Most Annoying Things About YouTube

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things About YouTube

1 Copyright Paranoia

I can understand the issue with showing full songs/videos of songs, but what really annoys me is this:

Someone uploads a video that could be of say: skateboard tricks, bloopers, stunts or anything really. They use bits of songs in it to make it "cooler", and because one of the bits of song is deemed copyright infringement, the whole soundtrack for the video is removed. It just seems a bit over the top. - wizardryuk

YouTube is working with the already rich corporations to isolate certain material and censor the internet. It all seems innocent now, but this is setting up a population for brainwashing and social manipulation. Soon entire websites will be banned and controlled and the only people who serve to gain are, again, the already rich.

These petty copyright issues shouldn't be a problem. I shouldn't have to dispute a claim because of 20seconds of someones song. It's not even the whole thing. Unless it's a 1 to 1 copy of something in its entirety YouTube should bud out. To hell with the lobbyists looking to improve sales stats at the costs of freedom.

I made a video of me playing TF2 and 2 hours after I uploaded it, and there was 5 seconds of some random song playing over someones voice chat, and guess what, that song was copyrighted!

Bye bye video! - Jackinabox

I played a song in the background (But did not try to include it, because I was going to put a soundtrack to it ON YouTube) while I recorded an important video, and YouTube removed my sound! Now I can't even put any songs in the video to cover it up! It's so annoying. Plus, who cares if random people, especially ones with videos of less than 100 views, use things plenty of people know isn't their own? - emraldYE

2 Ads Before Videos

Ugh, I just wanna see the video, do I really have to see an ad of Pizza Hut? If I buy your products, will you PLEASE leave me alone?

(Them-) No.

The crazy thing is that sometimes you have to watch a commercial about something that's not even sold in your country.

Every single VEVO video ever needs to have a commercial before it. No I don't want to buy pizza, no I don't want to buy acne control, no I don't want to but baby swimming diapers. The possibilities of what will come up is ENDLESS

Ads are so annoying this one facebook ad sometimes comes on and has been for weeks witch is really driving me nuts, sometimes 2 ads and that facebook ad is the second ad sometimes wish it would stop - trains45

3 Haters

I hate nirvana I love guns n roses, I hate Metallica, I love motley crue. What the peck, these are the words that comes from those annoying, self-righteous, dumb, hypocrite fans. And also, if you are a fan of a band don't do anything worse like throwing bottles on stage, putting the bad sign on the band, saying an ex-member's name in front of the band that you wish that he is there but nowhere to be seen, fighting the band on stage, damaging the band, the crew and other people including their things. In other words, riot. - ronluna

Whats the point in watching something if you hate it?!?!

But still, after you watch one video you shouldn't go on and watch the another one if you already know you hate it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So much hate spread by these people, its like they spend all night and all day doing this, from racism to any form of hate, on nearly every video. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

I respect your opinion, and I understand you need to watch the video to have an opinion on it, but what I don't get is why you continue to watch it if you're just going to hate on it. - 3DG20

4 This video is not available in your country

Agree here!
It really sucks - Alexandr

one of the worst things about youtube. in past years there is none of this, I can't watch best videos now because of that american annoying blocker - ronluna

Once when I watched a live video of oilers skills compaction video on jan 13 2019, I watched the video live but missed the first 10 mins, when the live stream was over I went to rewatch the parts I missed, then it was blocked in my country, I was really mad

agree! I couldn't see many good music videos because of this :( - rock2metal

5 Unskippable Ads

I had this dream last night that I clicked a video there was five ads before the video! I was like omg so annoying! I hope it doesn't come true, if it did I would be mad. - andrewteel

Just reload the page, or skip 5 seconds by pressing the keyboard arrows, or go to a different browser, use adblocks, many ways to surpass YouTube's greedy things.

They are back as of late 2018, lets make a lawsuit against youtube acuse them for broken promises


6 Trolls

I remember the dark age, the days of AnimatorBenny23!

