Full-fledged List Analysis - 10 Most Annoying Stereotypes

NuMetalManiak Been awhile since I have done something like this? It's cause of some seriously hard schoolwork which has delayed my stuff. Also me looking at others who hate America for stupid reasons and pointing me to this list because people seriously can't get their head out of their ass.

1. All Arabs Are Terrorists: Nope, but they do suffer a lot from terrorism. Also the United Arab Emirates is a wealthy country.
2. Asians Are Good at Math: Depends on the math. I'm Asian and absolutely struggled with post-calculus work. And yet somehow, it still means I'm good at it.
3. All Black People Listen to Hip-Hop: Nope, but there are a lot of black hip-hop artists. The opposite stereotype, in that the only good white hip-hop artist is Eminem, is more annoying.
4. All Muslims Are Terrorists: Read #1.
6. All Black/African People Have Ebola and Aids: The people who think this are utterly demented.
7. All British People Drink Tea and Are Rich: I hate British people, but many are not rich or tea-drinkers. Many are, however, disgruntled and unemployed.
8. Whites Are Closed-Minded to Other Cultures: Anglo-Saxon culture has given way to this stereotype, one perpetuated by those that have been stereotyped to death. The reaction is worse than the reaction sometimes.
9. Mexicans Are Dumb Drunkards: Are you sure you don't mean drug dealers?
10. All Heavy Metal Artists Are Devil Worshipers: Stupid soccer mom logic at its finest.
11. All Americans Are Fat: What inspired me to make this. I'm American, I eat as much as fat people do, but I'm skinny.
12. Germans Are Nazi's: They don't want to hear that term anymore. Also there's no apostrophe.
13. Blacks Are Ghetto: Many of the ones in my city do live in terrible neighborhoods, which end up becoming ghetto culture.
14. Every Autistic Person is a Hopeless Manchild: The person who added this is a hopeless manchild.
15. Gay Men Act Like Girls: You're thinking of transgender women.
16. All Finnish people are gamers or metalheads.: What even is this stereotype?
17. A Woman's Place is In the Home: Don't oppress women. They will become far worse oppressors otherwise.
18. All Americans are Racist: ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE.
19. Mentally Ill People Are Violent: Pretty sure most mass shooters use mental illness as a way to avoid death penalty.
20. French People Are Cowards: Based off of their WWII actions? A lot of French people are just, well, douches.
21. All White Emos Want To Shoot Up Their School - Pretty sure this is another anti-American stereotype.
22. Bronies Are Fat, Sweaty, Unwashed, Autistic Neckbeards That Live In Their Mother's Basement: A whole package! Most of it is wrong too.
23. Blondes Are Stupid and Ditzy: You're basing this off of cartoons.
24. Homosexuals Are Devil Worshipers: Being Christian or Catholic has next to nothing to do with the ones who call homosexuals devil worshipers. And homosexuals aren't devil worshipers either.
25. French People Are Rude: This one tends to be true, but don't talk to them anyways and it'll be fine.
26. Religious People Are Crazy Fanatics: Everyone has at least some religion, even if it is atheism. How many crazed fanatics do you see every day?
27. All Finnish people speak English: This isn't a stereotype.
28. Asians Are the Model Race: They most definitely are not.
29. All Brits Are Snobs and Are Rich: The snobs part is partially correct, though this is a duplicate item.
30. Latinos Are Poor: Too many people of every ethnicity in the US and elsewhere are poor. Your point?
31. Native Americans Are Gamblers: Again, only found in fiction.
32. Piercings and Tattoos Are Goth: What if it was a brony tattoo or something?
33. Americans Suck At Everything: If anybody sucks at everything, it's people making stereotypes like this.
34. Filipinos Are Always Late: I'm always EARLY, beat that one.
35. Emos Cut Themselves: I have never seen one cut from them.
36. All Mexicans Are Illegal Immigrants: Thanks to Trump, several supporters think this. However, if they ARE illegal and are not naturalized to become citizens of the US, than there is some truth to this one.
37. All Teenagers Smoke: Never smoked once and never will.
38. All Mexicans Mow Lawns: I like mowing lawns and I'm not Mexican.
39. Irish People Are Always Drunk On Whiskey: You can actually blame some American culture on Ireland culture, believe it or not.
40. Canadians live in igloos: I have never seen one outside of a cartoon, so no.
41. All Teenagers Listen to Teen Pop: And subsequently only care for artist's looks.
42. Men are Sexist: From my experience, women can be just as sexist.
43. All Rappers are Black: Do I need to say it again.
