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41 Errors
42 Popular MMO's

Why is he on here - venomouskillingmachine

Sky is much MUCH worse.

Hey they are awesome skydoesminecraft curses in every video popularmmos stopped cursing. Popularmmos is ultra funny sky only curses.

They are copying DANTDM. - MinecraftHater

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43 Pointless Comments

Pseudo adventure time fans post pointless comments on YouTube!

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44 Led Zeppelin Haters

I love Led Zeppelin I hate trashy pop music seriously who does this stuff

Who would hate a Band?

Lep Zeppelin sucks. Most overrated band ever.

Go Led Zeppelin haters!
Listen to real music, like Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Peppers are a great band, but Led Zeppelin is still amazing - DoroExploro13

45 The Dislike Button

Why, I like the dislike button.
If your videos or comment didn't suck, you wont have to worry... would you.

46 Diamond Minecart

He's sorta good. His humor comes at the right time, at the right place. He's also clean. - PizzaGuy

This guy is not annoying! Who put him on here? I actually like his videos!

His videos are awesome! Why would anyone put this here?! *plays Shake It Off*

I hate Diamond Minecart because he sucks too

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47 Annoying voices, laughing and loud breathing

Nothing like trying to watch a cute pet or baby video with "Mommy" with her annoying voice shrieking said pet/child's ridiculous name over and over and screaming annoying laughter. Or any kind of spectator-type video with some dude who sounds like he weighs 500 pounds huffing and puffing the whole time.

What is with YouTube and computer voices like U.K. Daniel? It's just annoying and overused!

Have you ever tried to watch a video of a pet doing something smart?

Well you must have once ended up on a really funny and clever animal, and while you are focusing on him, all you hear is ''Good boy!''

That pisses me off. Can't they just STOP making cringey noises and let us watch the pet? - HakPlayer7

48 PewDiePie Fans

How did this Pew Die Pie appear in South Park anyways? - bugger

Pewdiepie sucks - mayamanga

He swear he said &! 7th in his sonic breaks fanfiction video

I'm a huge fan of oldschool pewdiepie but most of pewdiepie's fanbase is autistic as hell (no offense just an expression I have asperger's)

49 Multiple Postings of One Video

true, there are too many of one thing which we dont need.!st one we see, we watch it - supreme

Even more annoying when people claim it as their own, and due to much compression, you get a 160*120 video with scratch sound. You can nver find the original, good version.

About 60 reuploads of Smile HD.

50 And his name is John Cena!

I like John Cena. But I really hate to see everywhere 'And his name is John Cena' videos and comments!

John cena sucks


51 Spammers
52 Most Videos Are Blocked In Germany

Does YouTube have something against Germany? It's always them who can't see them. I live in UK, and see this as really unfair!

I know right! I feel so bad for Germany.. If I could I would upload videos for them to see. I highly doubt anyone there has VPN..

Or does Germany have something against Youtube? - trainerd6

If youtube hate Germany I hate them >:( - Alpha440

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53 Banned Because of Copyrights

This is probably the worst thing. Just delete whatever is infringing copyright! Don't ban them! - gibsonrock53

I have lots of friends banned because they put videos, don't ban them just eliminate their right to upload videos - ronluna

this video is claimed by... company and the owner of the video is suspended and never come back again - ronluna

This annoys me no end. It's difficult to find and watch anime episodes for free without the video getting banned for copyright.

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54 You say Jonas Brothers I say (my favorite band) spams

If you think the Jonas Brothers are bad, why post it on a video of say, The Beatles, chances are most fans of the Beatles don't like the Jonas Brothers anyway so basically it's just showing a need for attention rather than making a point. It's even more annoying if the favourite band isn't really comparably better than the person they're slagging off and it's just a matter of personal taste.E.G. you say Lady GaGa, I say Elton John. Both write their own songs, both play the piano, both have great voices - you may not like GaGa's over-produced music but it's a sign of the times that she didn't become famous before she started using the autotune etc in her songs.

this is like
you say jonas brothers I say guns n roses
you say rap I say rock n roll
you say you're weid I say you're all the same
only 8 of people these days love rock n roll copy and paste to other videos - ronluna

most of the people who write this are probably guys who like the jonas brothers and don't want to admit it - AERONY

You say jonas brothers I say hatsune miku :D

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55 Covers by people who suck at singing, raping, guitar, etc

Please tell me you mean "rapping" and misspelled it. - TheYoshiOverlord

You mean rapping right

56 Stalkers
57 You have to wait until you want to skip the ads

I just want to see the damn video.

58 Crappy concert clips where you can't hear the band

I hate these

With all the people screaming and bitching, you can barely hear the song.

59 Can't Download Videos

Download a video downloader Google YouTube downloader it took me a while to find this out. space filler spa

60 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian . He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet . more.

Ugh Justin bieber even worse than 50cent

Could be both. #Proud to be a Non-Belieber. - Anonymousxcxc

Nope, we mean you 4rs3R4mm3r

Search j on YouTube an jb is the first thing that pops up

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