If you speak your opinion, they tell you to go kill yourself for no reason at all. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Maybe the problem is that YouTube didn't weed out the corruption. They use these so called trolls to stalk more people by profiting more money. - Rawflesh0615

It used to be no so many trolls when the time YouTube can let user to dislike comments.

7 Google Buying It

Youtube is dead. It died as soon as Google bought it.
Youtube was once a giant forest where everyone has their place in it, sharing the fruits of the trees and having fun with each other. After the corporates discovered this elysium, they cut down the trees, deprived the people of their property and built estates/manors for the powerful landlords (like Smosh, RWJ, ShaneDawson) who then enslaved the natives and made makes every effort to profit off the already-poor natives. That is a perfect metaphor to what happened to Youtube.
R.I.P. old Youtube!

Google sent YouTube's trajectory down a black hole when they bought it, throwing in the small YouTubers first into the event horizon and letting the big channels stay on the asteroid (YouTube) that was slowly drifting towards it's ultimate doom. As Google kept on making unnecessary changes to the site, the asteroid picked up speed, getting ever so closer towards the event horizon and ultimately, the central singularity. While this happened, the asteroid was beginning to be torn to pieces as rogue meteors (copyright abuse) began smashing against the asteroid, causing some users to be knocked off into the black hole (terminated accounts and channels) while the big channels kept their ground. By 2013 A.D., the asteroid reached the event horizon as the linking between the civilization of Google+ and inhabitants of the Youtube Asteroid was successfully created in an attempt to pull the asteroid away from the hole's grasp. But it was not successful as the inhabitants on the asteroid ...more

It's all downhill, from here.

Google + brought spammers getting endless typing, screamer links and forcing people to sign up for their horrid network. News is that someone tried to post a link to reverse comments and Google suspended their channel. Google just can't accept being beaten by other social networks. To comment on Youtube you need to sign up for the trash of Google. The only good thing anymore is Bob.

8 Ads that come in the middle of a video

This triggers me,what's the point of the ads? It's mostly annoying when it says "aN aD iS gOnNa StArT iN 5 4(CONTINUING COUNTDOWN) Then the ad pops up,it's like youtube is trying to trigger us

This is super annoying, I also hate it when they start while the person is in the middle of talking, it drives me nuts - trains45

Yeah,when your about to see pewdiepie get married,an ad for ugly dolls comes up!

The one thing I hate most about this, is when something good is about to start, like there about to start playing the game, and just when they say "Let's get right into the video! " a stupid French perfume ad comes on which I can't understand! Seriously, people need to cut down on the ads! I mean, if it's a 40 minute long video (which I would never watch) then I can understand, but if it's just 12 minutes long, you don't need 5 ads!

9 Vevo

The most evil and selfish thing on YouTube. They blocked numerous music videos from Latin and European artists in order to make American trashy garbage like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Jay-Z... The most viewed persons in the world!

There is a legend that says if a person watches Vevo all the way through, YouTube would be destroyed. So IF you're trying to watch Vevo, GO BACK and watch pigs, MLP or other things because Vevo can destroy YouTube. Remember the saying: VEVO IS A VIRUS. VEVO MUST DIE

Alright, before 09 you could search up a song, enjoy it and watch the video if you wanted, then Vevo came along, and blocked all the "bad" words. Now some songs you can't even find the original uncensored song (like Cyclone-Baby Bash), and the uncensored music video is impossible to find on nearly every song. I mean it's annoying as hell when the sound just blanks out in the middle of the video. They could at the very least make a Vevo Uncensored or something. But sometimes they go overboard, on Candy Shop-50 Cent I think the blocked "lick". And some songs are meant to have lots of bad words, like Colt 45-Afroman, the song is about his many sexual encounters, and about 25% of the song is blocked because of it.

Robbing Americans of stuff like three Squeeze promos ("Hourglass", "Pulling Mussels From the Shell" and, yes, even "Tempted") so they can throw crap in our faces. Let old videos be freely available again!

