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161 From this Moment On - Shania Twain

Same basic chord progression as 99% percent of her songs, autotuned to hell, overplayed for the last eighteen years.

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162 Rock & Roll, Part 2 - Gary Glitter

The absolute worst piece of "music" ever! It is mostly a drum beat and random grunting with something that sounds like "Hey! " thrown in. This excrescence still turns up at sporting events. And Part 1 must be even worse, because no one has ever heard it.

I hate this song for the fact that Gary Glitter is a terrible person - themissourikid96

This is a classic what's wrong with you people

This is used so much for hockey games

163 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly V 1 Comment
164 Blue - Eiffel 65

This song is cancer for your ears, it even makes the Teletubbies look like Shakespeare. - jack2244

A great disrespect to my favorite color

Yet another torture weapon I could use. Watch out, bullies! - astroshark

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165 Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People V 2 Comments
166 B**** I'm Madonna - Madonna
167 Work - Rihanna

I can't even describe the annoyance and inappropriateness in words

How is this not higher? All the beginning is is a nauseating repetitious WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK - railfan99

168 M.I.L.F.$ - Fergie

Fergie sucks

This is easily the worst song by a female artist of 2016. -5/5. Period. - AlphaQ

169 Peppa Pig Theme Song - Peppa Pig


170 Fergalicious - Fergie

MOST ANNOYING SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. Nothing can top the stupid useless lyrics of this "song".

My God, the only thing worse than rap music,is rap music done by a white chick! Can anybody argue that "I'm so 2008, you so 2000 and late" is one of the worst lyrics of all time?!


171 Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

People must be INSANE to have this song on this list! If you ask me I think this is one of Michael Jackson's best songs! Love how he added the heavy metal guitar to this song.

This is a great song who is dumb enough to put it here

I think this is a decent song.

172 Hard White - Yelawolf

The worst song Ever...
Just listen to it and you will stop hearing songs for a week - shouryat2b

173 Unfaithful - Rihanna

This is probably one of my more favorite Rhianna songs.

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174 We Are Young - Fun.

Sometimes I wonder if it's humanly possible to actually like this song. If I wanted to hear someone sing off key, I'd listen to your sister-in law sing drunk karaoke. Sorry if I offended all you wannabe hipsters out there. Don't worry, that checkered shirt still looks good on you.

It's a waste of time listening to that awful song. All those drunk people & that little 12 year old boy with Justin Bieber style are braking the whole beautiful bar and driving the world insane. What a F... BLEEP song.

The beat is good but the lyrics are about beating a woman.

I like this osng

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175 The One that Got Away - Katy Perry

She can't sing plus I heard this song 6 times in one day on the radio

I can't stand any of Katy Perry's music and her endless promotion of gay marriage makes me like her even less.

Every time on the radio this song comes on! I hate it!

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176 Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

Autotune yelling into mic, congrats you're a musical artist. Now go dye your hair or something to look just as awful. Done.

WHAT IS SHE DOING, SHE HAS NO REAL SKILLS! She is a very untalented rapper. She has no "REAL" rap history.

Sophia grace and Rosie can sing better than Nicki minaj

I like this song it's good

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177 Bom Bom Bom - Sam & The Womp

It's just a dumb cowgirl shaking here but 1 millimeter away from the camra. Who ever likes that song... BLEEP!

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178 I'm Goin' Down - Bruce Springsteen

Yeah he sounds like he's going down!

179 Seasons In the Sun - Terry Jacks

It's old it's awful - it is far worse than any of the newer songs listed here - you yourself the disservice & listen to this garbage - better yet watch the video - it will help you understand why the 50yr old plus crowd has issues

180 Pon Pon Pon - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Oh lord, My ears are bleeding because of this song - GenoKenneth

I was surprised when I didn't find it in the list. So horrible and overrated. I'm a fan of Japanese music and THIS. IS. NOT. MUSIC. I rather stick a pencil in my ears than listen to her. Worst of all is that every weeaboo in my school claims to "love Japanese music" and when I start talking about real Japanese music, they just stare blankly. News flash: Liking Vocaloid and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu doesn't make you a fan of J-music. Only makes you look retarded. This so called "j-music fans" don't even know X Japan, Luna Sea, Buck-Tick or even the new popular stuff like Kalafina or The GazettE (Like gee, if you like "animay Kawaii desu~" so much you should at least know Kalafina -.- Don't get me wrong, it may look like I hate them, but I actually love Kalafina and their music). Heck, they don't even know the world-wide famous Japanese artists like L'arc~en~Ciel or B'z. The point is, the song is very annoying and a disgrace to Japanese music scene, and Kyary Pamyu ...more

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