Jonas Brothers

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Hey, did you know those assclows are a rock band! Yeah I mean it, a rock band! (I found them on's best rock band list! !
So I think they deserve a place here! What do you say? - Nord666

really!?! the beatles, metallica, A7X, heart, axl, and others shouldn't be in this list. THEY ALL ARE AMAZING! JONUS BROS. SUCK! THEY ALL DESERVE TO DIE! - 678rob754

its not funny, that metallica is above these jokers... - AymanKabir

Is what they do considered as music? What a bunch of overrated no-talent losers! This is sad. The Beatles are above these guys!? What a joke! - dharmiisha

I think the fans are more annoying, they need to lose their contract and fade into eternity forever - satanmakesmekill

annoying, oh yes. And The Beatles shouldn't even be on this list. - elin_m

terrible, the beatles, metallica, and avenged sevenfold really should not be on here - moose4life19

The jonas brothers are terrible, they should be number 1, they are a discrase! - a1b2c3

Metallica, A7X, The Beatles ahead this piece of crap? - rodoglez11

bleh. seeing them makes me hurl - Flyingcobra