Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups.

NuMetalManiak Well hello there! Bet you weren't expecting these things to come by more slowly. I've been slowly doing more work which is why these are slowing down. And haven't I done one like this already? Get ready to experience just how bad grownups (18+) can be. Note that this may or may not apply to parents as well.

1. The ones who think they're always right: Political geography is the reason behind this one. They find a stance, stick with it, and then you can't convince them otherwise. Or this could refer to when they argue with kids, saying things that make sure the kid is wrong.
2. When they expect respect but they don't respect you: A truly hypocritical stance. I'm not respecting you unless you respect back. Do you deserve respect?
3. The ones who say negative things about your friends without ever meeting them: Or how about the ones who rant about you not having friends? There is actually a reason I avoid people these days.
4. When they try to act cool and young: Middle-aged parents tend to do this, just because their kids are doing hip things that they didn't do. Not only do they not get any of that, they are an EXTREME EMBARASSMENT when they do it. Just say no.
5. When they get Facebooks: Again, owing to what I said above. A little less embarassing since they are doing it online, but if they start showing stupid baby photos.
6. They're always complaining: And no one's happy. The never-ending cycle.
7. When they never let you explain yourself: Absolutely true. Your stance is not the high ground.
8. The ones who can't keep up with technology: I love the comment here.
9. When they say that rated R movies are not appropriate for kids - even teenagers: Yet they tend to watch it on their own TVs in their spare time when the kids are around. All that's necessary is parental supervision.
10. The ones that belittle your beliefs because it's not the "way we raised you": Combine this with many other items above.
11. The ones who treat you like a little person: As in a midget? Wow. Oh, you mean like you're still a small child mentally. No.
12. The ones that think that all of your opinions and beliefs are wrong: Still on their entitled stances.
13. They insist on watching crappy movies: All because of some trailer that made them laugh once or twice.
14. Many of them are hypocrites: Well, DUH. The question is whether or not they realize it.
15. When they talk about personal matters concerning you in front of someone: This is why privacy exists. Stop making privacy public.
16. They judge you based on your age: So you TYPE IN ALL CAPS means that you can't be over 18. And then they do the same thing or whine like little dollies in a different topic. At this point, age doesn't matter.
17. Thinking they're superior because they do a certain job: You're not superior, you're obnoxious and entitled.
18. When they say When I was your age...: Shoot these people.
19. The ones who never, and I mean never, stop talking: There are places you should keep your mouth shut. Libraries, movie theaters, in front of a cop or crazed political activist. If you don't know anything about keeping quiet there you're in big trouble.
20. When they always have to know what you're doing: Don't they have better things to do?
21. When they tell the worst jokes/puns: You can't find good comedy in this day and age, because many grownups ruin it.
22. When you say something and they get the wrong idea and don't let you explain: All because of one term most likely.
23. Every song you like is bad: According to them that is. Let me remind you, new does not mean bad.
24. When they think that you think you know everything: Wouldn't that mean THEY know everything?
25. They compare the past to the present: TOO OFTEN. They don't want to live in the present. Old farts.
26. Some are just plain creepy: And we are not talking about the homeless people either.
27. When they shout at you for breaking a glass but when they do they like,''Oh we all make mistakes'': True hypocrisy.
28. When they yell back what you whispered to them in front of people: These people fail at secrecy
29. They think anything under an A is an F: Completely disproportionate. Especially true for elitist companies that only hire "aces" who know everything when in reality, a position they have can be done easily by someone who isn't an "ace".
30. When they jump to conclusions: Terrible, terrible conclusions.
31. When they say "don't get the last word in, I do": I've never seen one say this, but if they do, they deserve to NOT have the last word.
32. They repeat their instructions needlessly: Just for the deaf people, but do they know how many people AREN'T deaf?
33. The ones who think all kids are dumb: They forget they were kids once. Either that, or the "when I was your age I did better than you" thing all the time. Either way, that makes them dumber.
34. They think they are better than you: At this point, the repeating items aren't even annoying me anymore.
35. They are annoying: Why else do I stay away from them all the time?
36. When They Always Want You to Do What They Want You To: Forget About That, Why Is Every Word Capitalized Here.
