Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups

Hey, I'm almost an adult, but I find plenty of faults!!

P.S., Any adults reading this, if you're offended by this list, go ahead and create one about kids or teenagers!! See if we complain!

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1 The ones who think they're always right

Whenever I have an argument with my dad, and whenever I'm right he would deny his mistakes and blame me, as if my opinion is invalid. And it's all because I'm "just a child who doesn't know anything". Hell, he once said that a child's opinion is "always wrong". Oh, really now? Let's say me and my dad are arguing about whether stealing is right or wrong. And let's say my dad says it's right, but I say it's wrong. If a child's opinion is "always wrong", therefore stealing is right because my dad says so? HELL TO THE NO.

In conclusion, being an adult doesn't mean you're always right. And a child's opinions are not always wrong nor right, so get your facts straight before arguing with your kids

Amen! I'm an adult, and I hate adults who insist on an authoritarian style of parenting. My mother would never let me defend my actions and always insisted that I was talking back if I tried to explain myself. She would never admit that she was ever wrong.

My dad was even worse. He would swear at me and blame me for his mistakes. He would yell and threaten me and my sister as a tactic to make me do whatever he wanted.

Adults think that being 18+ means you've seen everything there is to see and have done everything there is to do, and learned everything there is to learn and it's your job to be Mr/ms. God (ESS) to a kid and if they prove you wrong ground them so you can assert your authority and godliness, because you aren't an average person: your an adult, which means you are Buddha reincarnated.

When the teachers make a mistake, you can see it on their face, but they keep going. But then a student contradicts what they say, and they go Godzilla on us all. If a adult was ever wrong, and you told them so, they started acting all dramatic, and have a annoyed look on their face, and act like they were offended

2 When they expect respect but they don't respect you

Whenever your parents treat you like Cinderella and constantly are cruel about everything and they act like they should be treated like gods. I said "yeah" instead of "yes ma'am" once and my stepfather went haywire and yelled at me for the next half hour about respect for my elders (even though they don't deserve it). Then there are the "if you want respect you have to show it" lectures. My parents are some serious hypocrites when it comes to that.

Yes. I was raised with the " treat others how you wish to be treated " mindset. Just because you pay the bills and support me doesn't give you the right to shut me up and walk all over me just because I want a voice. I respect my parents a lot, and they respect me, but no they can treat the dog better than me. Yeah, you respect me, I respect you, age or responsibilities shouldn't have to do with it at all.

Yeah my moon does that I'm 13 and she's always telling me to do stuff like make her a peanut butter jelly I was like but mom a new show was on. She said I don't care either make it or no T.V.. But when I ask her for something she be like no go make it yourself what am I a maid to you. Kids are so lazy. Yeah KIDS have to do every thing and don't complain as much as adults do and they're lazy and annoying.

This is so true like sometimes my dad tells me that oh I should respect him cause he my dad and that's how things are but that is NOT ALWAYS true.. Like when he is in a bad mood with sonethi. G he puts his anger on me! &' he tells me to be polite and he almost never says please or thanks you or even sorry when he is wrong about something ugh dads -. -

3 The ones who say negative things about your friends without ever meeting them

My Mom has a Friend wich was Satan incarnated for me and my Brother. But really, the only thing wich I and my Brother have together is that we both hate this Witch.

I.K.R! This happened to me when my mum's friend accompanied me to France for a music camp. She was nagging me consistently, and I was getting pissed. So she was like "Your friends are 'fun ones' who break the rules and do prank calling! They won't get anywhere in life unless they have money."
I hate this so much.

From Hells to the YEAHS! I hate this so much, like I have a really good friend of mine, and I told my mom about something she did that I thought was kinda nice and cool, and my mom goes ahead right on and says, "What a loser. " I really hate this, hate it a lot.

The first time I went to my best friend's house, we were in the car, and so was her brother, but he didn't know I was there. He then said "You know, all of (My friend's name)'s are weird then their mom said "Her friend is here..."

4 When they try to act cool and young

My teachers are big at this. One tries to act hip, he even wore a hoodie once, even though he is one of those serious looking teachers. Another one acts like he is in the know, and another acts like she understands what we are talking about

Whenever I listen to the radio and my parents come in they act like they know top 40 songs and stuff. They even made twitter accounts! Parents are desperately trying to act like 13 year olds, when my parents are waay over 30 years old!

