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81 Christians Hate Gays

That is totally inaccurate. I'm a Christian and yeah homosexuality creeps me out a little but I try to respect every person I meet

I'm Christian and in totally fine with gay people I have a gay friend

Um actually A LOT of Christians hate the idea of homosexuals. They think the whole world revolves around them.(Christians do) just because some is a homosexual may be a sin toyon but you can't tell them that they're going to hell. That's a little extremist. A LOT of Christians take their religions to the extremes.

I'm one myself and I DON'T support it; but that doesn't mean I hate them

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82 If You Wear Glasses, You're a Nerd

This isn't true. I know a good bit of people that wear glasses. One of them may be weird, but I doubt she's a nerd.

Honestly, this is not true. I mean seriously I know about seventy people who wear glasses and aren't nerds!

That is so not true

A nerd wears glasses because he/she was playing too many video games and was looking at books too much.
An idiot wears glasses because he/she was watching a T.V. marathon.

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83 All Americans Are Stupid

Well, in my area, this is...sort of true? It sometimes feels like I'm the only one who is decently intelligent (only decently). Sure, that may be because I go to a school with kids who either have anger issues or whose minds are totally destroyed.

We aren't all stupid. To broaden this out, let's make this "Whites are Stupid." I"m mostly white, and I'm smart. I know a few white people better than me at math. I know a few Asians only in the average. I am not trying to flip the stereotypes, but still, just get rid of them. Oh, and let's take into mind that Einstein was white?

More like 49-57 percent are stupid Americans.

Most of the people claiming this are accusing people from the U.S. of being close-minded and snobby, but they fail to realize they're huge bigots, and are actually worse than homophobes in a lot of ways. Also, just because we don't watch Soccer often doesn't make us bad people.

84 Puerto Ricans carry knives

All of the weapon stereotypes need to stop.

I hate when people say this because I don't even carry one nor does my family. Its something that came from places like NYC I live here and its still a stereotype. That stuff died in the 90s, and probably came about because P.RS were the biggest latino group in NYC in the 60s,70s, and 80s and gangs were everywhere back then.

85 Mexicans Are Workaholic
86 Finnish people aren't as nice as you think they are.

I have a friend who is Finnish and he's surprisingly very nice, by nice I mean he can be a little too nice.

87 Men Can't Be Raped

Who says they can't! It just takes a lot of effort, I imagine.

88 Southerners Are Fat, Stupid Rednecks

No. We're not all like that. The South does have fat stupid rednecks, but so does every part of the US. And just like other regions, we have intelligent people who stay fit and have no interest in the redneck lifestyle.

Oh my god this is so offensive. I was born in the heartland of this stereotype, and I'm not no stupid fat redneck. I happen to be one of the smartest people in my class.

Look at honey boo boos mom! She looks like she ate half of our population and so does her fat ass daughter! Care to explain?! I mean she got 4 chins!

I am so angry, I can't even say anything to this.

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89 Everyone Unique is a Hipster

By this logic, everyone in the world is a hipster then. Everyone's unique in their own ways - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

90 All Swedish Girls Are Hot

No they are not all hot many actually are ugly as hell gosh I hate this stereotype

I find this untrue they have a are about as hot as Americans or Canadians.

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91 Certain People from Different Place Always Have Accents
92 White People Are Too Afraid That People Will Call Them Racist

I'm black, Seriously. Racsist is the N word for white people. It's a stereotype that is sadly true and I hate it

Seriously? I bet some racist black dude added this - AnonymousChick

This is untrue one of my best friends is black

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93 All Australians Wear Cork Hats and Ride Kangaroos to School

Not true but that is hilarious we only say g,day mate when we are meeting up with a friends or just comin to say hi to your family.

I'm Aussie and we don't always wear cork hats and sing "G'day mate" every 5 seconds.

And they sound like someone jammed a spark plug down their throats!

This may be the wackiest one so far!

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94 White People Are Never Stereotyped and Never Get Racist Things Said to Them

So true. I'm fed up of whites being the racist race. What about all the Middle Easterners and African terrorists, they're nor white are they? What about Saudi Arabia where there are streets for Muslims and streets for non Muslims? Just think people...

Are you kidding? We get the most racist things said to us in the world! Some people KILL us because we are white...

Especially considering how when it comes to things like being athletic, singing or any amazing physical feats. All anybody says now is how much white people suck at everything

The list, people.

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95 Shy People Are Weak

I'm shy. I don't start conversations. When people ignore me, I wait. But when it comes to bullies and buttheads, prepare to get 1 a beat up and 2 a shower of curses.

Once I had a dream where the bully was being mean to me (again) and I literally started beating him up. - AnonymousChick

Sofia Paredes this is another sterotype that isn't true my sister she is 9 the shyest person you'll ever meet it was her first day at school and we were eating breakfast when a 3rd grader walked up to her and took her food my sister had got up and asked for her tray back so the bully sat down and started to eat her food my sister fought back she got her food back the bully had spit in it then pushed my sister my sister then felt threatened and punched the kid he was out old not all shy people are weak (sorry for any misspelled words)

Not true! I am NOT shy and I am one of the top ten people that are weak in my class

I'm shy and I don't take crap from anyone. They'd get bashed in an instant. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I just want to be alone that's all. Is that problem? - NikoX

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96 Australians Are All Filthy Swine Who Drink Beer and Have Stupid Accents

No, this is true. Seriously. - GlidedNoo

I love austrailian accents!

Not trying to be racist but that's so true

Yeah dard I drik a carton of vb a night and damn it tastes goood

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97 All Mexicans Clean Pools

Well, if you have a pool, you should probably clean it. So what your saying is that all Mexicans have pools? Alrighty then. - SansTheComic

No not true some of them clean toilets


98 Tween Girls Love Boy Bands and Pink

I never liked boy bands when I was a tween. Again, I would rather listen to a Metallica song than Justin Bieber. Though I did like pink, that is sorta true.

I despise pink, and I don't really listen to boy bands. - DogsUnleashed

Nah; I'm ten, and I frequently listen to solo music. I also like the color PURPLE.

My mom still gets mad at my 13 year old self because I love Marilyn Manson

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99 Christians Hate Rock Artists

I'm Christian and my favorite music artist is Fall out boy.

Wow... I'm a devout Christian and have a STRONG LOVE for Panic! At the Disco

I'm Christian and I have nothing against rock artists. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Wow this is the biggest crock ever lol.

100 Christians Are Against Evolution

The Pope isn't against evolution - A_Guy

Maybe because the Pope is Catholic!

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