37. They care too much about sports: And never actually play them. Typical sports fans.
38. When they yell back an answer: The answer is this-NO THE ANSWER IS THIS!
39. Most of them think they are morally superior to younger people: Just because you learned your ways possibly by punishment does not mean that you are morally superior. The punishment you received isn't even considered morally superior either.
40. Saying everything they don't like is "for kids": Didn't even define an age limit. They don't know about that something apart from a trailer either.
41. The ones who have unprotected sex: Haha, although this is how you were born it was most likely traumatizing for some roommate who had to hear it all night.
42. The ones who are irrational: Read all the ones above, they all fit here.
43. The ones who are Pedophiles: I'm not going to even describe how this one is bad.
44. Taking my stuff: Man, I'm so glad to be out of my former workplace, people always stole my food. You can't even put labels on things. Again, why else do I not hang around other adults all the time?
45. When you can't call them by their first name: This pertains more to parents and teachers than adult friends.
46. They get angry when you don’t know what you’re going to be when you grow up and they yell at you for no reason: "You need to be what I wish you to be!" is their reasoning.
47. Not owning any CD's or books: Not sure what this pertains to, but probably the old farts again; although they would have some form of media, it would most likely be old people stuff that is incredibly boring.
48. Making you do everything because you're younger: "Wah I complain about my job and yard work and I want you to complain a lot just like me except I'm gonna scold you because I think that's how real life works" there may be truth in that statement but you are still abusive towards your child in some way.
49. They think you care too much about sports: What about them during Super Bowl or Olympics?
50. They ask me something across the room and keep asking, "What?" every time I answer: Selectively deaf, that's what it is.
51. When They Are On IMDB Talking About Kid Shows Like It's for Them: Why in the world would they go on that site?
52. When they blindly follow something they believe in without any facts, and when you know about the topic and try to prove them wrong, they don't accept if they are proven wrong but keep arguing.: LIST OVER.
53. When they tell you not to do something, but do it as well and all the time.: Yeah, what I said earlier still applies.
54. They don't let you talk of princesses: Even if you are a girl?
55. When they get annoyed when you don't get a question right: Ask them if THEY know how to do the question. If no, they shouldn't say this.
56. The ones who smoke: It has a terrible effect on the lungs. I would rather not.
57. The ones who drink alcohol: And endanger their or other people's lives.
58. The ones who won't grow up: TRUE.
59. The ones who drive while drunk or intoxicated: Read #57.
60. The ones who cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend: This could be a double standard depending on the gender.
61. The ones who say kids shouldn't cuss but they do it: Who else do kids learn cuss words from?
62. They have too many anger issues: Can't ever have an opinion on something without the screeching.
63. The ones who are simple minded: Or are just blockheads.
64. They don't mean what they say: Of course they don't.
65. They're bossy: They get this way because they see things they just don't like.
66. When their children are throwing fits/being obnoxious and they do absolutely nothing about it.: And then the kid grows up completely wrong. There's the bossy ones that create bossy children, and then there's these.
67. They compare you to other siblings or family members: One of the main reasons I avoid family reunions.
68. When they tell you to tidy your room: Well a room is one thing. A computer desk or a laundry bench is another.
69. When they play favorites with their children/grandchildren/nieces or nephews: Already #67.
70. When they accuse you of playing games or chatting with online strangers when you're not: What is it about parents that make them hate the internet anyways?

So yes, lots of these pertain to parents most of the time, but a good chunk of these apply to other adults as well. I try to avoid many adults out there, because so many of them are just wrong about everything. And I try my hardest not to be like any of them.


What's funny is that these kids will eventually become the grown ups themselves. Then their kids will be making toptens list about them. That is, if TTT even lasts that long :P - cjWriter1997

The best thing in these kinds of lists is that they are complaining about the fact that Grownups are complaining. You have to watch out for the irony before posting such lists - styLIShT

Literally all of my list analyses have been looking at every single item for subtle irony, repetition, and complete unoriginality. - NuMetalManiak

In all seriousness though, I have been reading your series for a while, I really enjoy them and I hope you continue it - styLIShT