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161 Too many Harlem Shake videos

Filthy Frank was a meme that hates memes.

162 People editing a video by going crazy with the settings on their video maker and calling it a video.

I know, right?

163 Slideshows

It says VIDEO, Youtube Music Video section! Not slideshow section. They should be separated. I want to watch a video not an slideshow. Or even worst a still picture. Send those to an mp3 section along with the slideshow. A slideshow is a poor excuse to put music without working on a video.

164 People who advertise their channels

Oh my gosh! The people who do this, in the comments section of videos by popular youtubers, are attention whores, like for example; Hey Smosh! I'd love you to check out my channel, I do covers of songs by people I like! I'd like to watch my cover of Dixon Cider, it's really amazing! If you want your channel to be checked out, make sure your content is entertaining.

Oh come on this needs to be higher.
You get different people:
"Hey check my channel"
"Like this or die in 1 year
Subscribe or die in 1 month"
"Nice video... Check my channel"
"My videos are awesome, check it"
"(Long paragraph on why thinks advertising is bad)
So screw all of you who hate me for doing this"

If your stuff is good, then some people will get mad at you, but at least you will gain some views. If your stuff is (arguably) bad (e.g. poorly edited Minecraft videos with a seemingly young voice), then you won't get much views and people will get mad at you. Trust me, it works sometimes. I think most of the hate on self advertising comes on the gaming side, but in the other side, there's less kids trying to make a quick fame since it's harder to make content. One of my favorite YouTubers, Michael Jan Music, had advertised on NCS sometimes. And he has 4000+ subs right now. And for me, his music is so god! - SoaPuffball

To be honest, I saw Pushing Guy advertise his channel. It was OK.

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165 Get a Better Name On YouTube

You know, I really like my privacy, Google...

This is a new feature of YouTube because of Google+. Now this website shows a annoying pop-up which forces you to use a 'real' name. You can get rid of this if you reload the page but it will return... FOREVER!

166 Minecraft Videos

Too many Minecraft YouTubers all do the same thing most are kids that scream a lot and think that they are cool

I don't really scream when playing minecraft, usually in my Twitch Minecraft streams, funny stuff happens, like when on "Glide" I called the tree that killed me "The Retarded Tree Of Crap" - THEEPICDUDE990

It's funny, YouTube is what made Minecraft popular, now it's just the worst part about YouTube as as whole

None of them are funny. - Ziffe

167 Creepypastas that aren't actually scary

The only one that is scary is sonic. Exe. A misleading thumbnail that has nothing to do what the creepypasta just makes it worse.

168 Rubbish Channels in the Recommended for You Part

Remember that my little pony video that you just clicked on it by accident 5 months ago? Now YouTube recommends it for you and ignores everything you like!

I went on to YouTube to watch Bart Baker one day and I accidently clicked on a Barely Political video and it actually recommended it to me, same goes to watch mojo. - ArpstaAmy333

I used to watch his videos and YouTube until the videos I watched or wanted to watch kept on getting errors then I stopped. - Anonymousxcxc

This should be number one

169 iMThatOnlyBeast13
170 Niki and Gabi
171 YouTube "Gurus"

This is a major problem with YouTube these days.

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172 Those Who Reply to Commenters In a Rude Way

True one day I couldn't even comment on my subscribers channel without someone replying with rude comments and swearing he also got mad at my subscriber and his friend, they would argue in the comments, one day I put a comment saying I thought it was cool an alphabet pal played music I blocked him on YouTube 2 days before and I still get a rude comment he swore and got mad at me, and at someone else though it was neat toy, I had to block him on google+ as well to get him to stop, now I haven't had any comments and all his comments are hiden, mine are probably are to him

I can't really think of a reason people do this other than to look tough on the Internet. If these stupid twelve-year-olds don't have the balls to say something rude in person, what makes them think there is no consequence in putting rude comments online?

It always ends with a "you idiot" for no reason - jbella9000

"I like this song"

" Kill yourself "

w hat? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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173 Non-English Videos

English title, but different language.

I see a youtube tutorial on how to do something with a english title and a spanish person is explaining on how to do it - jbella9000

I hate that I click on a video that has named in English and you watch it and I can't understand because it's another language

If you are saying the title and description is in English.

174 When a great YouTuber has hardly any subs but a terrible one has millions

A good YouTuber who makes good videos and has never asked for subs hardly has one and a terrible wannabe one who always ask people to watch their videos(that are terrible), gets subs from begging for subs, and acts like they are the most popular YouTuber on earth gets them from being whiny - MLPFan

175 Gaming videos

Come on. Gaming videos are my life.

They are very uncreative and are boring as hell. I can't how stupid some people are by subscribing. It is destroying YouTube everyday.

Not all of them are that bad. - Croy987

The guy who posted "come on gaming videos are my life" I love you dude or dudette

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176 People with bad taste in comments

Again, all YouTube comments in a nutshell - HakPlayer7

177 Adele - Hello
178 Shaky concert videos

Concert videos of all things should be taken down for copywrite.

179 SoFloAntonio
180 2009 is over

2009 was the best time on YouTube, the first year where people got millions of views after making videos, it brought in a new era, but sadly, YouTube isn't like that anymore.

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