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261 Let's Players

They were everywhere these days. Its just some person playing a game with ranting and some of them are trying to be funny but they just look annoying as hell. PS that Lets play has a little difference on Game Reviews.

Okay...I can kinda disagree and kindaaa agree. Some YouTubers are really good at this. And some are just trash.

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262 Fan-Covers of Songs

It is a thoroughly annoying experience when you have to click through a dozen or more terrible covers to finally find the song you want to hear by the ACTUAL artist!

Except when they sing good and you want to watch it.

What if you love this one particular cover artist? Then...hello.

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263 Jerk Off Challenges
264 SammyClassicSonicFan
265 Speedpaints V 1 Comment
266 Overexposure of popular video games
267 McJuggerNuggets Haters
268 Roleplayers

Roleplayers aren't nearly as much of a problem on YouTube as they are on sites like Deviantart and Miiverse.

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269 The Immature Community
270 You have to pay actual money to watch a movie or a show

It might be just me, but I hate it when I find a movie on Youtube and they put a big, flashy price tag at the bottom, sometimes about $17.00. I think they should at least have a point system for when you upload a certain amount of videos or add money to a wallet or something, you can get points and use those to watch an actual movie or T.V. show...

I'm nitpicking here, sorry - RoleplayerR

271 Game Theory
272 The new censorship rules

PewDiePie is now broke because of the new rules - DoroExploro13

273 Nicole Arbor
274 Gibberish Comments

You know, the ones that go "whgweuieruig3" and "G" and "28djsmk +[Your Name]" I. Hate. These. People. Not only do they break up a conversation, they're rude and unfunny. I want to take each and every account that does this and terminate them into oblivion. - GraphiteTail

275 Fake/"Dream" Logos V 1 Comment
276 Long Intros on Videos
277 Pop Music Haters/Fangirls
278 A YouTube Video Hating on TheTopTens was Uploaded
279 Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are boring and a waste of time. Why do you want to watch someone react to something? I do not understand those type of videos. Reaction videos are pathetic. It seems like almost everyone with a YouTube account is making a reaction video. Just stop!

280 The title of a video in all caps with exclamation marks
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