44. Arabs Ride Camels to School: How many people have seen a real-life camel here?
45. All Atheists Are Evil: This is why people hate ALL Christians, because SOME Christians are thinking too much.
46. No Terrorists are White: Well a lot of famous mass murderers are white though, and they are just as bad.
47. Girls That Wear Makeup Are Barbies: So they are all fans of Nicki Minaj? I know, wrong Barbie, but still...
48. People of Italian Descent Always Have Tattoos: You've only met a few Italians in a gang and base them off of this.
49. All Home Schoolers Are Anti-Social Freaks: Nope.
50. All Republicans Are Racists: How come there are black Republicans like Ben Carson then?
51. All Girls Wear Jeans To Make Them Look Like Tomboys: What does this mean.
52. Asians Are Strict: Many of them actually are!
53. Black People Love Fried Chicken and Watermelon: I love both and I'm neither.
54. Jewish People Are Greedy: You only got this from fiction.
55. All Asians Like Rice: I hate some kinds of rice.
56. All Brunettes Are Tomboys: Why do we judge people by hair color?
57. All Jamaicans Smoke Weed: Poor Jamaica. Known for this moreso than being a Caribbean nation.
58. All Males are Perverted: Explain this one please.
59. All Asian Woman Are Maids: The maids I worked with in my last job were all black.
60. Jews Are Smarter Than Everyone Else: Greedy or smart? Pick one.
61. Australia Has the Most Dangerous Animals: Many really nasty ones exist there, compared to elsewhere. Most are at sea, though.
62. All Indians Are Black: WHAT?
63. All Younger Siblings Are Annoying: They can be, depending on your mood.
64. All African/African-Americans are Black: Um, duh.
65. Homosexuals Have HIV/AIDS: FALSE.
66. Canadians drink maple syrup and ride Polar Bears to school: This is an example of a really bad stereotype.
67. Asians Love to Abuse Animals: Do humans count? Because these stereotypes given definitely do count as abuse.
68. Tween Girls Love Boy Bands and Pink: I like boy bands and the color pink and I am not a tween girl.
69. Christians Hate Gays: Nah.
70. Colombian Women Have Big Butts: What say you, females?
71. If You Wear Glasses, You're a Nerd: Darn stereotypes are getting more and more obvious.
72. All Blondes Are Dumb: One half of #23
73. Pretty Girls Can't Be Intelligent: Completely false.
74. All Scenes Are Depressed Morons: What does this even refer to?
75. All Autistic People like Minecraft: I think Minecraft is cool and I don't have autism.
76. All Mississippians Are Republicans: Yes, Mississippi is conservative. Surprisingly, they have both a large black population and a large obese population. What do I think about this? I HAVE NO IDEA.
77. Asians Wear Straw Hats: We are all not like Raiden from Mortal Kombat, seriously.
78. Mexicans Are Workaholic: Have you seen Workaholics?
79. You Have to Be at Least This Tall and Black in Order to Play Basketball: Another one taken straight from South Park.
80. All Women are Bad Drivers: Bad drivers include: those who ride your ass without merging to a different lane, those who don't follow speed limit signs, those who speed over 20 over the speed limit, those who spray mist on your windshield, those who merge when YOU need to merge, those who take their sweet time turning on a side road, those who block the road WHEN turning, oh they are just endless, but not limited to one gender.
81. All South Koreans are Obsessed with the Internet: Similar to that one guy who died after playing Starcraft for 50 hours. But still a bad stereotype.
82. All Fat People are Jolly: Are they also holly and have nice white beard.
83. Old People Are Bad Drivers: To be fair, many shouldn't be driving at their age. But read #80.
84. Japanese Technology is Inferior: It is actually superior.
85. All Greeks Are Lazy: Because of the debt that they don't pay?
86. Brown People Are Cheap: Brown people. Brown. People.
87. Beautiful People Are Full of Themselves: All because of the most famous and controversial celebrities.
88. Shy People Are Weak: Shy Guys in Yoshi's Island are weak enemies, but they have so many variants. By that logic, shy people are the most diverse.
89. All Colombians Consume Cocaine: Nice alliteration. Unfortunately, Latino drug culture produced this stereotype.
90. Black Men Have Big Penises: Gross.
91. All Mexicans Clean Pools: Cleaning pools is the job of a typical maintenance worker.
92. Everyone from the Middle East is Muslim: What about the Jews in Israel?
93. Canadians are ugly: Ugly people exist in tandem with beautiful people all the time.
94. Men Never Experience Sexism: ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE.
95. Christians Hate Rock Artists: Have you heard of Decyfer Down, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, A Plea for Purging, or Skillet?
