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101 Liberals are Smart

I've heard em say the most ignorant things ever - 1337

102 Females Wear Boots or Heels
103 Southerners Are Fat, Stupid Rednecks

No. We're not all like that. The South does have fat stupid rednecks, but so does every part of the US. And just like other regions, we have intelligent people who stay fit and have no interest in the redneck lifestyle.

Oh my god this is so offensive. I was born in the heartland of this stereotype, and I'm not no stupid fat redneck. I happen to be one of the smartest people in my class.

Look at honey boo boos mom! She looks like she ate half of our population and so does her fat ass daughter! Care to explain?! I mean she got 4 chins!

I am so angry, I can't even say anything to this.

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104 Everyone Unique is a Hipster

By this logic, everyone in the world is a hipster then. Everyone's unique in their own ways - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

105 All Swedish Girls Are Hot

No they are not all hot many actually are ugly as hell gosh I hate this stereotype

It's a very true true statement

I find this untrue they have a are about as hot as Americans or Canadians.

This isn't a bad stereotype to have but ok - Co0lk1d25

106 Certain People from Different Place Always Have Accents
107 White People Are Too Afraid That People Will Call Them Racist

I'm black, Seriously. Racsist is the N word for white people. It's a stereotype that is sadly true and I hate it

Seriously? I bet some racist black dude added this - AnonymousChick

This is untrue one of my best friends is black

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108 All Australians Wear Cork Hats and Ride Kangaroos to School

Not true but that is hilarious we only say g,day mate when we are meeting up with a friends or just comin to say hi to your family.

I'm Aussie and we don't always wear cork hats and sing "G'day mate" every 5 seconds.

And they sound like someone jammed a spark plug down their throats!

Haha.. no Australian rides a kangaroo to school

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109 White People Are Never Stereotyped and Never Get Racist Things Said to Them

So true. I'm fed up of whites being the racist race. What about all the Middle Easterners and African terrorists, they're nor white are they? What about Saudi Arabia where there are streets for Muslims and streets for non Muslims? Just think people...

Are you kidding? We get the most racist things said to us in the world! Some people KILL us because we are white...

Especially considering how when it comes to things like being athletic, singing or any amazing physical feats. All anybody says now is how much white people suck at everything

The list, people.

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110 Australians Are All Filthy Swine Who Drink Beer and Have Stupid Accents

Australian accents are cool. I'm under 18 therefore never drunk beer. - Lunala

No, this is true. Seriously. - GlidedNoo

I love austrailian accents!

Yeah dard I drik a carton of vb a night and damn it tastes goood

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111 All White People Listen to Rock and Roll

This isn't even a stereotype lol

I'm white and I admit that this is true! I'm 13 and listen to rock everyday!

112 Christians Are Against Evolution

The Pope isn't against evolution - A_Guy

Maybe because the Pope is Catholic!

113 Men Are Rapists

Not all just some may be but not all if any of you really thought that just... Wow

Who says that like actually

Fake and sexist stereotype. - Lunala

Yes but mostly blacks they are filthy

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114 Emotionless People Are Rebels

Ok, so, I'm unable to erm... express my emotions. But that doesn't mean I'm a rebel. I don't know how to interact with people, I don't know how to look at them while they're talking. That doesn't mean, :Oh, I don't care! Let's rebel! No. This is wrong. A lie.

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115 Men Are Gross and Fat

There is nothing gross about storing leftover food underneath our fat rolls

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116 Industrial Musicians Only Read Friedrich Nietzsche and William S. Burroughs

They're good authors though.

117 All Blonde Girls are Worried About How They Look

This is untrue hair colour has no impact on intelligence or personality

No nu uh nope - Carri796

118 All Cops Love Donuts

That is true, one time I was riding past a dunkin donuts, it was like half price day or something, I saw so many squad cars there that it looked like a drug bust going on

This one's bizarre and I always wonder "how did someone think of this" well there are donut/cop jokes in zootopia - Lunala

But everyone loves donuts!


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119 All Russians are Communists
120 Blacks Are Bullies

No, but some of us are bullies. Some are just prejudice enough call me white, devilish, and demon for listening to metal. But yeah, not all black people are bullies. - NikoX

I'm not a bully, not all of us are bullies. - Arcxia

Racist, being a bully has nothing to do with skin colour. - Lunala

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