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281 Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are boring and a waste of time. Why do you want to watch someone react to something? I do not understand those type of videos. Reaction videos are pathetic. It seems like almost everyone with a YouTube account is making a reaction video. Just stop!

282 The title of a video in all caps with exclamation marks
283 People reuploading a video
284 Those texts that interrupt the video and having to close them
285 Steven Universe Haters
286 Copyright rule on something that's yours
287 DanTDM Fans
288 Creepypastas

I respect whoever put this on opinion, but I do like creepypasta

The fans on YouTube are just... lord jesus - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I am tried of these! These are fake and not scary. Cheesy, Corny, Too Short is what makes a piece of poop. Who made these anyway?! Really, BEN, Sonic.Exe, MARIO, What's Next, a Justin Bieber pasta?

It just boring things that are supposed to give you nightmares. But seriously why are you pairing KILLERS!? People start giving crappy backstories to their OC

''This is my OC Joshina, when she was young she got in a car accident, she fell in a lake and woke up in an underwater cave, she then started to kill everyone for no reasons and became a creepypasta! ''

Wow, such originality. - HakPlayer7

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289 You can't tolerate the users
290 Having to have an account to comment

There's nothing wrong with that.

Well there is nothing bad.
If you let people comment with no accounts, the comment sections are gonna get even worse, just like how ROBLOX got worse with Guests - HakPlayer7

I want to comment, but why do I need an account for it? Can't it just put guest? I don't even have time to get an account. Damn! Why do you need to login for every website?

U fell 4 the b8?

291 Fan videos

you search for your favorite artists and you found only their fan videos because their videos is claimed by certain greedy companies - ronluna

Adventure time fan videos are the worst!

292 Scary Video's
293 007 Sound System

Whoever is putting this anoyying sound music on every tributes, stunts or animations should get shot right in a head and bleed right on his or her computer!

He makes good background music. Why is this on the list?

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294 Bronies Commenting Pony Stuff In Videos That Aren't MLP Related

I keep my comments on those videos only - Neonco31

Can you talk about ponies somewhere else? Instead of an avgn video?

These Anti-Bronies Need To Stop Bullying - JPK

295 YouTube Poops

YouTube poops can be funny. But some of them come out to be random remix garbage

A channel called Minus Bros has the WORST YouTube poops I've ever seen.

SnooPING AS usual? Yeah, it gets a bit repetitive once in a while.

I think it depends on the type of poop and the maker, as well as their skill. For example, CD-I, or Spadinner Poops, while my hands-down favorite "genre" of Youtube Poop, often gets hate for being overused and old.

The Youtube Poop community changes interests and tastes over time, and sometimes big-wig poopers quit making Poops and make way for new ones - RoleplayerR

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296 Invader Zim

Love the show but stop with ZADR. - PhoebeThunderman

297 People who use notepad to communicate in the video and type really slowly

And most of these can't spell right, record in 0.1fps or have rock-Backgroundmusic

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298 SevenSuperGirls
299 (Full album) type videos

This should be #1-20 why is very annoying

300 Frozen Videos Everywhere

Especially since there are videos about butts, syringes, and toilet humor. It's disturbing and ruins your favorite characters in my opinion. - Powerfulgirl10

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