10 Buffering

Buffering is so annoying, and I remember when one stream kept buffering and going offline it go so annoying - trains45

With all the advanced technology we've created we couldn't make it to where YouTube videos don't have a second loading bar that makes the video buffer and pause if the red bar goes past it? Like why can't the video start and already be fully loaded? It's even more frustrating when the video buffers for like 20 seconds and then says "Loading Error, Tap to retry". It's super annoyingf

To be honest I stopped watching YouTube last year because of all the errors that the videos and my computer had with it. - Anonymousxcxc

YES?! This happens to me with me watching on VPN when I watch The Backyardigans. Experiencing interruptions? YES?! LEAVE ME THE FLIP ALONE?! - Ilovestephanie

The stupid loading circle is annoying. - andrewteel

The Newcomers

? Annoying Mobile Game Ads That Are Lying To You

The Contenders

11 Racist comments

I hate it when those guys on the comments that say racist stuff. I looked at the comments for a thin lizzy song, and I saw the n word everywhere - Razor79

I saw this youtuber drahn1275, who hates japan and I hate him because he creates numerous spams about false details that koreans better than japan and he still idiotically in it. actually I blocked him. - ronluna

God these people are idiots, just because they were born in a different country and maybe had a different native language and/or skin colour doesn't mean you have to be an idiot about it. They were BORN that way, they couldn't change that when they were born, their mother can't stop herself from being that origin, passing most of it towards their babies. And, strangely enough, stupid racists, YOU can't do anything about it by being an idiot, so get off YouTube and get a life.

There was this stupid dumb pathetic Japanese nationalist on youtube that commented on a PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Mascot Video and he was calling Koreans pathetic. So I blocked him because he was being a real douchebag.

12 Screamers

Since when do people have a sense of humour about when people get scared by them and they can get heart attacks by them as well. I agree that scarers more like are annoying and they should be banned for life for good. Sheesh, people can be so stupid these days. I got scared by ghost caught on tape and scary blue dot pop up. So avoid these screamers, they're the maze game, scary tic tac toe, what's wrong with this picture, ghost caught on tape, toy story secrets, kfee commercials, behind the scenes of scary car advert, follow the red dot, optical illusions (most), spot the difference, scary DO NOT WATCH!, kikia, not for children, the elmo song (safe for kids) and many more.

I got scarred for life by the innocent car ride

I know me too I thought it was just a car ad. Then that zombie pops up and nearly gives me a heart attack.nearly fell out of my chair! - MJfan119

My first screamer was the scary rocking chair. I think I was 8 or 9. These kinds of things don't scare me anymore. The reason I saw it is my parents let me be on the internet unattended. When people get pranked by these they are usually little kids and old people. Little Kids scream and run out of the room. Old people can get heart attacks. There are reports of people DYING from these. I saw two videos on YouTube titled:"5 year old reacts to scary rocking chair" and "5 year old reacts to scary make game." Why would anyone do this to a 5 year old!? I love YouTube but I hate these.

This is sometimes just cruel, especially for heart attack prone people. The K-Fee ones are the worst. That zombie... - TopTenTed

13 Stupid comments

Gr I hate these. "thumbs up if your watching this in 2012! " no retard I'm watching it in the year 350 on my irock. But even that joke gets old after about a week or so.

It's quite simple, really; almost every other thing on here is almost entirely the fault of trolls, of whom we cannot exactly complain, now, can we? Now THIS, on the other hand- why, only around fifty percent is directly attributable to the intentional troll.

Like, who is watching in 2019, I see that lots on videos from the past, this gets annoying - trains45

You know what? In TomSka's tribute video to Edd Gould, some nuthead decided to post a "1 Like=1 Prayer" comment. Did he even realize this was a serious video? Does he even know that someone's death is NOT someone you can leech off of? The poor dude died from cancer after battling it for six years, SIX, and you're just going to use that fact to become popular for a minute? To this day, wherever you are now, you ' disgust me, even as someone who didn't watch Eddsworld. - GraphiteTail

14 Fred

I used to like this channel, but them Lucas Cruikshank sold his channel and used the money to buy some stupid vehicle... - thunderstar1124

His channel is dead - SamuiNeko

His voice makes me want to bash my head open - Gehenna

AGREE! No one wants to hear a kid with a baby voice rant on and on about how he hates cabbages

