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101 Alors On Danse - Stromae

Worst song ever. My school plays it all the time it is horrid I could kill Stromae for that piece of crap!

He sounds high in this song. I always imagine a pothead singing this.

102 Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

I don't think it's annoying

It's not that annoying...

I hate this song

Why is this a song

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103 Peaches - the Presidents of the United States of America
104 Chain Hang Low - Jibbs

I know it's old but it still makes me *gag* makes me *gag* makes me *puke* makes me gag.

105 Hey, Soul Sister - Train

I don't think this really is that bad of a song. At least it's not worse than "Anaconda" or "Shake it Off". - creed99

It repeats itself over and over

Better than Work

This song is good.

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106 I'm Out - The Naked Brothers Band

Naked Brothers Band should be cancelled, in fact, it should not have been in nickelodeon in the first place.

107 Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

OK! We Get It! You're Sad!

I think I might have been around 9 or 10 years old when this song came out! Well honestly I don't fully remember. But what I do remember was one time I was at a family gathering at a park in Seattle, Washington. And I Remember the whole time I was their one of my little cousins I had just met because we have a big family and we live so far apart from each other we only see each other mabey once every 3 years. And some of us just plain don't really know each other. But I remember the WHOLE F... ING TIME I WAS THERE, MY ANNOYING LITTLE COUSIN WAS SINGING THIS GARBAGE. Well need less to say I got tired of it and actually ended up punching him in the mouth. WHAT'S FUNNY IS, IT'S NOW 4 OR 5 YEARS LATER AND I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM SINCE!

Wow, I'm surprised at all the hate for this song. I think this is an excellent song and I think Leona Lewis is a great artist with a great voice.

It's a cool song, but it get annoying and old kinda fast.

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108 F*** You - Ce Lo Green

Uhh the singer is annoying, the beat is annoying, the lyrics suck, the lip singers can't lip sing, shall I continue. - lukestheman4

109 Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor

I kinda like this so

Does it look like I care

Meghan Trainor is amazing..i don't even know why this is on here

Not may fault I don't want a needy bitch

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110 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

People can like this artist if they want I have nothing against them but this song is so. Over. Played.

They're amazing

How can people say that it is so cool

I love this song. It's amazing 😍

111 Rude - Magic!

Honestly, I don't think this is bad, but I can see why others hate it. - Nick-brick8

Overplayed, and it has been a year, stop this please HollyWood.

Why do you have to be rude!? Who wants to listen to this crap!

Thi song is catchy, but has a bad message - VideoGamefan5

112 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Why isn't this higher? I'm losing my faith in humanity right now...

This is a not bad song but I'm saying this song is about human trafficking

Should Be Higher - VideoGamefan5


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113 OMG - Usher

Seriously? This should be number one on boring rhythmic chanting alone! Uh uh uh uh... Uh uh uh uh uh... NOO! Then take the guy saying he's "In Love"... But the rap is all about her sexiness and, as usual, making a woman into an object rather than a person. Icchh...13 year olds would want more!

I don't know this song, but anything by Usher deserves to be on this list

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114 Rude Boy - Rihanna

This song is 5 stars

This song is good and I don't think that is bad god damnit

Its good


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115 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) - Backstreet Boys V 3 Comments
116 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

I hate this song so much. The lyrics for Taylor Swift is so over played and so dumb. Then you add Kendrick Lamar. You think "The song would be great, right? " You're wrong. He is so stupid that he raps so lame and he isn't good at it. These 2 suck so much - kmyeakel

Just to hear the song start no need for the rest of it. Giving me Bad Headaches!

Her voice, awful! Shouting Bad Blood and it's Bad period.

I agree

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117 Cheerleader - Omi

That guys voice is so annoying and it's a stupid song altogether. - EileenKelly5

My brother loves this song and when it's on he tells me to be quiet so he can sing

This song is very very very good

Love ❤️ this song

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118 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

This is not an annoying song! If it's so bad, why in the heck would you listen to it in the first place! - EmperorCales

I'm going to quote Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil on this one; "Nirvana took music from being fun, let's have a party, and bang some chicks to I hate my life and want to kill my parents." I couldn't have said it better myself! Grunge/alternative music sucked in the 90's & it still sucks today! This list can actually full of grunge songs because that genre of music is the epitome of annoying! "A mosquito, my libido", what the hell does that even mean? I don't even think grunge music fans know what the hell their lyrics mean! This song is DEFINITELY ANNOYING and fits perfectly on this list.

You deserve to go to hell for hating this song

Whoever voted for this is idiotic and should die in a whole.

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119 Cake by the Ocean - Dnce

It's by one of the Jonas Brothers...which is as bad as Bieber...this song is a no talent joke, written by a kid from a brother band like Hanson. Hacks with no talent

DNCE is a horrible band in general, they just keep making bad songs (Toothbrush).

It's the worst song in the history of the world it makes me wanna kill DNCE


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120 Rumour Has It - Adele

WORST SONG EVER RECORDED. The melody makes my skin crawl. Adele is overrated but I have no idea how this one made the album.

I really like this song. How did it make the list?

I love this song

This is good actually I like adeles songs I think there good

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