I had a sub once in class who was trying so hard to be cool with us that I cringed so hard..
He was helping a student and right in the middle of it he said "WHAT ARE THOSE" then I think he said some dead memes. He tried talking "ghetto" every once in a while

My 41 year old mom thinks she's so meta and thinks she understands the modern world. She can't even work the Xbox that we have had for three years without my help

5 When they get Facebooks

A majority of my relatives have Facebook. I'm an adult myself but I am not allowed to have a Facebook. My relatives constantly post stuff on there saying how cool and awesome their lives are. My life is not only 1 billion percent more boring than theirs, but I do get jealous of their awesome lives as well.

I wish I could get a life. But my mom is way too overprotective :(

Hey, you fools, social media sites were created by adults. Do you think that you have a monopoly for it's use. And who pays the electricity so that you can use your Facebook and other social medias?

It's so weird... and they act as if they have some sort of God-given right to stay there, spy on you and spam you with dump appliactions!

My dad has a facebook, which is why I don't have one.

6 They're always complaining

This is the story of my life (I'm 21). I live in a house with 5 other people and all I ever hear coming out of their mouths is complains over complains. It has gotten to a point where I can't stand it anymore

My mom complains that I'm lazy and don't cook. I exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY while she sits and plays on her iPad and watches T.V., and when I request to make my own meals or learn how to cook, she doesn't let me! >:(

My dad always complains that he gets no sleep. It's not my fault he doesn't sleep!

Yesterday, my mom was complaining about the neighbors and how it wasn't "how it used to be". Like, mom, I don't care AT ALL

7 The ones who can't keep up with technology

Every time technology is involved with my grandparents, I'm the one doing it for them. My parents, on the other hand; I'm only helping them with stuff like how to run the computer or how to switch a setting on my iPod or whatever.

My mom didn't know about YouTube gaming until a week ago. Let's not pull a Jimmy Kimmel here, mom...

"We didn't have all these fancy iPhones when I was your age" I don't care, now we do.

My mom and ada are like this. I'm talking to my mom about Rick and Morty...
5 mins later
wasen't listening.

8 When they never let you explain yourself

My dad and I are just alike, so we always butt heads. But when ever I do something, I try and explain myself to him. He screams at me and insists I try to have the last word. Honestly, I could care less about getting the last word.

Yeah! I know right! My dad said I tripped my sister when I didn't, she just fell herself! But then when I tried to tell him she fell herself, he yelled at me for talking back and grounded me for a week!

My mom always does this. She is such a drama queen sometimes. She talks about how hard their lives R. If you try to talk, they are like "I'M TALKING NOT YOU!

Teachers do this a lot. I can usually predict what they say because it's always the same- if you screw up, you're worthless. People make mistakes!

9 When they say that rated R movies are not appropriate for kids - even teenagers

Kids can see "inappropriate" movies! What do you think they do at school?

My parents covered their eyes when we watched a movie with a real heart, intestines, and a woman's stomach when she has a baby and I saw the whole thing ( I'm 12)

My mom won't let me watch adult movies, AND I'M 26! AN ADULT! Once I watched "Showgirls" and my mom told me that was too inappropriate for me to watch.

In all fairness, its not hard to get good grades when you're twelve. Sixth grade was nothing, you just had to... Show up.

It doesn't make sense. It's not like I don't KNOW about all the stuff in the movies.

10 They insist on watching crappy movies

I'd say "Hey Dad lets watch birdman"
Dad just blows me off and chooses Android Cop (a ripoff of robocop)
Dad Says Birdman looks bad.
Hey Dad ever heard of: "don't judge a book by its cover"

One day my uncle said that we should watch les mis, he said it was amazing but its time wasting.

I thought I was the only one with this problem. Happens all the time.

I watch a movie to see something blow up, not to see two people "kissing"

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11 The ones who treat you like a little person

Yeah especially the ones that don't educate you about sex because its too appropriate, and bad stuff like rape, racism etc. And then when you try to wear a Marijuana tank top and even if you don't smoke they wont let you, and then theirs the ones who gets drunk... And then they wont let go out at night to a party because it dangerous and you might do drugs, and when also a grown up go to a night party, they get rape too and drunk, like not are kids are the only ones who get rape too. And some kids are very smart to take care of themselves, if I have kids which I wont have, ill let them carry a gun or a knife or pepper spray so they wont get rape

Here would be the worst age categories:
0-5 Young children and babies
6-11 Older Children
12-17 Young Adults
18+ Adults
And here is my opinion:
0-4 Babies and toddlers
5-8 Children
9-14 Tween
15-19 Teenager
20-24 Young Person
25-39 Adults
40-54 Middle Aged
55+ Old People

It would be horrible if at a kids club if they treat people 12 or under like babies by singing wheels on the bus and stuff.By the way I'm 11

I know! Like 3 quarters of the grown ups I know do that! SO ANNOYING don't even get me started! I'm ten years old, and at 6:50 pm. They talk about how much past my bedtime this must be

It is so annoying how they think you are basically five until you're an adult!