15 Errors

I agree that it's annoying, but don't blame YouTube for it. It's probably your internet. - 3DG20

It is VERY annoying when you are trying to watch a video, only to see "An error occurred. Please try again later." in the middle of the video, or when you go to your channel page and something like 1% of the time you get an error very similar to the video player ("An error occurred. Please try again.") Or how about when you try to upload a video only for it to sit at 0% for five seconds and then say that an error has occurred while "sending data over the network"? That makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard! - allamassal

I HATE THIS! I try to watch the shadow reader's videos to listen to his scary stories sometimes and this comes ugh. And when I watch the backyardigans on a VPN I HATE IT?! - Ilovestephanie

Very annoying when it says an error occurred. please try again later. - andrewteel

16 Disrespectful Comments

9/11 is a joke
Moon landing fake
Kennedy conspiracy
School shooting kids are actors
And many many more. It is rude and very very hurtful

Actually many people jumped into conclusion and proclaimed that they think that you didn't understand them and they tell huge amount of insulting words - ronluna

I have had bad comments, one time I put a comment on a live stream, train, and some guy was rude and banned me for no reason, I got banned for saying train! It was stupid - trains45

With flaming comments that tells you are a noob, stupid, idiot, moron, dumb without saying it in a nice way

Like "i don't know where you're from and hobbies but you're dumb" - ronluna

17 "First!" Comments

I hate these so much. I've seen tons of "First! " comments in the past. First comments has been around for a while. The earliest I can remember is early 2017. These comments are pointless, repetitive, stupid, childish, I can go on. Most people who make these comments are people 8-11. (No Offense) These have been dead since August 2017 or 2018 I believe, but some people actually to this day comment first. It's a stupid trend that make 0 sense, so it needs to be higher. - HelloThere902

It's been around way longer than early 2017. It was a thing when I signed up in 2012. - 3DG20

You don't get a damn prize if your first - jbella9000

From this day on anyone who says, just "first" in their comment. GETS BLOWN UP like in kingsman the secret service but 50288 times slower - DylanB5

Watching a video without comments:

You: I am first! YES! *Comments First! *
Me: Congratulations! You were the first person to comment on this video! Did you won something? Let me check. Nah You got nothing.
You: YYY

Please stop it - LOLRyan2006

18 Chain Letters

I see a lot of "PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEXT NIGHT" and "Say your crush's name, cover your mouth, post on 10 other videos" -type chain letters all the time. Like you're really and honestly and truly going to get your crush the next day if you post these. Come on.

Like your'e really gonna die in the next two hours. come on.

It happens a lot on videos with transformations, magic, or anime. They always tell you to say you want to be _____, then kiss your hand, and to post it on another 4 videos then say transform. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This happened to me when I was 9. I got a "copy paste or you will die in a week" thing, and I was scared. Four years later, I'm still alive. - RiverClanRocks

19 Videos You Don't Like Are Recommended for You

Once I had caillou episodes recommended for me, I hit not interested - trains45

Even if you accidentally click on a bad video just once, similar stuff floods your recommendations all of a sudden. So annoying! - Entranced98

Yeah, this bugs me so much, that I had to close my browser and restart over again.

I once watched a nigahiga video. As my friend said it was really funny. I did not laugh one bit and by the two minute mark I turned it off. Next day get load of nigihiga recommendations - DylanB5

20 Age Restriction

I really don't care I mean, like, what? Just curse words/inappropriate sentences? who cares? I am under 18 and I still watch AGE RESTRICTION videos. But not the censored content, though. Only bad word ones. - Nightkillo

I hated this when I was under 18, now I over 18 and don't have to worry anymore - trains45

The kind of people that report these videos are angry parents with 3 kids that aren't allowed to watch nick, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Channel, or anything but baby shows and can't get on the computer unless it's for school.

I seen a lot of false age restrictions that don't think need it since I turned 18 and I watched a few that didn't seem inappropriate, if they uploaded robot chicken then age restricted video would be good for that of a 18+ show or movie clips from an 18a movie

21 Comment fights over lame videos

whats the point just watch the video and move on... - thedeadman16

Half of the time, it's not even about the video. - Minecraftcrazy530

Very irritating and unnecessary.
Oh by the way, anyone wants to talk politics?

