Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups

Hey, I'm almost an adult, but I find plenty of faults!!

P.S., Any adults reading this, if you're offended by this list, go ahead and create one about kids or teenagers!! See if we complain!

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1 The ones who think they're always right

Amen! I'm an adult, and I hate adults who insist on an authoritarian style of parenting. My mother would never let me defend my actions and always insisted that I was talking back if I tried to explain myself. She would never admit that she was ever wrong.

My dad was even worse. He would swear at me and blame me for his mistakes. He would yell and threaten me and my sister as a tactic to make me do whatever he wanted.

Whenever I have an argument with my dad, and whenever I'm right he would deny his mistakes and blame me, as if my opinion is invalid. And it's all because I'm "just a child who doesn't know anything". Hell, he once said that a child's opinion is "always wrong". Oh, really now? Let's say me and my dad are arguing about whether stealing is right or wrong. And let's say my dad says it's right, but I say it's wrong. If a child's opinion is "always wrong", therefore stealing is right because my dad says so? HELL TO THE NO.

In conclusion, being an adult doesn't mean you're always right. And a child's opinions are not always wrong nor right, so get your facts straight before arguing with your kids

Me and my sister will point out something that our mom did/said wrong, and she'll keep denying that she messed up, and say that we're the ones wrong, without even checking or thinking it over. Then when we finally give up, a couple minutes later she'll say, "Wait a minute, oops! I was ALMOST right, though. "

Most adults think they know everything... it's annoying, you know? - Valakaur

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2 When they expect respect but they don't respect you

This is so true like sometimes my dad tells me that oh I should respect him cause he my dad and that's how things are but that is NOT ALWAYS true.. Like when he is in a bad mood with sonethi. G he puts his anger on me! &' he tells me to be polite and he almost never says please or thanks you or even sorry when he is wrong about something ugh dads -. -

I'm an adult and I still don't understand this one. Just because you're older doesn't necessarily mean you're superior.

Fudge yeah! It's like if you want respect, you should respect other people. I don't respect anybody just because they are older, EARN IT! I mean, you can't treat people like subhumans because they are younger an expect them to hold you up as gods. - ToptenPizza

Whenever your parents treat you like Cinderella and constantly are cruel about everything and they act like they should be treated like gods. I said "yeah" instead of "yes ma'am" once and my stepfather went haywire and yelled at me for the next half hour about respect for my elders (even though they don't deserve it). Then there are the "if you want respect you have to show it" lectures. My parents are some serious hypocrites when it comes to that. - Antifi

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3 The ones who say negative things about your friends without ever meeting them

From Hells to the YEAHS! I hate this so much, like I have a really good friend of mine, and I told my mom about something she did that I thought was kinda nice and cool, and my mom goes ahead right on and says, "What a loser. " I really hate this, hate it a lot.

The first time I went to my best friend's house, we were in the car, and so was her brother, but he didn't know I was there. He then said "You know, all of (My friend's name)'s are weird then their mom said "Her friend is here..."

The EXACT same thing happened to me... My friends brother worded that EXACTLY the same... What a coincidence. - CatCode

All my family they talk so bad about them and they don't even know them not even their name

That is what makes me extremely upset all the time

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4 When they try to act cool and young

i. e. dancing to rap, staring a Twitter account, etc. It's sad and looks really depsarate

My teachers are big at this. One tries to act hip, he even wore a hoodie once, even though he is one of those serious looking teachers. Another one acts like he is in the know, and another acts like she understands what we are talking about

My 41 year old mom thinks she's so meta and thinks she understands the modern world. She can't even work the Xbox that we have had for three years without my help

I will LOVE having parents in their 20s.But sadly they are fat ugly and in thwir 40s - pineliek

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5 When they get Facebooks

My mom has a Facebook it's basically her life I just stick to Instagram my mom has no idea how to work the thing but seriously when I ask for the computer she's like "one sec gotta check Facebook" then 20 minutes or so passes and then I get it ugh but if I were in her shoes I guess I'd get it but I don't understand Facebook anyway

My dad has a facebook, which is why I don't have one. - InsertNameHere

It's so weird... and they act as if they have some sort of God-given right to stay there, spy on you and spam you with dump appliactions!

