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81 Old People Are Bad Drivers

This is crap and it is also true and if you seriously believe old people are just as good drivers then that could be dangerous

Not bad, just slow...

Fake. My grandfather is 75 years old and he is an excellent driver.

My grandma sucks at driving. - Lunala

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82 Japanese Technology is Inferior

Haha... Sony, Toyota, Nintendo, Suzuki, and COUNTLESS other Japanese brands prove this wrong. - MeowMix

Seriously, don't be dumb. Japan has some of the best technology in the world! - PositronWildhawk

They have so much awesome stuff over there. Like, some things over there are completely useless but are amazing. I need to go there someday. - SansTheComic

The irony. - Lunala

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83 All Greeks Are Lazy

More like, "All Greeks Are Great Cooks And Owns Restaurants." - LeRoiDesSapins

Really. Just really.

Yeah I hate grekans

NO. I have a Greek woman for my English teacher in school. I think she’s the hardest worker of all of my teachers.

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84 Brown People Are Cheap

Wait, does this mean slavery? Also, who says brown people? I'm confused.

The person who put this list item on here is racist. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Whoever thought of that is a racist cow

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85 Beautiful People Are Full of Themselves

Well, a lot of people call me pretty. But I never brag. If anyone is like this, It's those annoying popular school girls - MLPFan

I'm very pretty, at least I think so, and I'm not full of myself. This stereotype isn't all true. But, I know a few people that this support.

I'm very very very very beautiful and still modest

This is so true

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86 Shy People Are Weak

I'm a coward but I can be strong at times. I am also stronger than I seem. I am often underestimated and overlooked. Most people only ever see my introverted shy self, not my truly tomboyish nature. - Lunala

I'm shy. I don't start conversations. When people ignore me, I wait. But when it comes to bullies and buttheads, prepare to get 1 a beat up and 2 a shower of curses.

Once I had a dream where the bully was being mean to me (again) and I literally started beating him up. - AnonymousChick

Shy people are much nicer than you think. The ones that are shy usually wants to be friends with you. - LeRoiDesSapins

...HAHAAHA! Ah, wow this is hillarious!

I used to be borderline shy, but lets just say you never want to mess with me. When I got into middle school I felt annoyed by an 8th grader so I broke his nose and threatened to hack his computer if he told anyone. And as for physical strength, I can beat everyone in the school in an arm wrestle, everyone except this one guy that is. This year we have a running record for me beating him 5 times, and him beating me 7. (he kinda fractured my arm during our 6th arm wrestle, so I was outa it for about two weeks and he got 4 free wins)

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87 All Colombians Consume Cocaine

I'm Colombian and I haven't even seen cocaine...

88 Black Men Have Big Penises

Who even says this... this is hilarious!

I have a friend who is black, and his is like 2 inches it's hilarious

This is funny because everyone thinks this, but this isn't true lol just know its not true

89 All Mexicans Clean Pools

They also clean toilets, mow lawns, sell tacos or teach Spanish - GriffinDoge

Well, if you have a pool, you should probably clean it. So what your saying is that all Mexicans have pools? Alrighty then. - SansTheComic

No not true some of them clean toilets


90 Everyone from the Middle East is Muslim

The Jewish state of Israel is in the Middle East - A_Guy

Not true. There are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. all over the Middle East. No one knows that much because Muslims keep killing them

1. Israel is in The Middle East but it's not muslim
2. There are some christians in the Middle East
3. Yeah some countries like bahrain, oman and other arab countries except for israel are muslim but there are some other religions practiced in the middle east. - TheChipotleAnt

91 Canadians are ugly

Where do you get this information! I'm Canadian and I know some very beautiful people! So stop with the Canadian stereotypes!

My friend moved down to America from Canada and when he came to meet me back in Canada he had a hot girlfriend so this stereotype is not true.

I've heard of another stereotype about Canada, eh?

Where'd this come from? - SansTheComic

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92 Men Never Experience Sexism

Yeah they do. Allow me to introduce you to my 5th grade class, or the girls, to be precise.

Hyper-Feminists. - Lunala

I'm a transgender boy and my dad thinks boys always behave and girls misbehave. I say that is sexist but then he replies saying that it is not sexism - pineliek

RIP Harambe

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93 Christians Hate Gays

That is totally inaccurate. I'm a Christian and yeah homosexuality creeps me out a little but I try to respect every person I meet

I'm Christian and in totally fine with gay people I have a gay friend

Um actually A LOT of Christians hate the idea of homosexuals. They think the whole world revolves around them.(Christians do) just because some is a homosexual may be a sin toyon but you can't tell them that they're going to hell. That's a little extremist. A LOT of Christians take their religions to the extremes.

I'm one myself and I DON'T support it; but that doesn't mean I hate them

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94 Christians Hate Rock Artists

I'm Christian and my favorite music artist is Fall out boy.

Okay, I love Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, but they're definitely not rock music

Wow... I'm a devout Christian and have a STRONG LOVE for Panic! At the Disco

Wow this is the biggest crock ever lol.

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95 Filipinos Are Child Worshipers

I have a Filipino friend, and I think they are more of child sacrificers

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96 All Americans Are Stupid

Well, in my area, this is...sort of true? It sometimes feels like I'm the only one who is decently intelligent (only decently). Sure, that may be because I go to a school with kids who either have anger issues or whose minds are totally destroyed.

We aren't all stupid. To broaden this out, let's make this "Whites are Stupid." I"m mostly white, and I'm smart. I know a few white people better than me at math. I know a few Asians only in the average. I am not trying to flip the stereotypes, but still, just get rid of them. Oh, and let's take into mind that Einstein was white?

Americans are pretty dumb I mean they let Hillary run for president - Carri796

More like 49-57 percent are stupid Americans.

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97 Pit Bulls Are Naturally Vicious and Dangerous

A pitbull mix lives next door to me and she is friendly. It took me a few months to get used to her, I'll admit. - 906389

Depends on how you treat them. I see many pit bull owners saying that their pit bull(s) wouldn't hurt a fly. - Lunala

All of my dogs are pit bulls! They are really friendly too, and live in the house.

Illegal in Britain.

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98 Puerto Ricans carry knives

All of the weapon stereotypes need to stop.

I hate when people say this because I don't even carry one nor does my family. Its something that came from places like NYC I live here and its still a stereotype. That stuff died in the 90s, and probably came about because P.RS were the biggest latino group in NYC in the 60s,70s, and 80s and gangs were everywhere back then.

99 Finnish people aren't as nice as you think they are.

I have a friend who is Finnish and he's surprisingly very nice, by nice I mean he can be a little too nice.

100 Men Can't Be Raped

Who says they can't! It just takes a lot of effort, I imagine.

They can. - Lunala

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