Jzboy’s video where he ended the terraria animation series everyone acted like demons and things other than human souls

22 10-second Clips of Concerts Taken on a Cell Phone

these cheap ass videos should be deleted

It is very short and you can't see whats happening, if you are going to film a concert bring a real camera and film at least one song. - dragon13304

I am a video lover not a commercial lover. - aeromaxx777

Really, people wanna show off that they went to see someone famous but all you hear is screaming and you can't even see the singer because it's way too dark and it's SO SHORT.

23 History Box
24 Comments That Say "This Is Cancer"

Jeez, since when does something that's terrible get to be called Cancer? That's just dumb and idiotic... - GehennaTheSecond

The same with "Drink Bleach" or "Suicide" or thing like that because of something they hate.

From this day forth, anyone says "this is (gave me) cancer" should get a cancer and see how it feels - DylanB5

So basically, you want anyone who makes harmless jokes, not even insulting anybody with cancer, just simply saying a video they watched was cancer, to get cancer and suffer for possibly the rest of their lives? - 3DG20

Seriously! Why do people think that something they don’t like is worse than a deadly disease that so many have died from?! God, humanity makes me sick!

25 Comments are Disabled for This Video

It's annoying, but sometimes it's not the creators that do it. On about half of my old videos, (that I don't have the password to the channel I uploaded on to take down or at least set them to private) comments have been disabled. I have never uploaded a video where I've disabled comments myself. - 3DG20

This is annoying on youtube on family videos as well on kid related videos it sucks - trains45

I hate it that they disabled comments on family videos it's not the same anymore on family videos - trains45

Probably because of the infamous update in late February 2019 where people can demonetized for the comments. - Supersalsa

26 Constant Layout Changes

They feel the need to constantly make the layout look "modern" but they just keep making the layout worse. Growing up during the "Golden Era" of YouTube (2008-2012) meant the layout was nice and creative with tons of customization, but they've gotten rid of all of that and now the layout is dull and and an eye sore. - GrimStomper

Right when you're used to the old layout... A wild new layout appears! - HunkOfJunk123

Can't they just have a mechanic where you can change the layout to the old one?! - GehennaTheSecond

I wish they made you change back to the old layout...

Oh wait, they did, but I never knew, and in March of 2018, they removed it! - Gehenna

27 Dotted Circle Appears While Playing a Video

That's when it buffers. You can also play the snake game with them!

Catch dots torture dots KILL DOTS

I hate that pain in the backside spinning circle of dots

Ugh, I don't care how fast my internet is, I just want to enjoy a video

28 The 10 minute rule

It's so annoying, when you're watching a T.V. episode it's cut into parts because of this stupid rule and then you have to switch to the next part. - purplemonkey123

At least that's nothing compared to excessively stupid ads and greed, the main problem is that people are making stupid, gross, sexual, and drugged up videos for money, they can't respect their fans. - nelsonerica

YouTube lets me upload videos that are whatever length I want - sadical

One time I tried to post a 20 minute video to YouTube but it said that I couldn’t upload a video longer than 15 minutes.

So… a video can only be 10 minutes? This ain't gonna be good for my YouTube channel in a couple of days.

29 When Your Account Gets Terminated

Never happened to me, but I have saw some people get terminated one subscriber keeps getting terminated since dec 2018, he lost his channel 3 times in dec 2018, april 2019, july 2019, hopefully his new channel won't get terminated again, dec 14 2018 when it started happening - trains45

I've never gotten terminated myself, but I've seen so many people who have gotten terminated and all they did was upload some songs. - 3DG20

...and if you don't have a billion views & subscribers, you're not getting your channel back.
If YouTube could care less about your son's 10th birthday party or knitting videos, they would.
I would go so far as to say if YouTube knew they wouldn't make any money from your videos, they wouldn't allow them on their site.

