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141 Fack - Eminem

Lol chorus sounds like Cartman that's why I like the song I feel a Cartman vibe on it

Eminem is the best. This song sort of sucked. literally. what idiot put Michael Jackson on here.

This should be 4th

One of Eminems worst pieces of work.

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142 All Star - Smash Mouth

SomeBODY once told me that Shrek's the best anime. Hey now, you're an All star - Lunala

Memes made it annoying - VideoGamefan5

Shrek destroyed this song...
Or this song destroyed Shrek...
I don't know

143 Bon Appetit - Katy Perry
144 Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts


145 My Way - Frank Sinatra

How is this anywhere near the most annoying song list. The greatest entertainer of all time: Frank Sinatra, sings the story of an old man on his deathbed reflecting on his life. Simple yet deep and Frank's voice is PERFECTION. What is there not to like about this?

146 Diva - Beyonce

I won't argue that this is an annoying song, but Single Ladies most definitely should have been on this list before this one. I hate that God---- song! And the video is even more annoying. Which is one more reason Kanye West needs a baseball bat across his head!

No beat. Stupid lyrics. It's not catchy at all. And it's repetitive. Capable of making you hate music. - Castiel

Real stupidity, useless grimaces, horrible dancing, stupid video - Alexandr

God should be way higher so annoying and no, diva isn't a female version of a hustler

147 The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas

This is just a ripoff of a 1980s classic! - creed99


148 Bodies - Drowning Pool

This songs awesome it shouldn't be here


149 I'm Like a Bird - Nelly Furtado

Jeez, this song is absolutely obnoxious! I hate the chorus so much! "I'm like a bird..." - just those four words is enough to make me want to puke my guts up! Super unoriginal lyrics, sung in the most irritating way possible...I can go on. So. Annoying.

150 Sorry - Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
151 Fight Song - Rachel Platten
152 Chained to the Rhythm - Katy Perry

I hate this song

153 Boomerang - JoJo Siwa
154 Miracle - Kimbra
155 Your Love is My Drug - Kesha

Some people like this song?
I bet the song has a hidden message saying people to listen this crap. - rock2metal

Kesha is the worst God---- singer in the history of music. Even worse than Britney Spears.

I love kesha but not this song

I loved d song for months it can't be called annoying or crappy

156 I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

That song basically tells about trying a lesbian act in curiousity. She only had three good songs (hot n' cold, Fireworks, and Part of me).

OH So EDGEY! Not. One of the dumbest songs, of that year. Katy Perry just catering to segments of the population for cash as usual.

Katy Perry did better and can do better. this is her worst song

Screw that bitch

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157 Umbrella - Rihanna

The most annoying, irritating, and pointless song there ever is. Have you seen the music video? She looks like a lonely lady asking somebody to stand under an umbrella with her. She's really talented, but this is the dummest song she's ever made.

Quite possibly the root cause for CB having to do community service. No joke friend of mine used to say it was being asked for before it happened... now only for someone to resolve the Beiber situation...

The only thing that makes a bad song worse is when it's played constantly! And this is one of those songs! When it first came out you couldn't find a radio station that wasn't playing it! And that 'Ella 'Ella,Ella is so damn annoying!

Terrible annoying talentless

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158 Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce

Totally agree with this one, but very disappointed that Single Ladies didn't make this list. I'll have to check the worst songs of all time list, maybe it's on there. That is one of the worst pieces of crap in music history!

I hate the song, I hear this song on my friend's phone and it gets me annoyed! I feel like taking my friends phone and delete that horrible dog food!

Why in the world is Dirty Diana on here!? That's like my favorite song ever! - PeterG28

This is and Single Ladies are two of the most awful songs in this world. And thinking that Beyonce is selling like hot cakes in spite of these terrible things...the US people, you pave become very tasteless since 90s

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159 Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna

This is a good song

Annoying, irritating, and overplayed.

This is a good song you bitch

160 You Da One - Rihanna

That's a stupid name, well I can't blame her. Slade would have made a song and names it the same thing, and Slade was amazing

She's on here more than any artist. She just needs to stick to being hot Because her music sucks!

This song is kinda meh

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