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41 Men are Sexist

I am a woman and I find this stereotype to be extremely annoying. Not all men are terrible just because you believe that they think that they are better than you.

They are sexist - dorothydaawesome

Isn't it normally women who say this... hm... ironic much?

Actually there is sexism from both Genders
when you're 5 you say "girls are icky" and stuff like that - Adventurur2

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42 Arabs Ride Camels to School

Yes, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait, they have Camel Stops at the neighborhoods.

Now this is just goofy, who thinks this is true, not just as a joke?

I thought they rode magic carpets to school.

I've seen it with my own eyes

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43 All Atheists Are Evil

Look, Atheism is not the hating of God, but the rejection of spiritual beliefs. That doesn't make me evil! In fact, people are often shocked when they learn I'm Atheist and they say "But, you're so... sweet...". - DogsUnleashed

I'm an atheist and Christians always say that because I don't think that God is real I'm a terrible person. Despite the fact that they said good things about me up until they learned I know God is not real. I am 100% sure I am correct.

Atheism is the lack of beliefs. How does that make them evil?

No we are not - NikoX

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44 All Rappers are Black

Not true we think about MGK, Mac Miller, Eminem, and Riff Raff just to name a few.


45 People of Italian Descent Always Have Tattoos

I don't have tattoos, thank you very much - kaitlynrad11

I don't have tattoos and neither do my parents and siblings.

I'm Italian and I didn't not have tattoos may be you do!

I know two people of this, and they ain't got tattoos.

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46 All Home Schoolers Are Anti-Social Freaks

I'm homeschooled and I have too many friends to count. I am pretty much the opposite of antisocial

I am homeschooled and I have already had 3 girlfriends and lots of good friends, and I am a Christian, but I'm not a religious nut like most people would think haha

Ridiculously untrue. I am more social than most of my public schooler friends.

Am homeschooled and anti-social. Just my shy personality, I am always shy and can't help it. People aleays overlook me and the first thing people say when I meet them is "Oh, you're very silent." I also don't want to deal with cakey popular girlthots. - Lunala

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47 All Teenagers Listen to Teen Pop

I just so happen to be a teenager. I do listen to pop but I am 100% sure that not all teenagers listen to pop. I also like to listen to other types of music. To me, it depends on the song, not it's Genre.

I would rather listen to Green Day than Teen Pop! - BoredJeff02

In my teen hood, I was mostly listening to Rock, Metal, Punk, 80s and etc. I listened to some Pop but not always. - LeRoiDesSapins

No, we don't - NikoX

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48 No Terrorists are White

That is definitely not true there is many white terrorist along with other races

There's a lot of terrorists for every race.

What about the KKK - GriffinDoge

Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist and he was white

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49 Girls That Wear Makeup Are Barbies


50 All Republicans Are Racists

I'm guessing this started because of Donald Trump - Ihateschool

Because of...

51 All Girls Wear Jeans To Make Them Look Like Tomboys

Jeans are (way way way) more comfortable than skirts or dresses. That's the reason I wear jeans - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Actually, I wear jeans because they're comfortable and they make my butt look good

Jeans are comfy. I hate fake tomboys who pretend they're tomboys when they're not. In my opinion most tomboys don't wear ugly crop tops and prozzie clothes, and instead wear regular shirts which are more common on males. - Lunala

Nowadays, every female wears jeans and even girly girls. - pineliek

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52 Asians Are Strict

Is Ryan Higa strict no he isn't he is very funny and nice to his fans - Ihateschool

The main reason this isn't true: Ryan Higa. - naFrovivuS

That is for real though...its scary

True. u should look at my parents. - dorothydaawesome

53 Black People Love Fried Chicken and Watermelon

I don't get this whole "WATERMELON" thing. I don't even know where that CAME from in the first place.

I like fish and I find the fact that people are always saying we always eat chicken and watermelon is offensive. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Most of these black stereotypes are targeted towards African Americans. - NikoX

My favorite food is ice cream

I'm black and I don't like watermelon

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54 All Brunettes Are Tomboys

Stupid. My sister is a brunette and she is often classified as a tomboy. However, the likelihood of her being a tomboy is like saying cows can ACTUALLY jump over moons.

This stereotype is mine because I have brunette hair and I'm a tomboy.

I'm neither(tomboy nor girly girl), as I'm a brunette.

I'm a brunette tomboy. O. - Lunala

55 All Asian Woman Are Maids

WHAT THE HELL?! This is stupid, it's not true. Who came up with this one?

Not all, maybe some are but don't always assume that an Asian woman is a maid just because she is an Asian woman.

Some people are in need of a good spanking - Golder

Go to Kuwait,Bahrain,Qatar,UAE,or Oman you will have proof

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56 Jews Are Smarter Than Everyone Else

Jews are smart.. But everyone is equal

Please far from it, never heard this one.

We are not equal in smartness or everyone is different

What about Asian people - GriffinDoge

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57 Australia Has the Most Dangerous Animals

I live in Australia and this is kinda true I mean there are people who have been beat up by kangaroos (though that is because they pissed them off)

Yeah, we do have lots of spiders and snakes but other countries also have poisonous animals. Also, drop bears aren't real so don't worry. - Lunala

The koala and the kangaroo may seem like cute innocent animals, but when they merge to form a Koagaroo, you're in big trouble.

This is actually true. Box jellyfishes? Aussie. Funnel web spider? In Aussie. Bull sharks? In Aussie. Taipans? In Aussie. Dingos? In Aussie. Kangaroos? In Aussie. Humans? In Aussie. Mosquitoes? IN AUSSIE! All the animals there are cool though (except humans and mosquitoes)
I forgot the crocodile. Still in Aussie.

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58 All Indians Are Black

This is absolutely wrong and makes NO sense

This is not true, nor is it a real stereotype

They're orange "curry"

They're brown - GriffinDoge

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59 All Younger Siblings Are Annoying

Kinda true lol. My friend has a younger sibling like me, and she said that taking care of him is a huge pain on the neck - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My younger sibling is great. I don't think I could bare without him.

Yes my brother is annoying

True - GriffinDoge

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60 All Asians Like Rice

Chicken fried rice *in Asian accent

No they also like the noodle that was in one of nigahigas videos


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