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21 Unskippable Ads


My biggest pet peeve on YouTube. - CrimsonShark

Can skip a 15 second ad
Can't skip a 30 second ad
Seems logical. - naFrovivuS

22 Google+

This is what officially ruined YouTube.

Good thing Google ended Google+ integration.

Google plus is one of the reasons why youtube is dead - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I wish Google should seperate from Youtube
and Google needs it's own business and make their own video program like the way Youtube do like GoogleVideos.

Google's job supposed to search on something for answers not "adopting" Youtube.

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23 Slow Loading

�� this rarely happens to me

24 Clickbait

Clickbait is lying and spam and should be punished

25 8-year-olds are having YouTube accounts

Seriously! Why do kids 6-11 years old have Youtube channels?

You know those people on YouTube who insult others but get so upset when someone insults them? Yep. These are most likely those people!

YouTube was once an adult website, but nowadays kids younger than 12 are the vast majority of YouTube users and commenters.

I don't think that ALL 8-year-olds are terrible, though. However, I do think that young children using YouTube are pretty disrespectful. - anonygirl

26 People that say you're annoying when you don't state your opinions

That Well Hurt Your Feelings - CuteGirlJigglypuff

27 The comment section

It's not just specific things that are annoying about YouTube. The YouTube comment section as a whole is a cesspool of idiocy

I do not go to the comment section that much. Annoying, stupid, or offensive comments are predictable. I steer clear of it.

Finally, I found the ultimate list that should be like number 3 - HakPlayer7

28 Comments That Say "This Is Cancer"
29 Age Blocking

o let's see this Blues Clues episode, WTF!, lol - SmoothCriminal

There is this You tuber called the Gaming Lemon which is EXTREMELY funny. HE did this Wack the Boss video once that whenever I wanted to watch it on the television, I had to be signed in! What if you have permission to do this? A minor annoyance that needs to be fixed. - sdgeek2003

This is stupid, people need to wake up and realize that, especially in this day and age, you can't shield everything from everyone, you can't just make a kid go through life and expecting to just be able to prevent anything bad from influencing the, especially in the age of the Internet, it's pretty much impossible to do now, so stop trying

How about saying you're 18 while making your account? That's what I did, and it worked :)

May not be the most ethical thing to do, but it's better than being blocked from a video just because you have to be a certain age. - RoleplayerR

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30 Ads that come in the middle of a video

So annoying enjoying a video then an ad comes, I thought ads before and after were bad, this is worse like watching something you really enjoy then it stops and ad plays, worst when ads keep going off

So annoying - jbella9000


31 Anti-Bronies

It's Fine If You Don't Like MLP, But That Doesn't Give You The Excuse To Bully People Who Like It, Spam Dislikes On The MLP Movie Trailer, Or Send Death Threats - JPK

32 People thinking camcording their television counts as a video

I want to slit the user's throat when they do that. You spend an hour trying to find the right video and when you find it, it's on of those types of crappy videos.

I hate this, I will be searching hard for an old show, and when I think I've found it, someone is just recording their T.V. and interrupting, usually by repeating exactly what the T.V. just said

That is such a cheesy way to capture video. Use a video capture card for Christ sakes!

Sometimes it's the only choice. If you don't have a capture card then what else would you do except buying one? - THEEPICDUDE990

It's awkward to watch, especially with the noises you hear in the background. - Mochi

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33 Copyright Claims

I Hate Viacom. I have a whole bunch of old Nickelodeon shows that I want to upload, but I can't because of stupid Viacom.

My friend once got a copyright claim on a song he made on GarageBand. The song didn't even match the claimant's song one bit. - naFrovivuS

34 Beta Channels

Back in 2009, YouTube started forcing a new channel design on us. Back then we thought they were awful, but they're nowhere near as awful as what we have now. We can't even customize out own channels anymore!

35 Advertising


When there is an advert I normally end up not watching the video. - tenthsage

I find it annoying when I'm watching a relaxing video and a loud ad ruined it.


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36 Porn Scam and Naked Pictures

Don't judge me: I'm a guy, it's hard NOT to click on a video of a hot girl. I've fallen for this crap 600+ times and am sick of it. Instead of putting a hot girl on a thumbnail only, how about actually put it in the video? That way you'll get MORE views and less hate comments

If your a pervert, I feel sorry for you. Doesn't it try annoying to find pictures of a hot naked girl, and you just wanna open it? Huh? Annoying right?

Shaving?!?! Naked girl with boobs hanging out for thumbnail?! THIS IS FOR MY SUGGESTED VIDEOS?!?!

It's disgusting. I don't know why guys can't help it. Boobs are just useless body parts. I'd rather use actual milk to feed a child than fake boob milk.

Did you pull that theory from your backside? There is nothing wrong with feeding your kids breast milk. - Swellow

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37 Buffering

With all the advanced technology we've created we couldn't make it to where YouTube videos don't have a second loading bar that makes the video buffer and pause if the red bar goes past it? Like why can't the video start and already be fully loaded? It's even more frustrating when the video buffers for like 20 seconds and then says "Loading Error, Tap to retry". It's super annoyingf

To be honest I stopped watching YouTube last year because of all the errors that the videos and my computer had with it. - Anonymousxcxc

I agree, they must be #1or 2 because they were there longer than ads! Eversince youtube came out!

38 Age Restriction

The kind of people that report these videos are angry parents with 3 kids that aren't allowed to watch nick, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Channel, or anything but baby shows and can't get on the computer unless it's for school.

I seen a lot of false age restrictions that don't think need it since I turned 18 and I watched a few that didn't seem inappropriate, if they uploaded robot chicken then age restricted video would be good for that of a 18+ show or movie clips from an 18a movie

The Letter A song by Leap Frog is age restricted.

It's so annoying still have to wait a year until 18,it so annoying when you want to see a video and it says sorry this contact is age risticted

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39 Fake Celebrity Accounts
40 Zackscottgames

Dude, don't like Zack because he is a bad game player somehow

Okay...I like his videos.

Why is he on here - venomouskillingmachine

WHAT HE AND POPULAR MMO's IS AWESOME! - venomouskillingmachine

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