96. Filipinos Are Child Worshipers: Um, okay.
97. All Americans Are Stupid: Another one that inspired me to make this. Just because you are only familiar with the hicks doesn't mean the intellectuals who go to Harvard or something have to be lumped between.
98. Pit Bulls Are Naturally Vicious and Dangerous: I don't even get near dogs for real.
99. Puerto Ricans carry knives: You only say this because you saw West Side Story in class.
100. Finnish people aren't as nice as you think they are.: What's the deal with the Finnish hate?
101. Men Can't Be Raped: This gave me bad memories.
102. Liberals are Smart: Some are, many aren't.
103. Females Wear Boots or Heels: Heels are sexy, not sure about boots.
104. Jews Have Big Noses: I wonder why this isn't higher?
105. Southerners Are Fat, Stupid Rednecks: Several of the ones who live in bigger cities, like Virginia Beach, Atlanta, the Florida cities, Houston (well, before Hurricane Harvey), and Charleston definitely do not count.
106. Everyone Unique is a Hipster: Correct. Everyone in the world is a hipster. We are not clones.
107. All Swedish Girls Are Hot: I hate Scandinavian stereotypes.
108. Certain People from Different Place Always Have Accents: BIG DEAL. WHY DOES IT OFFEND YOU.
109. White People Are Too Afraid That People Will Call Them Racist: Actually this is true, because they know you are waiting to call them out on it.
110. All Australians Wear Cork Hats and Ride Kangaroos to School: No one rides anything but an actual motor vehicle to school nowadays.
111. White People Are Never Stereotyped and Never Get Racist Things Said to Them: So this is the opposite of 109 then.
112. Australians Are All Filthy Swine Who Drink Beer and Have Stupid Accents: Well, not all of this is untrue.
113. All White People Listen to Rock and Roll: So?
114. Christians Are Against Evolution: Darwinism wins again.
115. All Italians Love Spaghetti and Pizza: I love spaghetti and pizza and I'm not Italian.
116. Men Are Rapists: Pretty darn certain they aren't the only gender capable of rape.
117. Emotionless People Are Rebels: Maybe they are because face it, people get on their nerves.
118. Men Are Gross and Fat: Stupid, sexist stereotype.
119. Industrial Musicians Only Read Friedrich Nietzsche and William S. Burroughs: How many TheTopTens viewers are actually familiar with these two?
120. All Blonde Girls are Worried About How They Look: Are you worried?
121. All Cops Love Donuts: I like donuts and I'm not a cop.
122. All Russians are Communists: They got rid of communism a long time ago.
123. Blacks Are Bullies: Some of those who are half-black are worse bullies than whites or actual blacks.
124. All Republicans support Donald Trump: Colin Powell didn't.
125. Asians Have Crooked/Big Teeth: No.
126. All Russians are Criminals: Nope.
127. All Syrians Are Terrorists: There's a lot of problems with that nation, but terrorism isn't what everyone in Syria does.
128. All Mac Users are Gay: What, why, when.
129. All Pop Songs are Meaningless: Nope.
130. Canadians say "eh" after every sentence: Eh?
131. Afghans are Dumb Horse-Riders: Have you rode a horse before?
132. Muslims Say the Takbir Every Minute: What is Takbir?
133. Somalis are Pirates: Thanks media, you screw with people's minds and make them think stereotypes.
134. White People Can't Rap: Eminem called, he says you're wrong.
135. All Scotsmen Wear Kilts and Are Alcoholics: Hoot man, why are they just standing there? Are they taunting us nue? I half-expect them to turn, and lift their crussssty steel kilts!
136. Pale People Are Vampires: Are they emo, goth, or vampires? Pick one.
137. Brits Have Bad Teeth: Stop looking at people's teeth
138. Chinese Walk Around With Their Fingers Stretching Their Eyes: This is just the most retarded thing I have read tonight.
139. Black People Can't Have Long Hair Like Any Other Race: Including the women?
140. Everyone In Britain Speaks the Same: No, no they do not.
141. Mexicans Are Maids: Do I have to repeat what I said earlier.
142. Asians Are Always Japanese/Chinese/Korean, Never Indian or Arab: You forgot Filipino, Thai, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Mongolian, and Malaysian.
143. East Asian Men Have Small Penises: Awful, awful stereotype.
144. Russians Want War: What about the American equivalent?
145. Swedish Women Are Hot: Enough.
146. All Lawyers Are Dishonest: Prove that.
147. Nice People Are Pushovers: A pushover is easy to get by, regardless if they are nice or not.
148. Germans Are Sexy: I wonder who this commenter is, always calling hot and sexy ugly all the time.
149. Blacks Have Sex Just for Fun: What?
150. Black People Are Criminals: What perpetuated the BLM movement to its modern state.
