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81 I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Whoever put this song on here has no appreciation for great vocal talent. Whitney did such a good job on this song many people think it's her song and don't realize it's a cover of Dolly Parton. This will always be a Whitney classic.

This is a great song. Did Bieber and One Direction Fangirls put this on here.

There is a melody in there somewhere under all the excessive vocal flourishes, but this is the vocal equivalent of nails on a blackboard. A poor showing by a great singer.

Why would anyone put this on here this is an amazing song.

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82 Problem - Ariana Grande

So obnoxious. Why do so many people like Ariana?

This song is annoying. All there is to this song is screaming I mean lots of screaming.

How is this at a 68 instead of like 22?

This screams 2016 to me. I want it to be 2017 already. Actually, no... the music will get worse. Welp, time to travel back to 2012 *zip*

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83 Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes

I read it cockhold...

84 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

Go die in a hole, Chris Brown and Lil' Wayne. Busta is good, though.

Chris is bad. Busta is awesome. Wayne is ok. I really don't hate Wayne.

Look at me now! I'm beating Rihanna

85 Dawn - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
86 Pour It Up - Rihanna

I think she has a lot of talent but she tries to fit in with the other singers

Rhianna has a little bit of talent, but I can't stand when she tries to sound overly ghetto and on this song she sounds overly ghetto!

I think she has a lot of talent but she tries to fit in with the other singers

I like this song but the video what

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87 Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

I can't hate this stupid, overplayed tuneless song enough! Absolute crap & they can thank college & professional sports teams & fans for a great deal of hate directed at this song. Get a new rally tune! 13 years of hearing this crappy song at every televised & stadium sports event has taken a crappy tune & made it a totally unlistenable, worn out crappy tune! Rant over!

Why is this number 3 on most annoying songs? This should be on the best songs list not worst songs list!

Seven Nation Army is awesome, you idiots.

How is this song even bad people are just confused

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88 7 Years - Lukas Graham

This Song Sucks, What Makes It Even More Annoying Is That my Radio On My Car Plays It Too Much - VideoGamefan5

1 through 10 this song would be a 4 because I here this song too much

Better than anaconda and I'm an albatraoz


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89 Supergirl - Miley Cyrus

Huh! What does she think of her self? Supergirl? Everyone can see that how obsessed is she with her self like in her every song the line "your faces on magazine" is there...

Wasn't this in like Hannah Montana?

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90 The Hardest Button to Button - White Stripes

How is this and seven nation army both in the top ten? Did the white stripes refuse to do an interview for your site and you have an ax to grind? Jack White is possibly the best guitar player to come out in the last 20 years ans their bluesy riffs are an homage to the good days of rock and roll. Excellent musicians. Shame on your site

What's wrong with The White Stripes? I see no reason for them to be on this list. It's a very inaccurate list, by the way. - Songsta41

If you hate then you have a brain that feels like a pancake

91 I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris

This one of my favourite songs this is 100 percent not annoying

Can we just take a moment to relies ellie goulding can't sing she can only sing that stupid british accent

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92 Ocho Ocho - Bayani Agbayani

the worst song, lyrics, music and its for kids only. very annoying and repetitive. - ronluna

93 All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

There are 3 songs in the world that you could torture me with Single Ladies by Beyonce, Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani, and now this load of crap! I don't have words in my vocabulary (even expletives) to describe how much I hate this song. Other than the lyrics being asinine, her voice is so annoying! I haven't figured out if she just has that southern drawl in her voice or if she's trying to sound like a black singer.

You guys clearly don't understand the message of this song. It's about defying unrealistic beauty standards and uplifting those who aren't slim like Taylor swift or Ariana Grande. It's NOT dissing every skinny person, just the skinny people that diss the fatter people. I mean she even says "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top". I LOVE THIS SONG AND ITS MESSAGE.

To say I hate this song wouldn't be describing my true feelings... I F---ING DETEST THIS SONG! When Hollaback Girl came out I said I'll never hate a song more than that. Then along came Single Ladies and I said I'll never hate a song more than that. So now All About That Bass is that current song. It's another one of those dumb a-- songs that people find a stupid reason to like. "Oh, it's an empowerment song for curvaceous women" I don't give a f---, it's still an ignorant song!

This song was so absurdly overplayed that I just can't take it anymore. It is just some stupid song that for some reason people liked(don't ask me why). Somehow it even beat shake it off for 1 for EIGHT WEEKS. This song can be credited for starting maghan trainor's career but she barely did anything of note after this song anyway. Seriously this is one of the worst songs ever recorded

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94 Long Distance - The Naked Brothers Band

Their songs were just about as corny as their show.

95 Chain Hang Low - Jibbs

I know it's old but it still makes me *gag* makes me *gag* makes me *puke* makes me gag.

96 Paparazzi - Lady Gaga

Why this songs good

No way this is basically my favorite song! 😡

97 Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

I don't think it's annoying

It's not that annoying...

I hate this song

Why is this a song

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98 Are We In Love Yet - Shakespeare's Sister
99 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

I swear to God, I would pay for her plane ticket back to Australia if it meant Iggy Azalea never made another so-called piece of music again!

This song is just plain annoying - VideoGamefan5

This song is suck

I like this it is good by the way it also has Charlie xcx in

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100 Japanese Boy - Aneka V 1 Comment
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