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121 All Republicans support Donald Trump

As a conservative, I think trump is terrible and is running for president just for attention/money. - doodie

A LOT of Rupublicans are starting to turn on Donald Trump actually. - Rue

Donald trump is my main man he is my one and only xxxkkk

Go Donald - Carri796

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122 Asians Have Crooked/Big Teeth
123 All Russians are Criminals
124 All Syrians Are Terrorists
125 All Mac Users are Gay

Wait that's a stereotype, never heard - GriffinDoge

Homophobic Windows fanboy insult - Lunala

126 All Pop Songs are Meaningless

Wait its true

Yeah - Carri796

127 Canadians say "eh" after every sentence
128 Afghans are Dumb Horse-Riders
129 Muslims Say the Takbir Every Minute
130 All Scotsmen Wear Kilts and Are Alcoholics

I am from Scotland and I am deeply offended by everyone thinks that we wear kilts and our drinking problem may be bad but everywhere else it is also a major problem

I am part Scottish, and I'm a girl, AND HAVE A KILT. And plus, my dad doesn't own a kilt and doesn't drink - kaitlynrad11

You farken know it, we are all rangas as well u dardy cinqs

131 Pale People Are Vampires

Statistically, there are actually just as many vampires with dark skin as there are with light skin. So this is just completely incorrect.

I have very pale skin and my canines look a bit like fangs. I have a nasty bite (Would be good for self defense since I'm not the strongest) but I am not a real vampire. It's just that my teeth suck. (I'm only 14 and need braces soon) - Lunala

Just because someone has really light skin doesn't mean they're going to start biting people's necks.


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132 Brits Have Bad Teeth

Statistically British people have the best teeth in the world along with Germans. On average Americans teeth are twice as bad as British and German teeth.

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133 Chinese Walk Around With Their Fingers Stretching Their Eyes

Who thinks this, 2nd graders?

Yeah otherwise I cannot see noiii

134 Black People Can't Have Long Hair Like Any Other Race

I've seen some black people with long hair. - SapphireGrim

My school is majority blacks, and some of them have longer hair than white people, some even above their stomach, and that's not true so you sound pretty dumb.

I use extensions as my hair's short and we get called ratchet. It's unfair. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Yeah we can. Stop looking at the stereotypes. - NikoX

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135 Everyone In Britain Speaks the Same

As an American, I know there is more than one "British accent".

That's not ignorant or offensive, just stupid.

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136 Mexicans Are Maids

"in movies there's are always Spanish speaking maids"

Sofia Paredes again Mexicans are not all maids there are all types of house keepers not all are Mexican

137 Asians Are Always Japanese/Chinese/Korean, Never Indian or Arab

This is so annoying. I'm 25% Eastern Russian, that counts as part of the Asian continent, yet people are stupid and say that I'm not 25% Asian. (I'm 50 percent German and 25% American as well) - doodie

This is so stupid, as I'm Indian and some of my family still lives in asia!

India isn't in asia, yeah great geography

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138 East Asian Men Have Small Penises

Indians?! I don't think so... - GlidedNoo

139 Russians Want War

That's not true! I'm Russian and I want peace who the heck said that... Putin better solve this problem!

140 Swedish Women Are Hot

Wait so your calling them ugly?

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