Adults can get Facebooks. - mayamanga

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6 They're always complaining

My dad always complains that he gets no sleep. It's not my fault he doesn't sleep!

This is the story of my life (I'm 21). I live in a house with 5 other people and all I ever hear coming out of their mouths is complains over complains. It has gotten to a point where I can't stand it anymore - Galaxia93

It is completely right grown ups are always complaining.

My mom always says this: "You always b***h and moan, b***h and moan, that's all you ever do." But she doesn't realize that she's complaining, and she always says that I'm back talking and trying to get the last word if I try to tell her this. Or when she outright complains the next hour.

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7 When they never let you explain yourself

My dad and I are just alike, so we always butt heads. But when ever I do something, I try and explain myself to him. He screams at me and insists I try to have the last word. Honestly, I could care less about getting the last word.

My mom always does this. She is such a drama queen sometimes. She talks about how hard their lives R. If you try to talk, they are like "I'M TALKING NOT YOU!

They just say " stop talking back! " Over & over

"ARGUE WITH ME AGAIN AND I WILL SPANK YOUR **S SO HARD IT'LL BE BLACK AND BLUE" basically every time I try to explain why I had done something, even if I hadn't done anything wrong - Antifi

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8 The ones who can't keep up with technology

Or think that having AOL or typing in Comic Sans means they're Bill frigging Gates

Every time technology is involved with my grandparents, I'm the one doing it for them. My parents, on the other hand; I'm only helping them with stuff like how to run the computer or how to switch a setting on my iPod or whatever. - RockFashionista

My mom didn't know about YouTube gaming until a week ago. Let's not pull a Jimmy Kimmel here, mom...

This one really doesn't bug me, not everyone has to have an IPhone

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9 When they say that rated R movies are not appropriate for kids - even teenagers

I watched rated R movies at the age of 5. And I'm twelve now and get good grades in school so, that's really dumb. - Pikachulover1

Why the R rating even exists anyway, and besides the only kids who will get crazy after watching them are stupid or mentally disabled...

If a kid is mature enough to see the movie, they are aproppriate! - afeldman21

My mom and dad let me and my two brothers watch termanater 2 and Logan

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10 The ones that belittle your beliefs because it's not the "way we raised you"

When you're a liberal and your father isn't and when he nags you to talk politics with him even though you know it'll end in a fight, but you do it anyway to shut him up, but you are ALWAYS wrong.

Parents seem to think that their kids can't form their own opinions about things and that their beliefs are the only "right" ones. It's really close-minded and makes me want to ask them if THEIR parents acted the same way when they said something that conflicted with their parents' beliefs.

If they are "adults", then why are they so close-minded?

so true - Antifi

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11 The ones who treat you like a little person

If you don't want me to be a failure, DON"T TREAT ME LIKE ONE

It is so annoying how they think you are basically five until you're an adult!

My dad thinks that if you are younger than 21 you are a little girl or little boy - pineliek

My great aunt constantly speaks to me, my sister,and my cousins in baby talk. Out ages range from 7-25 years old. IT IS ANNOYING AS HELL! >:(

I ALWAYS bring headphones and earbuds to family gatherings. It is absolutely necessary if I do not want my head to explode from it.

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12 The ones that think that all of your opinions and beliefs are wrong

Reminds me of that time I was talking to my parents during dinner about...I forgot what, but probably something about school, and when I said something regarding something I can't remember (this was, after all, several months ago when it happened), and they suddenly said this, literally: "we know you're just a teen and you're just making things up". I dunno about you, but to me, that is just a straight-up stereotype, I don't see how they meant it any other way... - Livirus

Really, that's brainwashing dude

I wanna get a lip piercing when I'm older (because I'm an emo kid lol) but my parents think it would be too impractical and they would think that I couldn't get a job at all if I had a lip piercing. - pineliek

Same here! My lord! JUST because I'm a devil worshipper/Satanist and a very strong democrat/liberal DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM A KILLER, TERRORIST AND A RAPIST SUPPORTER!