This should have been bannede

30 An error occurred. Please try again later.

This is annoying sometimes - trains45

I rarely get this - andrewteel

31 The comment section

Almost every comment section is toxic as hell and there's rarely any comment section that isn't toxic - ElSherlock

Half of the people on the comment section are complete idiots - Gehenna

It's not just specific things that are annoying about YouTube. The YouTube comment section as a whole is a cesspool of idiocy

I do not go to the comment section that much. Annoying, stupid, or offensive comments are predictable. I steer clear of it.

32 When YouTubers Ask to Like and Subscribe at the Beginning of Their Videos

Or at any point in their videos. Look, if I like your videos, I will subscribe. If I don't like your videos, then I will not subscribe. It's as simple as that. - 3DG20

If you click on the like button it will turn blue it is absolute magic - 0w0uwu

This is so annoying, I only subscribe if I like their channel - trains45

Jake Paul and Logan Paul in a nutshell

33 Fangirls

Especially the Invader Zim ZADR idiots. - PhoebeThunderman

Ugh, stop rubbing your fandom in everyone's faces

Mmm yaasss that's a big problem for me. - Anonymousxcxc

Oh come on I'm a fangirl...

Good for you. Do you want someone to pull a cookie out of their ass and hand it to you through the screen or something? - 3DG20

34 "Childhood ruined" Comments

Especially when the people that write these comments are usually only maybe 13. Lol - 3DG20

I saw a video of Elmo holding a weapon and I see childhood ruined comments lol - andrewteel

I saw one of this comment on a surgery video (and don't ask why I looked at that) - ElSherlock

This can actually be true (sometimes) if they grew up with it, say Han Solos death or Toon Disney. They really love them, but now since there gone they are sad since they were with them for a long time!

35 When the same ad keeps playing on almost every video

One ad is driving me crazy! It plays almost every video! It really annoying! I just saw it again and, it made me super annoyed! I had to take a break from youtube because it driving me nuts

This is so annoying I had this problem 2 or 3 times one was for a whole month until I turned off ad personalization, then I finally stopped seeing it - trains45

I have this centr 6 ad keep playing on almost every video since xmas, I hope it won't too long or it will drive me crazy, like that facebook ad did back in august and september - trains45

Since yesterday I have been annoyed with this centr 6 ad, it been playing way too much

36 People that say you're annoying when you don't state your opinions

That Well Hurt Your Feelings - CuteGirlJigglypuff

37 The Dislike Button

I rather rate the video with stars instead of liking or disliking - Gehenna

Yes like on a cute video people dislike. They don't have heart. - Ilovestephanie

Why, I like the dislike button.
If your videos or comment didn't suck, you wont have to worry... would you.

No. You would. Cause some people will dislike videos with good content for whatever reason. Similar with comments. - LordDovahkiin

38 Porn Spam

porn scam gets a million views and good vids gets 23

I think there's a reason why most of us watch YouTube instead of - Darrell

wow... I've never experienced this... It makes me wonder how bad it was that the peoples faces werent glued to the screen. - fireinside96

So porn isn't removed but audio from good videos are. The hell YouTube. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

39 Copyright Claims

I Hate Viacom. I have a whole bunch of old Nickelodeon shows that I want to upload, but I can't because of stupid Viacom.

My friend once got a copyright claim on a song he made on GarageBand. The song didn't even match the claimant's song one bit.

40 Slow Loading

Ugh I hate it! It drives me insane. - andrewteel

It's ran by a hamster wheel. - GehennaTheSecond

It's probably your internet. - 3DG20

�� this rarely happens to me

41 Unrelated Videos in the Recommended Section

I guess Mario's World 1-1 Calamity and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Animated are now popular and somehow related to what you watch

I once saw a video that didn't had to do with video games.

