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181 End of the World 2016/17 Videos

There is no "End of the World", as we all have survived no matter what others say.

Or 2012 videos. everyone was like: THE WORLDS ENDING TODAY! (The next day) them: huh guess it's not.

182 Cancerous Comment Sections

I think the title should be: ALL YouTube comment sections - HakPlayer7

183 YouTubers who just talk forever and don't actually do the thing they're supposed to do
184 People saying KYS in the comments

Are these people for real!? That means " kill yourself! " That's cyberbullying! Anyone who got the message and understood the meaning would cry! - Hotheart123

185 Fake Thumbnails

Peter way to describe this: Clickbait. - Powerfulgirl10

186 reblb19
187 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere
188 Ads don't leave you alone
189 People who bash you just for having a different opinion
190 Pokemon Shippers

All they do is fight with each other, over which 10 year old pairing is best - Pokemonfan30

191 Hannah Montana Videos
192 People who insist that they are right but they are actually wrong
193 Fan videos

you search for your favorite artists and you found only their fan videos because their videos is claimed by certain greedy companies - ronluna

Adventure time fan videos are the worst!

194 People uploading a lot of videos that make fun of things

That's true, almost every person makes those kinds of videos on YouTube these days, YouTube sucks now.

195 Low Quality Videos

Recording with the phone vertically, filming a YouTube video, bad 240p render.

My screen goes flickering every time I watch a video in 480p or lower.

196 People who post quotes of a song or video on the comments

Really? I JUST SAW the video, do I need you to quote everything? Or do they think we are that stupid? I can't stand this! Why do they have to quote everything.

197 007 Sound System

Whoever is putting this anoyying sound music on every tributes, stunts or animations should get shot right in a head and bleed right on his or her computer!

He makes good background music. Why is this on the list?

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198 Cyanide & Happiness

What? But they are awesome! - LordDovahkiin


They take someone else's work and get other people to watch their post and not the real thing! Credit to ______ my foot!

200 Leaving the Crappy Live Versions of Songs and Removing the Good Ones

Anytime I look up a song/music video on YouTube I can always find the crappy live version that no one wants to hear. They can't say it's about about copyright infringement (if it was, they'd remove all of the videos), it's about not allowing people to view the music videos the record companies can make a buck off of.

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