Top 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

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201 Don't Forget About Us - Mariah Carey

Mariah your so old, everybody's forgotten about you!

202 Maddy Maddy Cry - Papa San
203 Gee - Girls' Generation

This song is suck and have a creepy MV. Wow, what a great combo. All SNSD's song is suck!


204 We Found Love - Rihanna

Not a lot of Rhianna fans on here. I will agree that she does have some horribly annoying songs, but I don't think this is one of them. It's not too bad.

I am a Rihanna fan I don't find her songs annoying maybe except work

This is good

205 Te Amo - Rihanna V 1 Comment
206 Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects

I remember my niece was a little girl when this song came out and even she knew how stupid this song was and still is.

207 Going Away to College - Blink 182

It sucks. I just wanna flush that song

208 Hazard - Richard Marx
209 Waka Waka - Shakira

Shakira is awesome. But after a while it is kind of annoying.

Her singing is so annoying.

It's the best song ever

Zootopia haters.

V 4 Comments
210 Sly Fox - Nas
211 Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye

I used to love this song and I still like it

This song is pure garbage with a capital G. And that lead singer's voice is more annoying than Shakiras!

V 2 Comments
212 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

Go die in a hole, Chris Brown and Lil' Wayne. Busta is good, though.

Chris is bad. Busta is awesome. Wayne is ok. I really don't hate Wayne.

Look at me now! I'm beating Rihanna

213 You're Beautiful - James Blunt

This guy should also be on the list of singers with the most annoying voices!

Oh my God yes. I am glad someone said it.

This is... not beautiful. Diplomatically speaking.

Stop saying that this is bad, because it isn't. You just overplay it so damn much. it's a good song!

214 Papi - Jennifer Lopez
215 Live It Up - Jennifer Lopez

Its "on the floor part 3 with "dance again" part 2 just wack like everything else she "sings"

216 Macarena - Los del Río

This is possibly the most annoying song of all time. I used to cringe every time it came on the radio. The dance was as annoying as the song.

Still more tolerable then the music of today

I hated it every time we had to sing this at school. Damn this horrible song.

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217 Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehndi

Why is this song on the list? I'm Indian, and I love this song. It's a happy song. It makes me dance.

This song is just so Stupid. That is just a song with Bad Words.

218 TTYLXOX - Bella Thorne

This song shouldn't even be on this list! - sabrinafan

219 Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen

As if this song wasn't annoying enough, the Family Guy episode had to make it more annoying!

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220 Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

This annoying piece of garbage gives me a heart attack.

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