151. Gay Guys Can't Appreciate Modern Music: Untrue.
152. People of the Same Ethnicity Look Alike: Can you explain in further detail?
153. All Muslims Want to Destroy the World: People who make these stereotypes want to destroy the world.
154. Christians Hate Heavy Metal Artists: I just mentioned a few good ones above. Also Your Memorial.
155. All Rock Artists Are Devil Worshipers: I am real sick and tired of this stupid soccer mom logic.
156. All Atheists Are Devil Worshipers: Atheists are not satanists.
157. All Northern-English People Are Farmers: Farmers exist everywhere.
158. Australian People Saying "G'day Mate": Awful phrase.
159. All Americans Don't Know Anything About Other Countries: I think most people who talk about America know absolutely nothing about this country either, and are basing their stereotypes off of other ones.
160. Goth and Emo Are the Same Thing: South Park proved that one wrong, I believe.
161. Goths Are All Punks: Two different types of people, yet again.
162. All Black Metal Artists Are Evil and Satanic: Actually this ends up being true.
163. All Prisoners are Rapists: What about those who are victims of it over there?
164. No Democrats are Racist: Yet another one that is one hundred percent false.
165. Furries Are All Disgusting Zoophiles: Where did you all come up with the term Zoophile?
166. All People who lived in the Confederacy liked slavery: I can definitely say this is 100% untrue. The Confederacy fought for states rights, not slavery, and blacks did not get a lot of rights in the North. There was more discrimination there than there was in the South too. They don't teach you that in history class, don' t they? All about slavery to them. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation didn't free a single slave either, it was meant to tell the Europeans to not get involved.
167. Southerners Live In Filthy Trailers: I think stereotype makers live in filthy trailers.
168. Latins watch Latin Soap operas: Well at least it's in their language.
169. Men Are Pedophiles: You will notice a lot of women don't get referenced on this list.
170. All Chinese People are Good at Building Walls: Based off of that one South Park episode.
171. Germans Have No Sense of Humor: Stereotypers have the worst sense of humor, so Germans are better than they are.
172. Men Smell Bad: I hate women sometimes.
173. All McJuggerNuggets Fans Are 12 And Under: Way too specific.
174. All animation fans hate live action shows.: They grow up with animations, but live action shows are quite boring anyways.
175. Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network fans like to draw fetish art.: It exists everywhere, not just here.
176. All Chinese supports the invasion of the South China Sea!: You had to add the exclamation mark. This list is dead.
177. All Lesbians Have Short Hair: Where are you getting this from.
178. All Linux Users are Pedophiles: Wrong, I use Unix sometimes and this is totally wrong.
179. All Autistics are Obsessed with Sonic: You are basing this off of ONE GUY.
180. All 12 Year Olds are Immature Brats: All stereotyping people are immature brats.
181. All Crossdressers are Gay: This is actually not true.
182. All Cisgender People are Transphobic: This is DEFINITELY not true.
183. British People are Cynical Narcissists: Most of the people I meet online from Britain do fit this criteria for some reason.
184. All Pop Artists are Talentless: So Michael Jackson is also talentless? He was also an inventor.
185. All One Direction fans support #Cut4Zayn: Again, too specific.
186. British People Have Ugly Teeth: WHY DO WE LOOK AT PEOPLE'S TEETH, SERIOUSLY.
187. Vodka is practically the only thing that Russian people drink: I hate drink names in general.
188. All Africans are Starving: There are some very good places in Africa. You have not been to one of those places.
189. All Muslims Screw Goats: Okay, you people would do anything to get anything on a list.
190. All Atheists are Reasonable: Reasonable people are those that don't make stupid stereotypes.
191. All Christians are Nutcases: Those reasonable people above are not nutcases either.
192. All Tajiks Shave Their Beard: Those same reasonable people above are not nitpicky either.
193. All Tomboys are Lesbians: Those same reasonable people above are not incredibly judgmental towards others.
194. All Tomboys Hate Girly Girls: Those same reasonable people clearly have a life, unlike those who stereotype.
195. Anime is for Kids: Well, there is the 4Kids block, but the anime elitists that want "harder" anime are gonna hate that. Shouldn't the name 4Kids mean something?
196. New Country Music is All About Alcohol, Trucks, and Girls.: Old country music was about that too.

