Top 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

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301 My Sweet Passion - Nikki Gregoroff V 1 Comment
302 Sonic Heroes - Crush 40
303 His World - Zebrahead
304 When Will My Life Begin - Mandy Moore
305 What I'm Made Of - Crush 40
306 Facelift - Soft Machine

Is this song annoying to you?

307 Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby
308 Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber

It's by Justin Bieber. End of story.

V 1 Comment
309 Who's Ready to Party? - Fred Figglehorn
310 There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow - Sherman Brothers
311 Fatal Foot Fetish - Macabre V 1 Comment
312 Mah na Mah na - Piero Umiliani
313 Lifestyle - Rich Gang
314 No Type - Rae Sremmurd
315 Throw Sum Mo - Rae Sremmurd
316 Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

This should be higher than 203. And a nerdy girl once said WOLVES AREN'T ALWAYS HUNGRY!

I actually like this one

317 Rock Lobster - The B-52s

Peter griffin is the reason I love this song

318 Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
319 Mickey - Toni Basil

A lot of people rip on 80's music and I'm not one of them. I happen to like a lot of the genre's music, but this song is not one of them! I despise this song! Ladies, never refer to a man as pretty. That's an adjective men use for you!

As a Lady, I can confirm there are pretty (I mean, gorgeous) men. Your comment sounds sexist and pretty isn't only a word for women. But thanks anyway, I get your comment.

Well you youngsters should know she's talking about a gay individual. Surprise!

V 1 Comment
320 Scatman - Scatman John

Its used on some YouTube games - kmyeakel

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