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61 Darude-Sandstorm Comments

These comments already got old, Every time I see a comment of a guy saying "Wow! Whats the music called? " He wants to know the music to get helped, Not to be replied with the "It's Darude-Sandstorm" IT'S SO ANNOYING AND OLD! - tent2

DEAR LORD, this is NOT funny - RoleplayerR

This was not even funny when it first came out. It's still not.

Not Funny

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62 AutoPlay

At one point something was buffering and then automatically switched to a different video? - NuMetalManiak

I don't like it when they have auto play

63 People uploading stupid things

One time I saw one where people were just saying a bunch of diffrent girl names.

That's exactly what YouTube's about these days, people are uploading stupid things just to make money, they're being like Miley Cyrus, and that's just stupid.

Some adventure time "fan" videos are more than just stupid!

"SAYING -insert generic thing here- 10000 TIMES - Unharmless

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64 This Video is Private

It's so stressful when there is a video I used to watch that is now private and you can no longer watch it. I especially hate goody two-shoes who say that "it's private for a reason".

It so annoying like a video and put it on favourites and sometimes few months later then it gets private

Then why is it even being advertised or listed to you. It sucks to be teased.
Yahoo news does this too. If its private it shouldn't be on Youtube in the first place.

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65 Misleading Videos

So incredibly annoying, and they fool me all the time! I remember I was trying to look for something about "Miley Cyrus's opinion on her VMA" performance, and one video said that Miley talks about it in an interview. I went to go watch and Miley didn't ever talk! It was just photos of her and someone else talking about what Miley said. very misleading. I wanted to hear it from Miley, not some random person. Other times I will try to look for something and the title will be misleading. Example (I'm just making this one up) "Gordon Ramsay gives instructions on how to make his signature dish" but what you actually get is some random person giving instructions on how to make Gordon Ramsay's signature dish. - dragonfly99

I hate it when a youtube member upload the latest series of manga of naruto but in fact he's only fooling the viewers to have his account more viewers. I wish those people should be banned by the admin. - ronluna

I hate it when he is continuing fooling others - ronluna

There is this YouTuber called Papa Jake and one video of his was titled "LIQUID NITROGEN vs MY ARM" And guess what? He NEVER put his arm in liquid nitrogen! He just put some random objects in it and ended the video with "If this video gets (I forget how many) thousand likes, I will put my hand in liquid nitrogen! "
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because Papa Jake is one of those toy channels, which are known for their deceptive practices. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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66 Audioswapping

When you upload a clip from some movie or a computer game showing action, don't override the original music or sound with your own stupid dumbass rock, metal or whatever crap you force us to listen to. People adding music to the action themes are hired professionals and believe me they do their job better than your sorry ass!

They do that for a reason. If copyright never existed then there would be less Audioswapping.

Indeed! The most annoying when someone just uploads the 15 minute raw footage recorded by his head cam in HD quality. But completely replace the audio with his favorite songs... I rarely downvote videos but this is one of the few reasons I do.

67 I Ballistic Squid V 1 Comment
68 Poor connection
69 There's people who say "If I get 10,000 likes I'll make a video of myself naked" and people like the comments
70 The video 2 girls, 1 cup

This video isn't on YouTube, guys.

Watch this video, and your life will be DESTROYED. - Catacorn

This ruined my life - jbella9000

Nastiest video I've ever seen. - LordDovahkiin

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71 Rickrolling

lmao. I say "if you haven't been rickrolled your not a true youtuber" lmao. I got rickrolled 2 times from 1 video dahahaha don't ask me how XD - JINJAMINGE

so annoying with rick astley never gonna give you up - carrac111

I have been rick rolled. It is the stupidest thing ever! Why and who started this? Well, maybe not stupid but just annoying.

Someone rickrolled my dad for star wars! lol!

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72 People uploading videos with a lot of swear words

Well, that's their parents' fault for letting them watch YouTube.

This is so annoying there are kids watching videos and they don't need to see curse words! - Draxulaura

I don't know how kids can see curse words uttered out of someone's mouth, but they can hear it. And it doesn't matter if they hear it. Let the people curse as much as they want. - LordDovahkiin

It's how they choose to do their videos you shouldn't be on YouTube if you're too young for curse words

MariotehPlumber in a nutshell - anonygirl

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73 Fangirls

Especially the Invader Zim ZADR idiots. - PhoebeThunderman

Ugh, stop rubbing your fandom in everyone's faces

Mmm yaasss that's a big problem for me. - Anonymousxcxc

Oh god, the fangirls
One of the worse things on the planet.
They are everywhere!
Pewdiepie fangirls, Markiplier fangirls, Undertale fangirls obssesed with Sans, Roblox fangirls trying to date, Animal Jam fangirls trying to date childrens. THEY ARE CAUSING TROUBLE EVERY WHERE - HakPlayer7

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74 Age Restriction

The kind of people that report these videos are angry parents with 3 kids that aren't allowed to watch nick, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Channel, or anything but baby shows and can't get on the computer unless it's for school.

The Letter A song by Leap Frog is age restricted.

It's so annoying still have to wait a year until 18,it so annoying when you want to see a video and it says sorry this contact is age risticted

This is good not bad

75 Homophobic Comments

Whenever something negative happens in a video, there seems to always be comments that it's gay.

Comments like those can really frighten a person, and to those who say God isn't real because people are gay, He is real, but while we know he doesn't like gay people, he did make people to be different, so he exists alright, and if he didn't exist, we wouldn't exist either.

But anyway, Stars like Fred or Lush are seriously gay, now they almost only talk about sex, what's wrong with humanity these days?

Why can't people accept that not everyone is a complete clone of each other?

No such thing as homophobic. No one is afraid of homosexuals.

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76 Silly videos

Some adventure time fan videos on YouTube are way worse than suicide mouse!

I hate nasty fan videos...expecially those that ruin adventure time!

77 Nerds

people who just won't give up on a fight, etc

Not giving up on a fight doesn't make you a nerd. In fact, I never give up on fights. I keep going till I win, or the other person just stops replying. - LordDovahkiin

78 Viacom Viacom

Yeah, well we though Viacom was awful, but YouTube has messed up so much that they make Viacom heroes to us.

Yeah Viacom it's so annoying

They always block videos!

79 Constant demands for likes/subscribes

You're supposed to earn them, not request people to do it.

I get that some people make Youtube videos for a living but them constantly begging for likes and subscribers makes viewers less likely want to follow them. - Mochi

Not everybody will subscribe to you or like your videos. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!

It is annoying to waste first minute or two of a video, just self advertising.

Yeah. If you are going to advertise, then save it for the end of the video. - LordDovahkiin

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80 ExplodingTNT

Children. They love games and childish humor.

The most retarded channel

I love this YouTuber!

Exactly my friend has an obsession with purple shep 😾

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