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261 Videos keep playing even if you disable autoplay
262 Mash-Up Videos
263 Cmpuke101

This guy comments on every video preaching his infatuation for Ryback.

264 (Full album) type videos

This should be #1-20 why is very annoying

265 Boobtubers

They get views and likes just because of their tits. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Girls who make videos with their titty cleavage out. MissHannahMinx is a prime example.

Holy cow this is just wrong.

We know, we get it, you're a homosexual.

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266 People who talk about religion in the comment section

I just want to watch a video, not here about your views on homosexuality.

It's only bad if it's not related to the video. - LordDovahkiin

267 People praising wonderwall

But it's a good George Harrison album sure it's mostly instrumental but it's good

268 Sub for Sub

12 year olds think it's a way to become popular. But in actual fact, the people who you did sub for sub with don't even want to watch your crappy videos in the first place. - Ziffe

269 Mixed Music Playlists

I don't want to listen to my guns n roses play list with a nickleback music video in it. - Ziffe

270 Bait and Switch Trick

Ughh. I hate videos when this happens, It would say: Free Anime Episode 1, and then rickroll'd - Super64Mario

271 Vine Thumbnails

Boobies. Because people tell that "you're gay" when you don't click on them.

272 False Ghost Videos
273 K-Fee

I hate those commercials the ghost car jumpscare appeared at the end of a super Mario sunshine commercial and it scared out of me

274 Can't upload longer videos

You wanted to upload a long video maybe, because you don't want it to have on your harddrive because it is too big. But then you realize that you are in "Bad standing":

275 Let's Players

They were everywhere these days. Its just some person playing a game with ranting and some of them are trying to be funny but they just look annoying as hell. PS that Lets play has a little difference on Game Reviews.

Okay...I can kinda disagree and kindaaa agree. Some YouTubers are really good at this. And some are just trash.

I love these!

I like some let's players. - LordDovahkiin

276 Fan-Covers of Songs

It is a thoroughly annoying experience when you have to click through a dozen or more terrible covers to finally find the song you want to hear by the ACTUAL artist!

Except when they sing good and you want to watch it.

What if you love this one particular cover artist? Then...hello.

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277 Jerk Off Challenges
278 SammyClassicSonicFan
279 Speedpaints V 1 Comment
280 Invader Zim

Love the show but stop with ZADR. - PhoebeThunderman

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