least LOWER HER TO 1000!

Why is she here

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22 Raindapple

What the heck raindapple you don't kill your kits just because they're immature

Not real. Ignore this.

Is this evem a real cat? What book is she in? I've read all the books exept the mangas

Augh! I hate it when people post OCs here -__-

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23 Whitetail

I haven't seen her behavior with kits but if she's nice with other cats then I guess she would be a great mother

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24 Poolcloud

Hey, she didn't do anything that bad!

I have no clue who poolcloud is



25 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

Dude. *shakes head* Thistleclaw is a tom, just like Jayfeather!

Thistleclaw isn't even a queen..?

He was so arrogant





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26 Goldenflower

What do you think about her

Never anoying

Like her.

27 Sandstorm

I know if you hadn't written that I would have written that but it was still sad when she dies in the apprentices quest.

Aw, she died? So sad. But I agree about all the comments below!

I don't think she liked Firestar that much. First she's all like, I'm surprised Bluestar let a kittypet join the clan! Then after Firestar became a hero, suddenly, Sandstorm is all like defending Firestar and getting all lovey dovey over him!

Everyone commenting here is a big, fat, disgusting, stupid idiot - Spottedleafsucks

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28 Dawnwhisker

Who is Dawnwhisker? - IcetailofWishClan

This she-cat is pure evil. She killed most of her kits in all three of her litters:

1st: Willowheart, Mistfall, Raventail

2nd: Wishpaw, Snowpaw, Poppypaw, Silverpaw

3rd: Minnowkit, Shadowkit, Flowerkit, Whitekit, Smokekit

All of her kits except for Flowerkit are dead, she even killed her mate Blacksky after Flowerkit and her siblings were born, she ignores Flowerkit, except for when Flowerkit went to the elders' den so Dawnflower's father Foxflight could tell the she-kit stories, and then Dawnwhisker got mad and attacked poor Flowerkit. Until Foxflight got upset and Dawnwhisker's sister Stormstripe, who was expecting kits of her own, decided to foster Flowerkit and pay her enough attention along with the two kits she was expecting herself (Hollykit (Hollysky) and Lakekit (Lakeflower). Then Dawnwhisker got banished and eventually was killed by Mistyfeather after she was caught killing Scarkit and Riverkit, so she went to the Dark Forest.

29 Bright Stream

no way

30 Brightheart



31 Briarlight

Briarlight is NOT a queen. Besides, she is amazing, not annoying. Millie is annoying.

Briarlight is my second favorite cat and shes not a queen

Briarlight isn't a queen! Why is she even here!?

She isn't a queen, and she isn't annoying, might want to look up at her mother at number two people...

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32 Daisytoe

Daisytoe was Goosefeather and Moonflower's mom. Their dad was Rooktail I think.

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33 Dewy Leaf

When Moon Shadow left, she got all angry about it. She just blabbers about "My kits will never meet their father! " "Oh! Sharp Hail! You be my new mate! " Sharp Hail is REALLY rude to Sun Shadow if you think about it. "Oh! Sharp Hail! I'm expecting you kits! " She's basically betraying Sun Shadow, Dancing Leaf, and Crow Muzzle. She's showing all the LOVE to her new litter, Melting Ice, Falling Dusk, and Morning Star. She obviously shows no love whatsoever towards Moon Shadow. Sun Shadow actually cared to VISIT. He also stayed. Dewy Leaf is ALL about Sharp Hail now. Good Riddance!

34 Snowdapple

She should be in the dark forest

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35 Brightpelt
36 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


37 Snowstorm
38 Moonstorm
39 Shadefall
40 Killfang
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