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13 They insist on watching crappy movies

I watch a movie to see something blow up, not to see two people "kissing" - Trivium

all of this stuff is really really bad but crappy movies? no thank you - moose4life19

One day my uncle said that we should watch les mis, he said it was amazing but its time wasting. - ArpstaAmy333

My Mom forces my little sister to watch inapropriatte movies that include sex, swears, perverts, sluts, and drugs with her. Thank God she doesn't have the slightest idea what porn is...

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14 Many of them are hypocrites

Isn't it so annoying that they are like that? For example: they call you names and swearing at you for doing something harmless, yet when you call them names because they did and they are generally horrible to you, they go like 'don't say that to your own parent", then I say 'Well then don't say those things to your own CHILD'. Then they do the usual unnecessary punishment.

When my brother or I try to explain whatever when my dad yells at us, he screams, "Why are you screaming so loudly! You always think you're right when you scream loudly, right? "

If I get angry when they tease me they tell me I have no sense of humour but if I make fun of them I most likely get into trouble. I thought you had a sense of humour!

They really are. "Go clean your room, it's a disaster! " *looks into their room and finds an even bigger mess than in my own room* - Antifi

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15 When they talk about personal matters concerning you in front of someone

It gets embarrassing when it is in a placed which is all quiet, and your parent is talking about private things.

At my college meeting thing talking about what I'm going for. mom's like well he takes apart computers and know a lot about them so he wants to be a programmer. No I like CNC and machining not that crap.

I know right! My mom does that all the time, heck, even my brothers and sister dk that, too! It gets SO frustrating because it's your personal business/matter! For example, my mother goes around all willy nilly telling strangers about my 'problems' ("Oh, she used to do this! Brother: Is she in puberty? Mom: Yes! -- Seriously, mom?! You promised not to tell anyone! )

16 They judge you based on your age

It's so annoying.My sister Jodie was allowed to do anything she liked when I was 8 and she was 11 during the time.I said HOW COME JODIE IS ALLOWED INSTAGRAM? And my parents said BECAUSE SHE'S OLDER THEN YOU>.I'm 11 now and I'm still not allowed it.


17 Thinking they're superior because they do a certain job

My sisters think that and my dad - bjinmaro64

18 When they say When I was your age...

it's horrible my mum says "when I was your age I had to look after your so and so" or "when I was your age I had to do everything"

Yes definitely. Usually they are confronting me about a problem and I have a lot of things that I don't tell them since they are 1. my parents and 2. adults so when I try to explain something and don't give a straight answer they start assuming stuff, I tell them they are wrong and then they go like "I was once your age I know how you think"

Once I was playing BF3 my mom came in my room and starting going when I was your age I had to do everything around the house, cleaning cooking etc... All by hand or whatever it was, and then when I tried to help she went no I got it. And the cycle continues.

YES my parents nag all the time about them living without technology well SORRY I didn't choose to be born into the generation where I'm the only kid whos not allowed to have a cellphone. (i'm 13 >;() - Antifi

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19 The ones who never, and I mean never, stop talking

hell yeas thats annoying. Silence, ever heard of it?

I usually end up staying at someplace boring that I didn't want to be at in the first place for a very long time.

I hate it when my grandma does that.
Se just goes on and on in a conversation and never stops, or let anyone else speak. by the time she is done I forget what I have to say, and I have a REALLY good memory

20 When they always have to know what you're doing

I know, my mom is just like "What are you doing? " And I'm thinking MOM DO YOU HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING!

They wont let me have some private space and they will ground me just for playing on my laptop in my room

Like it's so f-ing annyoing that when they think your doing drugs or something haha or having sex, like I need to have my f-ing space if I'm angry or sad, like I hate when they trip ugh! Like they can't trust u for no sh-t!

I can't close out what I'm doing on my phone b4 giving it 2 mom
My stepdad doesn't even let me lock the bathroom door
My sisters can walk into my room, see exactly what I'm doing and is like " I'm telling daddy"
I mean come on and every time mom finds out I have a friend that's a guy she asks if he's my boyfriend

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