12 The ones that belittle your beliefs because it's not the "way we raised you"

Well I will be talking to my mom and all the sudden she switches the conversation around and starts trying to get me sucked in to help her put something together. I saw how easy it was so I didn't need instructions. My mom said" we got to read before we put it together. I said fine go ahead and read it and went to go watch T.V.. My mom said" I am ready to put it together " I said ok." She did every thing wrong and she read the instructions. I had to put it together my self. She got jelus of had good I did she just gave me a hard time for a week.

Parents seem to think that their kids can't form their own opinions about things and that their beliefs are the only "right" ones. It's really close-minded and makes me want to ask them if THEIR parents acted the same way when they said something that conflicted with their parents' beliefs.

I'm a transgender boy and I once found this on a buzzfeed post:

Can me and my boyfriend go to a concert together? We're the same age
No because he's a boy and your my baby girl.

I'm glad my parents don't do that but I'm not emotional or affectionate and I find it stupid how parents still call their adult kids "Babies"

When you're a liberal and your father isn't and when he nags you to talk politics with him even though you know it'll end in a fight, but you do it anyway to shut him up, but you are ALWAYS wrong.

13 When they say When I was your age...

Yes definitely. Usually they are confronting me about a problem and I have a lot of things that I don't tell them since they are 1. my parents and 2. adults so when I try to explain something and don't give a straight answer they start assuming stuff, I tell them they are wrong and then they go like "I was once your age I know how you think"

Once I was playing BF3 my mom came in my room and starting going when I was your age I had to do everything around the house, cleaning cooking etc... All by hand or whatever it was, and then when I tried to help she went no I got it. And the cycle continues.

When they say "when I was your age" they are usually talking about being at least four or five years younger.

This is so annoying! They think they are better because they were " raised differently", but they aren't.

14 When they talk about personal matters concerning you in front of someone

I know right! My mom does that all the time, heck, even my brothers and sister dk that, too! It gets SO frustrating because it's your personal business/matter! For example, my mother goes around all willy nilly telling strangers about my 'problems' ("Oh, she used to do this! Brother: Is she in puberty? Mom: Yes! -- Seriously, mom?! You promised not to tell anyone! )

At my college meeting thing talking about what I'm going for. mom's like well he takes apart computers and know a lot about them so he wants to be a programmer. No I like CNC and machining not that crap.

It gets embarrassing when it is in a placed which is all quiet, and your parent is talking about private things.

15 The ones who never, and I mean never, stop talking

When I try to talk to adults, I'm always cut off. When I actually get to talk, it is when they pause between sentences, but they say, "Don't interrupt us while talking." If you don't want me to "interrupt", then stop interrupting me.

I hate it when my grandma does that.
Se just goes on and on in a conversation and never stops, or let anyone else speak. by the time she is done I forget what I have to say, and I have a REALLY good memory

I usually end up staying at someplace boring that I didn't want to be at in the first place for a very long time.

16 The ones that think that all of your opinions and beliefs are wrong

Reminds me of that time I was talking to my parents during dinner about...I forgot what, but probably something about school, and when I said something regarding something I can't remember (this was, after all, several months ago when it happened), and they suddenly said this, literally: "we know you're just a teen and you're just making things up". I dunno about you, but to me, that is just a straight-up stereotype, I don't see how they meant it any other way...

My mom is catholic and she makes me go to church every sunday at 7:30 in the morning and makes me pray with them everyday and go on retreats and and read the bible and she says that I have to believe in God and if not I'll go to hell. I'm not even sure if I want to be this religion but if I told her that she'd make me seem like some devil worshiper or something

Yes! My mom is Christian, and am too. But she has a thing about magic. Ever since little sister has been born, NO TALKING about "faires"
I like fantasies, but if I'm wwatching something like Inuyasha, no way she could see it.

They think I am a girly girl. But I am pure tomboy!

