Top Ten Most Annoying Things about Grownups

Hey, I'm almost an adult, but I find plenty of faults!!

P.S., Any adults reading this, if you're offended by this list, go ahead and create one about kids or teenagers!! See if we complain!

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21 When they tell the worst jokes/puns

Why was 6 afraid of 7 because 7 ate 9. Worst thing my step dad ever said

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22 When you say something and they get the wrong idea and don't let you explain

They always assume stuff when I say the slightest word, it's annoying!

23 Every song you like is bad

This doesn't fall under the parents category for me (they don't give a damn what I listen to). But my grandmother *shoots self in foot*. - fireinside96

I like K-pop and some J-pop and my dad thinks I should listen to English rubbish like 1Direction and The beaver (Justin Bieber)

I guess I'm lucky I like the same type of music my family likes, huh?
But my brother knows how obsessed I am with this one band, all of you know, Queen, and he says:
"Lemme guess... QUEEN? Uh-Gain? " I nod, happy he's annoyed.

My grandma is VERY religous.SHe thinks everyone must have god in their life and always listen to gospel music.But I like pop and rock music which she dislikes and the only good thing about being christian is that you have an afterlife when you die. - pineliek

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24 When they think that you think you know everything

Yes this is so true! Sometimes when I haven't even done anything wrong, or something really minor they go, " you think you know everything, huh?! Just because you're a teenager, you think you know everything?! You think you're so cool and you know everything?! " it really hurts that they say that when I've done nothing wrong

Yeah, this is really really annoying. I mean sometimes we aren't even allowed to make minor decisions on our own.

I am an A student. I already hold myself to a high standard, but my dad goes too far. Even, if I get 100% on a paper, he still points out mistakes!

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25 They compare the past to the present

They defend themselves on their views of electrical technology, meanwhile they are the ones who invented it.

Comparing the past and present is not bad.It how things evolve.

Oh my gaw my mom,

IKR?! My parent's are like,"Back in the old days, I was a wonderful child. I had to take care of my siblings and do housework and the T.V. only had a kid's channel 30 minutes everyday. Kids these days use way too much screen time," They say while watching Netflix on their iPad, on Facebook on their computer, texting on their super new iPhone 7s while I have my mom's used iPhone 4, and while watching the football game on our T.V..

26 Some are just plain creepy

My dad sometimes yells at me and after that stands there staring blankly at me for a minute or two

Like when they stare at you and your just like, "What? Stop staring weirdo! You said staring was rude! " And then when you stare at them they punish you

My dad thinks that I am the naughty one in the family and every time he comes in my room he stares at me like I've killed someone - pineliek

A lot growns ups rape kids because they think kids r the easiest ones rape, ugh I just hate rapist! They need to die!

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27 When they shout at you for breaking a glass but when they do they like,''Oh we all make mistakes''

I know my mom used to scream at me when I broke a glass and when she'd break one she would just laugh and say oops.

My mom doesn't get mad. I broke a glass like 3 times she just tells me to clean it up - SammySpore

Argh! I fudging hate this. - Delgia2k

We just go a new floor in our house, and I was walking out to get breakfast in the morning, and the floor was really slippery, and...
You know what happened next. I fell over.
My Dad rushed over-
Meanwhile, as Mum drops a knife on the floor...

28 When they yell back what you whispered to them in front of people

My mom always does that. She just yells exactly what I WHISPERED to her so the whole world could hear. There is a reason why I whispered it!

That's why I never tell a secret to any adult. NONE. NO ONE. NINE! - TheRealDealKid

29 They think anything under an A is an F

Anytime I get anything under an A, even an A- they go berserk and say your failing in school go study the rest of the night. I'm not kidding

This totally defines Asian parents

I get a friggen B, and they yell at me like it's a damn 0...COME ON!

I got a B, that's good?

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30 When they jump to conclusions

It's EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! My grandparents always think that I'm watching something inappropriate. When I'm on my tablet, (I'm 13 year old. I need privacy as well.) watching YouTube and my aunt comes into my room and takes it for NO REASON. I was watching PewDiePie and she assumed it's web site. What? Next thing you know she keeps scrolling into the deep web I don't know about and says I was watching it. I need privacy please. - TheRealDealKid

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31 When they say "don't get the last word in, I do"

They always tend to say that. But when your like okay and you stop talking, they start the whole thing up again.

32 They repeat their instructions needlessly

I tell my dad not to call in the morning to see if I'm awake for school when I wake up at 4:30 every morning before my dad even gets up and he still calls he even got caught calling at work and blames me cause I didn't pick up and he still does it. I swear sometimes he just falls asleep on the redial button or something.

My parents do this they repeat everything like ten times like I didn't even hear

If I get $1 every time my parents did this I would be so rich

Mom: go clean your room!
You: okay!
You cleaning your room
Mom: I said go clean your room.

33 The ones who think all kids are dumb

My parent still think I'm still young

34 They think they are better than you

Face the facts adults. HELL NO YOU'RE NOT! IF you can't program your own phone by yourself, you're not better than a kid. - TheRealDealKid

Me:How come you get to do what I like:


35 They are annoying

Yeah my mom asks for all of my devices almost everyday. One day I even saw her in my room checking out everything.

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36 When They Always Want You to Do What They Want You To

I really don't like that, they always try to make us do what they want. We are NOT their puppets, they should not be able to manipulate what we do with OUR life

I hate that dad &mon want to go out to eat me no mom okay don't get anything I hate being forced to do their stuff because their lazy - dinosaur

I didn't have to do anything almost so being that was the case I would help out just because it was the nice thing to do but the my stepdad came along (THE PROBLEM WITH MY LIFE) and I do EV-ERY THING and if I don't, say good bye to anything I own. They whine a lot too.

My dad sys or your just a little boy and you have to do what you are told.When you are 18 you become an adult and do what you want and you don't have to do what you are told.NOW THAT IS OFFENSIVE - pineliek

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37 They care too much about sports

My dad cares about WWE, but all I see is a bunch of grown men and women running their mouths off SO MUCH, immature fights over some stupid belt, and a cringe-worthy upcoming contest for next year (2017). I AM DEAD.. SERIOUS!

38 When they yell back an answer
39 Most of them think they are morally superior to younger people

Isn't that every adult. that's why our amendments are what our parents' are

40 Saying everything they don't like is "for kids"

I hate that when it happens

My mom does this.

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