Be a smart person and don't stereotype. You base a whole group off of one thing you saw from just one or two people, you stereotype. And quit hating on a country that has done quite a lot of good things in comparison to their bad things. Also study history properly.


Good post, could I stereotype you? - Skullkid755

No - NuMetalManiak

Okay fat American. - Skullkid755

You're an American too you know. and probably fatter. - NuMetalManiak

Also I'm part of a different group of people who can't actually be stereotyped because we have perfect counters to things. Please read #190-#194. - NuMetalManiak

1. To prove you wrong I'll upload a picture of my whole body, not just a selfie.
2. True. Actually, false. You just stereotyped the whole group. - Skullkid755

Reasonable people are reasonable.

It's the literal definition, so it's not a stereotype by that logic.

Reasonable people aren't nutcases, nitpicky, don't make stupid stereotypes, have a life, and are not incredibly judgmental towards others is a stereotype in a sense that it is a specific and accurate definition of one. - NuMetalManiak

Let's just forget this happened. - Skullkid755

Here's where I completely forgot I should have made one that was related to the holiday this one apparently was created on. - NuMetalManiak

Valentine's Day specials are usually my least favorite so that's fine by me. - Skullkid755

I haven't seen the entire post because I didn't have enough time, but is "All Christians are homophobic", in here? It is SO annoying and offensive to us Christians. We're not all bad just because the Westboros Baptist Church is bad. - Not_A_Weeaboo

It's number #69 - NuMetalManiak