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381 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

This song is not annoying. If it were annoying, that would mean there is something worth remembering about this, and there isn't so. So I'm just gonna call it monotonous. I can't say forgettable because this song was a bit hard to miss last year... - ProPanda

One Of The Most Annoying Songs Ever Because Of Its Annoying Trash Fanbase And Because Its From An Annoying Movie - VideoGamefan5

Any Twenty One Pilots song Can Be On The List - VideoGamefan5

AWFUL - VideoGamefan5

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382 Hello - Adele

The song sucks! Tired of hearing it. I heard it sold millions on iTunes the day it was released. But I'm sure those who bought it have buyers remorse. Such a depressing song. Great voice though. Has psycho lyrics. Come on... calling a guy a thousand times is bad! It gets low self esteem. Gazelle has it all but she sings depressing songs like that? I'm happy in life and my marriage... I just can't listen to such a sad song.

Too overrated and it sounds like any other heartbreak song!

Do people have something against this song? - VideoGamefan5

Adele is the best you idiots. You never heard real music. This is real music.

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383 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

What's this song doing on here? This song's not annoying at all.

I like this song. It's not annoying

I enjoy all Green Day's songs. This shouldn't be on here - kmyeakel


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