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61 All African/African-Americans are Black

I have a friend who is African and white, so why do people say that? - doodie

Those who say that have never been to the Sahara or South Africa... - DieGedankenSindFrei

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62 All Jamaicans Smoke Weed

Case in point:all Jamaican Nyan Cats are sh.own to be smoking. Not all Jamaicans are like that...

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63 Homosexuals Have HIV/AIDS

Well what do you think sticking your penis in a man's anus will do?

64 Asians Love to Abuse Animals

My girlfriend is Asian and she volunteers at animal rescue shelters and wrote an essay on why more people should adopt animals from shelters - AngryMetalhead

Seen among many viral animal cruelty videos. Insulting as many Asians are against such practices.

Complete opposite! I love animals a lot. Heck, I even saved a centipede, a wasp, a cockroach, a fly, and made a short "funeral" for 3 dead bees - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Not true Ryan Higa has a dog named Marley amd he treats him very nicely - Ihateschool

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65 Jewish People Are Greedy

How the heck is that even true? Bill gates isn't Jewish, look at him! Jesus WAS Jewish, is he greedy?

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66 Colombian Women Have Big Butts
67 All Blondes Are Dumb

This is so annoying...

So stupid it had to be on the list twice. - SansTheComic

This was higher up on the list

No offense but most are...

68 Pretty Girls Can't Be Intelligent

When we say pretty, we mean by those who care more about their looks than their intelligence. I know a few intelligent girls you may consider pretty, but that's because they care more about their grade.

I know a lot of pretty girls. In fact, this stereotype is stupid as hell. I'm a pretty girl. I have great grades, and I can talk like a professor, and I'm almost fifteen.

This stereotype is in males as well. I heard of a man from Austria who is very attractive to most people but he got terrible grades - pineliek

Actually, the pretty girls at school are much more smarter than the non-pretty girls. - LeRoiDesSapins

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69 All Scenes Are Depressed Morons V 3 Comments
70 All Autistic People like Minecraft

I'm autistic and I can care less about liking Minecraft. I ain't played that game in years.

What does autism have to do with a game? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Damn right a5 for the win my autistic brothers dard

I'm autistic and I'm not a huge fan of Minecraft. - LeRoiDesSapins

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71 All Mississippians Are Republicans

Mississippi is pretty conservative

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72 Asians Wear Straw Hats

I've never heard of this stereotype before. - LordOfTheOnionRings

Only farmers

73 You Have to Be at Least This Tall and Black in Order to Play Basketball

Hi, I'm Michael Jordan.

Stop it. Get some help. - xandermartin98

74 Old People Are Bad Drivers

This is crap and it is also true and if you seriously believe old people are just as good drivers then that could be dangerous

Not bad, just slow...

Fake. My grandfather is 75 years old and he is an excellent driver.

My dad's almost sixty! He only has one eye too and he's STILL good at driving.

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75 Japanese Technology is Inferior

Haha... Sony, Toyota, Nintendo, Suzuki, and COUNTLESS other Japanese brands prove this wrong. - MeowMix

Seriously, don't be dumb. Japan has some of the best technology in the world! - PositronWildhawk

They have so much awesome stuff over there. Like, some things over there are completely useless but are amazing. I need to go there someday. - SansTheComic

Lol, this is so untrue it's laughable. - drdevil

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76 All Greeks Are Lazy

More like, "All Greeks Are Great Cooks And Owns Restaurants." - LeRoiDesSapins

Really. Just really.

Yeah I hate grekans

Yes boi lazy

77 Brown People Are Cheap

Wait, does this mean slavery? Also, who says brown people? I'm confused.

The person who put this list item on here is racist. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Whoever thought of that is a racist cow

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78 Beautiful People Are Full of Themselves

Well, a lot of people call me pretty. But I never brag. If anyone is like this, It's those annoying popular school girls - MLPFan

I'm very pretty, at least I think so, and I'm not full of myself. This stereotype isn't all true. But, I know a few people that this support.

I'm very very very very beautiful and still modest

This is so true

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79 All Colombians Consume Cocaine

I'm Colombian and I haven't even seen cocaine...

80 Black Men Have Big Penises

Who even says this... this is hilarious!

I have a friend who is black, and his is like 2 inches it's hilarious

This is funny because everyone thinks this, but this isn't true lol just know its not true

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