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121 Nice People Are Pushovers

That's because when we snap, people think we aren't nice anymore. They expect us to be doormats. - Rue

It's a little true

There is actually a big difference between being respectful to people and letting them walk all over you. When you are nice to someone, you treat him or her politely, but it does not always mean that you let that person boss you around. Pushovers, however, let people take advantage of them.

122 Germans Are Sexy V 2 Comments
123 Blacks Have Sex Just for Fun

No, I don't want to get pregnant. I will only have sex if I'm married and I want to have kids. - Arcxia

If I really love you then I will do it. Just Not for fun and games. - NikoX

Kind of true. - GlidedNoo

My black frend raped me

124 Black People Are Criminals

Sad but tons of people believe this meanwhile its not true

I am not getting in trouble with the law - Arcxia

I haven't done a thing. - NikoX

That's a lie. anyone can be a criminal.

125 Gay Guys Can't Appreciate Modern Music V 1 Comment
126 People of the Same Ethnicity Look Alike V 1 Comment
127 All Muslims Want to Destroy the World

Ok, so I may never met someone who is Muslim, but my teacher's friends (mostly) are Muslim, and they get along awesome. They never talk about world destruction and stuff. This is ridiculous. This applies to some. Not all people.

128 Christians Hate Heavy Metal Artists V 1 Comment
129 All Rock Artists Are Devil Worshipers
130 All Italians Love Spaghetti and Pizza

I'm Italian and I only have pizza once a week. As for pasta I prefer rice or steak - FennikenFan9

100% true. Makes great bathing medium

What is wrong with loving pizza & pasta though? m...delicious!

131 All Atheists Are Devil Worshipers

I will start worshiping the devil... O wait. I can cause God, Angels, and Devils don't exist - AnonymousChick

132 All Northern-English People Are Farmers

Yeah this is what posh people think

133 Australian People Saying "G'day Mate"

They don't always say that as much as you probably think. I am an Aussie and I don't say stuff like "G'day mate, throw a shrimp on the barbie" every day like everyone thinks! But I do love BBqs

I am auzzie and honestly most of my friends do say g'day mate but not all of us do

134 All Americans Don't Know Anything About Other Countries

Some of the British think that because we're constantly berated by the world. I'm not joking we are but the Americans are always portrayed as perfect. So that means that the stereotype was probably created because Britain wanted to make America look bad.

And that is why I think the stereotype was created.

Why is the blame on Britain?

Errm, excuse me, there is 200+ countries in the world and you blame it on Britain? You do realize, the people you describe in your comment could be any nationality?

V 1 Comment
135 Goth and Emo Are the Same Thing V 2 Comments
136 Emotionless People Are Rebels

Ok, so, I'm unable to erm... express my emotions. But that doesn't mean I'm a rebel. I don't know how to interact with people, I don't know how to look at them while they're talking. That doesn't mean, :Oh, I don't care! Let's rebel! No. This is wrong. A lie.

V 1 Comment
137 Goths Are All Punks
138 All Black Metal Artists Are Evil and Satanic
139 Filipinos Are Child Worshipers

I have a Filipino friend, and I think they are more of child sacrificers

V 2 Comments
140 All Prisoners are Rapists

So do you think if you rob a bank you won't get arrested?

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