17 Every song you like is bad

I guess I'm lucky I like the same type of music my family likes, huh?
But my brother knows how obsessed I am with this one band, all of you know, Queen, and he says:
"Lemme guess... QUEEN? Uh-Gain? " I nod, happy he's annoyed.

I was listening to Weird Al Yankovic's "White and Nerdy", and my grandma said, "How can you like this? It's just someone talking." She either wasn't listening to the hilarious lyrics or was just ignorant.

They insult you for the songs you like, and then they put on their crappy songs and you can't insult because you have to respect them like no! I don't care if your older than me or younger than me, but don't insult me

I am a huge kpop fan yet I get judged by like almost every adult. They constantly call it Chinese music. Like hello aren't you guys suppose to be more educated than me yet you guys can't see that Chinese doesn't start with a K

18 Many of them are hypocrites

Isn't it so annoying that they are like that? For example: they call you names and swearing at you for doing something harmless, yet when you call them names because they did and they are generally horrible to you, they go like 'don't say that to your own parent", then I say 'Well then don't say those things to your own CHILD'. Then they do the usual unnecessary punishment.

My relatives tell me that you shouldn't talk about things like butts, poop, and diapers, yet whenever they talk about very young children they talk about butts, poop, and diapers.

They're Asian.

If I get angry when they tease me they tell me I have no sense of humour but if I make fun of them I most likely get into trouble. I thought you had a sense of humour!

When my brother or I try to explain whatever when my dad yells at us, he screams, "Why are you screaming so loudly! You always think you're right when you scream loudly, right? "

19 When they always have to know what you're doing

Like it's so annoying that when they think you're doing drugs or something, haha... or having sex. Like, I need to have my space if I'm angry or sad. Like, I hate when they trip ugh! Like they can't trust you!

My dad is always staring at my computer screen!

I can't close out what I'm doing on my phone b4 giving it 2 mom
My stepdad doesn't even let me lock the bathroom door
My sisters can walk into my room, see exactly what I'm doing and is like " I'm telling daddy"
I mean come on and every time mom finds out I have a friend that's a guy she asks if he's my boyfriend

20 They judge you based on your age

Dad: Why are you blaming me about my height?

Kid: Says the one who judged his child about his age...

Guess what, you being 40 doesn't automatically make you superior or more intelligent than me.

I am in my 20s but a all the grownups still think that I'm a kid.

21 Thinking they're superior because they do a certain job
22 When they think that you think you know everything

Yes this is so true! Sometimes when I haven't even done anything wrong, or something really minor they go, " you think you know everything, huh?! Just because you're a teenager, you think you know everything?! You think you're so cool and you know everything?! " it really hurts that they say that when I've done nothing wrong

I am an A student. I already hold myself to a high standard, but my dad goes too far. Even, if I get 100% on a paper, he still points out mistakes!

Yeah, this is really really annoying. I mean sometimes we aren't even allowed to make minor decisions on our own.

Some of my teachers were like this. I hated it so much.

23 They compare the past to the present

IKR?! My parent's are like,"Back in the old days, I was a wonderful child. I had to take care of my siblings and do housework and the T.V. only had a kid's channel 30 minutes everyday. Kids these days use way too much screen time," They say while watching Netflix on their iPad, on Facebook on their computer, texting on their super new iPhone 7s while I have my mom's used iPhone 4, and while watching the football game on our T.V..

My dad does that. He always looks back to the day I ACCIDENTALLY broke my brother's fingers with a door. He always uses that as an excuse to get me in more trouble that getting my brother in trouble. He also keeps saying I'm lying about it being an accident.
You were thinking "comparing their lives to our lives" but it's not just that and it pisses me off that my dad does this so much.

They defend themselves on their views of electrical technology, meanwhile they are the ones who invented it.

Comparing the past and present is not bad.It how things evolve.

24 When you say something and they get the wrong idea and don't let you explain

They always assume stuff when I say the slightest word, it's annoying!

25 When they shout at you for breaking a glass but when they do they like,''Oh we all make mistakes''

We just go a new floor in our house, and I was walking out to get breakfast in the morning, and the floor was really slippery, and...
You know what happened next. I fell over.
My Dad rushed over-
Meanwhile, as Mum drops a knife on the floor...

I know my mom used to scream at me when I broke a glass and when she'd break one she would just laugh and say oops.

My mom doesn't get mad. I broke a glass like 3 times she just tells me to clean it up

Same for when you accidentally spill something or knock something over

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