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161 Creepypastas that aren't actually scary

The only one that is scary is sonic. Exe. A misleading thumbnail that has nothing to do what the creepypasta just makes it worse.

162 Rubbish Channels in the Recommended for You Part

Remember that my little pony video that you just clicked on it by accident 5 months ago? Now YouTube recommends it for you and ignores everything you like!

I went on to YouTube to watch Bart Baker one day and I accidently clicked on a Barely Political video and it actually recommended it to me, same goes to watch mojo. - ArpstaAmy333

I used to watch his videos and YouTube until the videos I watched or wanted to watch kept on getting errors then I stopped. - Anonymousxcxc

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163 iMThatOnlyBeast13
164 Kidz Bop Videos

Don't these brats even go to school.

Ridiculous censorship on songs that aren't even that dirty to begin with!

I hate them so much - thehatergator

165 Niki and Gabi
166 YouTube "Gurus"

This is a major problem with YouTube these days.

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167 Non-English Videos

English title, but different language.

I see a youtube tutorial on how to do something with a english title and a spanish person is explaining on how to do it - jbella9000

I hate that I click on a video that has named in English and you watch it and I can't understand because it's another language

If you are saying the title and description is in English.

168 When a great YouTuber has hardly any subs but a terrible one has millions

A good YouTuber who makes good videos and has never asked for subs hardly has one and a terrible wannabe one who always ask people to watch their videos(that are terrible), gets subs from begging for subs, and acts like they are the most popular YouTuber on earth gets them from being whiny - MLPFan

169 Gaming videos

Come on. Gaming videos are my life.

They are very uncreative and are boring as hell. I can't how stupid some people are by subscribing. It is destroying YouTube everyday.

Not all of them are that bad. - Croy987

The guy who posted "come on gaming videos are my life" I love you dude or dudette

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170 People with bad taste in comments

Again, all YouTube comments in a nutshell - HakPlayer7

171 Adele - Hello
172 Shaky concert videos

Concert videos of all things should be taken down for copywrite.

173 SoFloAntonio
174 2009 is over

2009 was the best time on YouTube, the first year where people got millions of views after making videos, it brought in a new era, but sadly, YouTube isn't like that anymore.

175 End of the World 2016/17 Videos

There is no "End of the World", as we all have survived no matter what others say.

Or 2012 videos. everyone was like: THE WORLDS ENDING TODAY! (The next day) them: huh guess it's not.

176 Cancerous Comment Sections

I think the title should be: ALL YouTube comment sections - HakPlayer7

177 YouTubers who just talk forever and don't actually do the thing they're supposed to do
178 Xboxaddictionz
179 People saying KYS in the comments

Are these people for real!? That means " kill yourself! " That's cyberbullying! Anyone who got the message and understood the meaning would cry! - Hotheart123

180 30 second ads with no skip
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