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101 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is a YouTube personality and singer who's infamous for her single "Friday," which was once the most disliked video on YouTube. She has also released other songs, including "My Moment" and "Saturday".

Rebecca Black improved now so I don't think we should complain about it like how we complain about Miley.

Rebecca Black (Friday) - 80 million views

Radiohead (Paranoid Android) - 3 million views - Ziffe

Nah, she's being left in the past now. - Entranced98

Friday is the best song EvER!

102 Gangnam Style

The Latest fad of the internet scoring a billion hits. One hit wonders have never been this popular. Is this video even that good?

I thought it was good at first, but I didn't replay the song like 20 times like all those other idiots did. I can see, and so can the others too. This song is absolute garbage.

I don't hate it, but frankly speaking, one third of the world knows this song.

Why is Gangnam Style so damn popular?! Just like PewDiePie, it will remain a mystery. - LordDovahkiin

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103 Videos not available for mobile

Oh god please! Take this off of YouTube now! Like please! - ArpstaAmy333

A 44 video list of Rise Against songs and only 15 are available on the mobile device

What if we don't have a computer? Well, we're screwed. - Mumbizz01

This has never happened to me. - LordDovahkiin

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104 Fake Accounts of Popular YouTubers

Yeah people made a few fake accounts of people I'm subscribed too and another account I'm not and they steal the videos too, a few days ago an imposter was made out of one of my subscriber and put a rude comment


They are imposters. Eg. DanTDM's imposters
They are not certified channels. Go to the real YouTube channels as they have subscribers.
Worse is they upload the same content, but it is easy to spot the imposters and avoid them.

105 Terrible/Medicore channels hogging all of the attention while their vastly superior alternatives are ignored

Look at someone like I Hate Everything, Spacehamster, and Caddicurus, look at their content and look at their subscribers. Now look at Smosh, Pewdiepie, and soulless channels made by huge companies, they inferior content to those who actually try and what do they get, Millions upon millions of subscribers that are just mindless drones that just jump on bandwagons of what is popular instead of looking for better channels

Perfectly explains WatchMojo. by the way don't watch them their top ten lists are horrible. They do that channel for money

106 Hot For Words
107 Music videos that people redo with characters from the SIMS

They do this on msp too, so original people are getting these days. - ArpstaAmy333

108 Removed videos still shown on the video list

Come on I wanted to see that buttcrack video i mean Michael Jackson video (CHill out im just kidding) - SmoothCriminal

I still can't see that "Ghirahim loves milkshakes" video anymore! Damn it!

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109 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

He was a terrorizing lunatic who raped people for pranks and money, he even tried to kill someone's best friend as a prank, and he got sued for that, yet other YouTube people are doing seriously bad things too nowadays and they don't ever get in trouble for those things, what a bunch of idiots, and what an idiot especially he was.

He rapes people and he tried to kill someone.

110 Undertale Haters

I don't mind Undertale haters unless they go saying you should "burn in hell" for liking the game. It's one thing to hate on the game itself, but hating on it's fans just because they like it, in my opinion, is disgusting. Sure, a lot of Undertale fans are either childlike, perverted, or both, but there's a LOT of decent fans who make amazing content, too. - RoleplayerR

Not everyone has to like Undertale. Yes, the characters and the storyline are interesting, but it's become like a virus. - RiverClanRocks

I commented something about undertale on a react video, and someone told me to kill myself

111 YouTube Red

Paid YouTube. I have no words.

YouTube Red was a mistake. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

112 WatchMojo WatchMojo

I hate this channel. These guys just want to be out there and hog all the fame. But their top ten lists are horrible. They don't research the topic and just give bad explanations. The went downhill since top ten video games that aged badly. They only judged them by its graphics and controls not the actual gameplay. And the only judged the old versions of it. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT. It's old. There wasnt that much technology back then. And then they say it's repetitive.

Let's look at a video of theirs, shall we? Top ten musicians who died too soon. No Cliff Burton, no Chuck Schuldiner, I think that Dimebag Darrell was just an honorable mention.

The only problem I have with WatchMojo is that they treat The Lion King like it should be number one on everything when it's not a good film. This is why I don't watch WatchMojo. What a bunch of TLK-butt-kissers.

I love this YouTuber.

113 "Childhood ruined" Comments

This can actually be true (sometimes) if they grew up with it, say Han Solos death or Toon Disney. They really love them, but now since there gone they are sad since they were with them for a long time!

This gets pretty annoying after a while

Yes, I hate those. I mean their childhood is over. So of coarse they're going to hear creepypastas, commentaries, and other things about their childhood shows. They should grow up and accept it. - anonygirl


114 Good Videos with Mostly Dislikes

What this should be on top

115 The new notification system
116 When youtubers ask to like and subscribe on every single video

I don't see that as annoying, it's necessary in order for them to be able to make more money so they can keep their job to keep a roof over their head. Sure most people will probably like anyway whether they ask them to or not but it's probably a way to reach bigger audiences by persuasion.

I agree with this I will subscribe when I want too, better if they said, subcribe if you enjoy my videos if you don't want to subscribe you don't have to

117 Grounded Videos
118 McJuggerNuggets
119 Star Wars as explained by a 3-year-old V 2 Comments
120 Crappy Quality Videos V 2 Comments
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