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101 Shy People Are Weak

I'm shy. I don't start conversations. When people ignore me, I wait. But when it comes to bullies and buttheads, prepare to get 1 a beat up and 2 a shower of curses.

Once I had a dream where the bully was being mean to me (again) and I literally started beating him up. - AnonymousChick

Sofia Paredes this is another sterotype that isn't true my sister she is 9 the shyest person you'll ever meet it was her first day at school and we were eating breakfast when a 3rd grader walked up to her and took her food my sister had got up and asked for her tray back so the bully sat down and started to eat her food my sister fought back she got her food back the bully had spit in it then pushed my sister my sister then felt threatened and punched the kid he was out old not all shy people are weak (sorry for any misspelled words)

Not true! I am NOT shy and I am one of the top ten people that are weak in my class

Shy people are much nicer than you think. The ones that are shy usually wants to be friends with you. - LeRoiDesSapins

I just want to be alone that's all. Is that problem? - NikoX

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102 Australians Are All Filthy Swine Who Drink Beer and Have Stupid Accents

No, this is true. Seriously. - GlidedNoo

I love austrailian accents!

Not trying to be racist but that's so true

Yeah dard I drik a carton of vb a night and damn it tastes goood

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103 All Mexicans Clean Pools

Well, if you have a pool, you should probably clean it. So what your saying is that all Mexicans have pools? Alrighty then. - SansTheComic

No not true some of them clean toilets


104 All White People Listen to Rock and Roll

This isn't even a stereotype lol

I'm white and I admit that this is true! I'm 13 and listen to rock everyday!

105 Christians Are Against Evolution

The Pope isn't against evolution - A_Guy

Maybe because the Pope is Catholic!

106 Men Are Rapists

Not all just some may be but not all if any of you really thought that just... Wow

Who says that like actually

What the heck! this one is so wrong...

Yes but mostly blacks they are filthy

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107 Emotionless People Are Rebels

Ok, so, I'm unable to erm... express my emotions. But that doesn't mean I'm a rebel. I don't know how to interact with people, I don't know how to look at them while they're talking. That doesn't mean, :Oh, I don't care! Let's rebel! No. This is wrong. A lie.

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108 Men Are Gross and Fat

There is nothing gross about storing leftover food underneath our fat rolls

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109 Industrial Musicians Only Read Friedrich Nietzsche and William S. Burroughs

They're good authors though.

110 All Blonde Girls are Worried About How They Look

This is untrue hair colour has no impact on intelligence or personality

111 Pit Bulls Are Naturally Vicious and Dangerous

A pitbull mix lives next door to me and she is friendly. It took me a few months to get used to her, I'll admit. - 906389

All of my dogs are pit bulls! They are really friendly too, and live in the house.

I have a super friendly pit bull

They can be very nice too, right? - LeRoiDesSapins

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112 All Cops Love Donuts

That is true, one time I was riding past a dunkin donuts, it was like half price day or something, I saw so many squad cars there that it looked like a drug bust going on

But everyone loves donuts!



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113 Blacks Are Bullies

No, but some of us are bullies. Some are just prejudice enough call me white, devilish, and demon for listening to metal. But yeah, not all black people are bullies. - NikoX

I'm not a bully, not all of us are bullies. - Arcxia

114 All Republicans support Donald Trump

As a conservative, I think trump is terrible and is running for president just for attention/money. - doodie

A LOT of Rupublicans are starting to turn on Donald Trump actually. - Rue

Donald trump is my main man he is my one and only xxxkkk

115 Asians Have Crooked/Big Teeth
116 All Russians are Criminals
117 All Syrians Are Terrorists
118 All Mac Users are Gay
119 All Pop Songs are Meaningless

Wait its true

120 Canadians say "eh" after every sentence
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