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221 Hypnosis Videos

Makes me mad, its not real, tries to control you, that's THE END OF IT!

222 Official Music Videos
223 Thumbs Up If You're Still Watching In [insert year here] Spam

Pisses me off, people just saying that to get top comment. They could at least come up with something original.

I've seen comments that say "Like if you are watching in 947582". Like YouTube would even be around by then. - Minecraftcrazy530

They are just trying to get a lot of likes - jbella9000

224 Comments about Miley Cyrus

You know like "I MISS THE OLD MILEY" like seriously who the freak cares?! I don't care if you miss hannah montana or hate her new stuff or hate the way she twerks! Everone needs to stop worrying about miley cyrus and move on!

Yeah and she even admitted herself that she's being…interesting right now because she wants people to see that she's not Hannah Montana. Though some people need to just move on, it's getting old. - Anonymousxcxc

225 The Fact That It Actually Exists
226 Teletubbies episodes that aren't YouTube Poops

NOO! - LordDovahkiin

227 Troll videos
228 Not getting to watch movies because they are still 'in theaters'
229 This Vidoes Music Is Copy Righted and Will Be Muted
230 Grammar Nazis

Some do it just to help, but then there's the ones that do it just to be an arrogant prick.

So annoying... this is YouTube, not elementary school.

School Tattle-tell meets the Internet - HakPlayer7

*dan howell voice* grammar police!

V 1 Comment
231 Dora the Explorer Videos V 1 Comment
232 Dora Rocks
233 Thumbs Up Seekers
234 Pop Bashers
235 Little Kids Cuss On YouTube comments
236 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc...

Can you at least TRY to put it all in one video?

Because YouTube's feature length limit is 15 minutes.

I was trying to watch a 5-part video. The total length of all the parts is 5 minutes. Part 2 is missing

YouTube lengthened your time - lolingdog9000

237 Streaming pass

Do I really have to pay just to watch VIDEOS!

238 TheCookWarren
239 IamtheREALMemy9909
240 Memy fans
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