Mario Maker 2 was plastered all over my recommendations

42 Bullies
43 Anti-Bronies

I hate the really harsh ones - Zombieworldcomix

I'm an anti-brony, but I don't bully bronies or send out death threats, but I mean, I just put hate comments

It's Fine If You Don't Like MLP, But That Doesn't Give You The Excuse To Bully People Who Like It, Spam Dislikes On The MLP Movie Trailer, Or Send Death Threats - JPK

44 People thinking camcording their television counts as a video

It's even worse when the person filming can't shut their mouth for 5 seconds, and they feel the need to talk through the whole video or laugh like jackasses. - 3DG20

Once there was a video in my recommendation of someone filming that little jingle you hear when ads are about to come on for a T.V. channel.

I hate this, I will be searching hard for an old show, and when I think I've found it, someone is just recording their T.V. and interrupting, usually by repeating exactly what the T.V. just said

Yeah I saw some, last night I saw someone record their T.V. of shrek 2 part when fiona screamed after she saw her self as a human in the mirror - trains45

45 Advertising

Ads are so annoying on youtube, I hate that they have them, way worse when they come in the middle of the video, drives me nuts - trains45


When there is an advert I normally end up not watching the video. - tenthsage

I'm doing this in a different sense as there are already advertising topics above.
You know comments like "Be sure to check out MY channel! "? They're one of the most annoying things that spam the comments section. I remember one particular channel saying "I would like some reviews for my music..." and it IS advertising! He/She was on the SAME channel posting the SIMILAR comments for like... Years! There's also people saying "Please check... out I need help my (relative/friend) has been seriously injured (Or whatever pity story they could think of) and I need some MONEY.". That is still advertising, because you are asking people to check your things without permission or relation regarding the main video. However, there are people dumb or pityful enough to think that it is with purely good intent. It just pisses me off how many people fall for their traps. They want views, likes, subscribers and more. Even if they did do actual content and such, they should have permission and ...more

46 Cringe Compilations

I knew this would be on here... - GehennaTheSecond

47 Misleading Videos

So incredibly annoying, and they fool me all the time! I remember I was trying to look for something about "Miley Cyrus's opinion on her VMA" performance, and one video said that Miley talks about it in an interview. I went to go watch and Miley didn't ever talk! It was just photos of her and someone else talking about what Miley said. very misleading. I wanted to hear it from Miley, not some random person. Other times I will try to look for something and the title will be misleading. Example (I'm just making this one up) "Gordon Ramsay gives instructions on how to make his signature dish" but what you actually get is some random person giving instructions on how to make Gordon Ramsay's signature dish. - dragonfly99

I hate it when a youtube member upload the latest series of manga of naruto but in fact he's only fooling the viewers to have his account more viewers. I wish those people should be banned by the admin. - ronluna

I hate it when he is continuing fooling others - ronluna

I once saw this video of the transformers video game. But it said driver San Francisco gameplay. RIPE OFF!

48 Beta Channels

Back in 2009, YouTube started forcing a new channel design on us. Back then we thought they were awful, but they're nowhere near as awful as what we have now. We can't even customize out own channels anymore!

49 Porn Scam and Naked Pictures

Don't judge me: I'm a guy, it's hard NOT to click on a video of a hot girl. I've fallen for this crap 600+ times and am sick of it. Instead of putting a hot girl on a thumbnail only, how about actually put it in the video? That way you'll get MORE views and less hate comments

I won't judge you, but this site is probably not the best site to write that as there are a bunch of 13 year olds on here that still can't even handle sex ed classes. Lol - 3DG20

If your a pervert, I feel sorry for you. Doesn't it try annoying to find pictures of a hot naked girl, and you just wanna open it? Huh? Annoying right?

Shaving?!?! Naked girl with boobs hanging out for thumbnail?! THIS IS FOR MY SUGGESTED VIDEOS?!?!

It's disgusting. I don't know why guys can't help it. Boobs are just useless body parts. I'd rather use actual milk to feed a child than fake boob milk.

Did you pull that theory from your backside? There is nothing wrong with feeding your kids breast milk. - Swellow


These heartless comments are bound to appear on animal videos, and seem to be more common on angry cat/dog videos. For example, a lot of Chihuahua videos have comments hoping that the dog(s) get(s) hurt or killed. People who say stuff like "I'd smash that cat's head against the wall! " or "Kill the stupid rats known as chihuahuas! " should get banned from YouTube. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

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